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  1. Hi Scott I know its a bit late but i always get there in the end. Yes thats the one I got some pics of it at the time and the owner allowed me a quick drive in it but have seen nothing of it since just wondered what happened to it. I know he was still restoring it at the time.
  2. Hows about MFF487 caught up with it at the Great Dorset Steam Fair in about 2004 have seen and heard nothing of it since. In RAF Blue with 71MU badges on the doors. I used to drive it round the camp and go out as second man with it in the 70,s. The owner kindly let me have a drive but i havent seen it since.
  3. Thanks Still raining here although i did drive through some snow down near Wincanton today
  4. Hi all new here, main interest in the site was to do with Scammels having been in the RAF and stationed with 71MU Bicester until it closed in 1976 i shut the gates behind me. I finally came across one of our trucks 2 or 3 years ago at the Great Dorset Steam Fair, the guy even invited me back later for a drive, most enjoyable. Curious to whats happened to it since. My brother also has military vehicles i believe at the moment two willys jeeps and an ambulance. I shall enjoy looking through the rest of the site as well. No snow here yet just the rain. :laugh:
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