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  1. Artifficer


    Hi Steve I've sent photos as a private message. Artifficer
  2. Artifficer


    A copy has been posted on the forum under 10 Cwt lightweight trailers Artifficer
  3. Artifficer


    Steve find photos attached of the plates. The T plate in the middle is for sale. Artifficer
  4. Artifficer


    As you can see its just like a water tank on wheels, the spring hangers are welded to the body it's strength is in it's monococue construction. The axel is pretty much universal for the trailers. when I built the one I posted all I had was the hard bits, axel, wheels, tow hitch, springs, break assemblies, hubs, linkages. I folded all the rest, except the centre spine, spot and mig welding all the rest. lights plugs and electricals are available at a cost. I make data plates and have a "T" plate for sale. Artifficer
  5. Artifficer

    British Army Stoves

    An ex-BQMS cooks for us at W&P, often up to 30 plus and uses a Hydra burner. I made up ww2 type pot supports for him, he also uses a ww2 oven and his roast beef is superb. Two of us took our seconds to the IMPS meeting at W&P, sorry Ross it was better than the Doritos. He produced a 3 course dinner for 48 people at W&P all cooked on a Hydra burner Artifficer
  6. Artifficer


    Hi Steve PM me and in the mean time I'll take some photos on Wednesday to post. Which type of airborne trailer are you intending to make? No1 which has no chassis, just a centre spine or a No2 which has a full chassis. First photo chassis of Airborne binned store trailer, 2 Binned store trailer,3 No2 lightweight and 3 No1 lightweight. I sold the No1 trailer last year. Regards Rob
  7. Artifficer


    I have an axel, 2 hubs, 2 drums, brakes and wheel cylinders, 1 standard wheel, 1 late split rim wheel and various small parts. I'm down in Surrey. Artifficer
  8. Artifficer

    T reflector

    Last weekend at Combined Ops at Headcorn in Kent, a chap with a very good Bantam trailer had been tail-ended by a BT truck in full daylight bending it badly, fortunately he was OK. An IMPS member was killed some years in similar circumstances, any thing that makes an olive drab vehicle more visible is a bonus. When I served in HM Forces our vehicles all had detachable hi-vis boards when traveling on public roads and they where entirely authentic, for years I've done the same with my Jeep and trailer. Better safe than sorry, rather than just trying to look authentic on the road. Each to his own Regards Artifficer
  9. Artifficer

    T reflector

    Hi Winchman Use a detachable trailer board as we do on British Airborne trailers, then you can keep the trailer standard. Artifficer
  10. Dave Is that £40 each? if so that's brill , if £40 for the lot, FANTASTIC!!! Post A photo of your trailer so I can see what model it is, they seem to run to 3 numbers and 2 marks each but info is scarce. Rob
  11. Hi Dave Don't use pewter they will break easily, I got mine cast for my binned stores trailer by White Eagle Foundries in Hailsham Sussex using an original as a pattern and cast in gun metal. Entirely successful but needed a lot of fettleing. Regards Rob
  12. Artifficer

    RE: British Rations

    Biccis Brown Just like eating manhole covers, cheese possessed, fun if you threw a tin in a fire and ran like hell. There is a recipe on the internet for oatmeal blocks, give it a try! best of luck Artifficer
  13. Artifficer

    What is this ?

    Hi all I agree with Paul, we have a gooseneck flare can at RAF Kenley and the spout is longer and straighter than the one on the forum. We tried it out some years ago and you could see the light from the far end of runway 03 at night despite the light pollution from London. Regards Robin
  14. Artifficer

    WW2 British Airborne Trailer

    Hi Guys Have a look at Milweb trailers, there's a pair of generator trailers for sale, 1 without genni. Lots of lovley bits plus a genni suitable for restoration. I've known the vendor for 30 years and he's had lots of experiance with airborne trailers, he's down in Sussex so a bit of a treck if your north of the Thames. Regards Robin (Tiffy)
  15. Artifficer

    Airborne compressor trailer

    Hi John Another choice trailer find for Tony, I bet Nettie is pleased. So one was sold in 2013, £2500 for a compressor trailer, thats inflation for you. Regards Rob