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  1. Have you ever visited the Heugh Gun Battery in Hartlepool?
  2. Have you checked your load sensing valve/linkage?
  3. Part of the British issue M578 CES, I've used one often on M107/ M109 engine lifts
  4. Has anyone visited this museum? It's on the Headland in Old Hartlepool.
  5. Totally different. Stalwart did not have a reversing transfer box, single reverse was in the main box.
  6. Picture 4 ( with Scamell ) 60Sqn RCT workshop Normandy Lines, Khorrmaksar. Picture 5 Habylayn, mobile control tower in background. Last picture Habylayn "Workshop"
  7. Main brakes are a fully pumped system. The pedal valve is, as you say, a gate valve. Accumulator air pressure is 600psi, engine stopped and pedal pumped until residual pressure has been dissapated. I have the user handbook and can send you extracts if that would be any use.
  8. SW is to SWitch, CB is to Contact Breaker. Reg
  9. Richard, Oily is right, it is awkward. If you undo the two bottom tank mounting bolts you can get a bit of extra clearance. It also helps to remove the hydraulic tank and pump first. Reg
  10. Standard lip seal from our local bearing supplier using the old one as sample
  11. I have just put an engine back in a Saracen, complete with new flywheel seal. Any way I can help, just ask. Reg
  12. Did you have the tooling to check air tightness of the gudgeon pin "pennys?" This is a well known cause of crankcase overpressure on all Detroits and the reason for the change from circlips.
  13. Hi Owl, whereabout in N Yorks ? I live about as far south as you can get in CoDurham.
  14. My name is Reg, where is "here?" I could do with some sun.
  15. Thanks for the welcome. Any help, just shout. Saracen belongs to a coastal gun battery museum in Hartlepool, cosmetic had been started when I first got involved, mechanics nearly all done.
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