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  1. Just a quick update on the Chev ! ,all new tyres and tubes fitted ,rebuilt fuel tank and brackets fitted !,hoping to get the gearbox and tranny put back together in the next four weeks or so .
  2. Hi RMS That would be a great help !! as i am up in the North East of England not many chevs around for me to copy !,can you email them to me ?, if you can send them here mvdepot@aol.com Thanks for your help : ) cheers Adam
  3. Yep she is loooking good !,the paint is made by a local company i could get the ral number if anyone wants it ?,its Xylene based and drys in about 10mins so it works well for our type of work !,yep i have the correct cargo bed for it got no troop seats or top bows think i will just make them : ),will get some more pics on when her new shoes arrive .
  4. Well i have maneged to get the first few coats of OD on the Chev ,time to strip the wheels down and get them shot blasted great joy !!!
  5. Hi just posting a few pics of the progress on the chevy from a few weeks ago ,nearly ready to put the chassi back into Green now brakes nearly all done etc etc
  6. Well got the WC9 gearbox stripped down at last ! it looked in quite bad condition but after a few hours cleaning and wire brushing it came up ok ! i will replace all the bearings though !.
  7. OK well chopped the frame back in half today! all went well ,will get the two havles moved apart tomorrow and get meassured up for the new frame sections !! getting excited about this truck now i love the road back up to a restored vehicle .
  8. Well i kept well away from it all when blasting was in progress!!,got her in the shed now ready to cutt the frame where she has been shortend so we can get a new piece of chassi back in asap !,Anybody in the UK have wheel cylinders and a master cylinder ?? i also need a Hydrovac and mounting bracket !!,cheers
  9. Yes the 9 and the 27 are very similar ,think mine was made on the first production run in early 41 !,most of the internals were missing and the motor and gearbox had been removed but i have aquired most of the parts now ,need some front seats etc .These type of ambulances were used quite a lot in Mash which is funny you would think that there would be more 3/4 tons avaiable at that time !,mine was owned and used by a film company for many years thats why it had been alterd so much on the body ,im hoping to have a good year on it and maybe take to France next year for the 70th !.
  10. Had to get it all into red oxide asap ! the air is so damp at the moment it all goes rusty again in hours !!
  11. Finaly got some time to get the frame axles and springs shot blasted ,they turned out very good hoping to get her back to rolling chassi in the next few moths !.
  12. It was indeed Kiln dried builders sand !,here are a few more shots of her with the standerd red oxide on i managed to get it painted straight away before the rust could start to form : ),truck is now in the workshop hoping to get some trestles made so i can get it chopped in half very soon ready for its new chassi sections !.
  13. Well the shot blaster man came at last the other day !!! only bin waiting for 4 months anyway a couple of pics for you to see how she turned out !
  14. Transfer removed ,its in very good nick ! just need to replace one bearing and all the oil seals!!
  15. Some more pics for you all ! ,cab is stripped out and ready to shot blast and the frame has a few more parts to come off and then it can be done to!!,keep the info coming please chaps its all very usefull !!
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