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    We don't landfill anything. We have a quarry where we send our soil and trommel fines,it goes as land reclamation. All the stuff we can't deal with, we send on to someone who can...... however thats at £77 plus vat per tonne ...and about 200 tonne a month.
  2. Had the same thing happen on my salisbury landrover rear diff. no point in trying to bodge it, only way is to remove the cover and seal that way. ( i cheated and used some specialist Loctite sealer, it was given to me by some one who uses it on nuclear power stations, never leaked again........... )
  3. Large flat bladed screwdriver. You can buy purpose made tools for doing it, but if you are careful you can use screwdriver easily.
  4. :shocked::shocked::shocked::shocked::shocked::shocked::shocked::shocked::shocked: that'd wake you up ......
  5. Reminds me of the time me and my mate were spannering in my garage (bottom of garden) he rang the house on his mobile and requested 2 teas ............. that went down well .......:-D:wow:
  6. Have heard of parking up against something solid and immobile,first gear, loads of revs,pump clutch,that however was with cars/vans, not sure how solid and immobile you'd need for a stolly.
  7. AH........ that may be your problem ..... fit the flywheel first then fit the starter. The flywheel has very little,(in most cases none at all) play/adjustment, whereas the starter does have some. So you need to fit the flywheel first,get that bolted down and sorted, then when you refit the starter motor it will find its own adjustment, so to speak, when meshing with the flywheel. If the motor isn't in the 'right place',you'll be forcing the flywheel against the gear so causing an issue. dont need to remove starter completely,just slacken off all bolts and let it find its own position. You didn't want to hear that i know .........:cry: Hope that made sense. steve
  8. err scuse another stupid question, but what did you fit first, the starter or the flywheel ???
  9. Use a jump lead as a substitute earth lead. clamp on somewhere convenient on the engine,and go straight to chassis or if you can get to it,neg terminal on battery.
  10. You can buy earth straps at Halfords. Just fit one end onto what bolt you can get to, and bolt onto a nearby bracket on the chassis. When i did my engine swap, (Swapped out a completely knackered td, and fitted in a V8 ....long story,don't ask..) i put 2 earth straps on the block,and one on the gearbox. (hedging my bets so to speak) As to part numbers, i gave up on them yrs ago, i used to take the offending part to my supplier and get them to match it up.got caught out to many times. Is the gearbox on or off?
  11. AHHHH the old landrover part number chestnut ...... been there, done that, got stung many times ......:mad: I had 3 rover eights in bits at one point .......2 different starter types ........ Another (stupid) quick thought, will it spin it over if you take the plugs out? ie no compression to fight? Oh and there should be an earth strap from one of the starter mounting bolts to the chassis.
  12. One way of doing it,weld a nut onto the end of the stud, the heat produced should help matters,and you have a decent purchase for your spanner. As has been said, leave them in, you don't need to replace them unless the thread is damaged.
  13. Stupid question time ...... Have you fitted the ring gear/flywheel the right way round. (its been known) Do the gears mesh,are they matching, not one bevel cut and one straight cut? ( this is landrover remember,they have so many different options for each model......) can you turn the engine over by hand ..... why was the pinion and ring gear mashed in the first place? and finally just because you have the volts in the battery,don't mean you have the amps needed to turn the engine over.
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