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  1. I haven’t sourced anything yet, will need to find something over the next year or so.
  2. 25HG66 - Can-Am Bombardier Mk2 250cc
  3. Listed photos in Albums currently own 1953 Humber Pig Mk2 1954 Austin Champ 1954 MoBAT 1952 Sankey Mk2 Trailer 1968 Sankey Water Trailer 1977 Land Rover 101 1976 ROF Fox CVR(W) 1985 Rapier Launcher Trailer 1980 Can-Am Bombardier 250 1994 Harley-Davidson MT350
  4. 01AM07 - Land Rover 101 Forward Control Rapier Tug
  5. 55KL25 - Harley-Davidson MT350
  6. 10FD72 - R.O.F FV721 Fox CVR(W)
  7. 78BN05 - Sankey Trailer Mk2 3/4 Ton
  8. 27BK21 - Humber FV1611 Mk2 Pig
  9. 21ET49 - Sankey Trailer Tanker Water 3/4 Ton 2 Wheel 100 Gallons
  10. 83BE45 - Austin FV1801A Champ
  11. Evening I have just picked up the above trailer, it’s in very good condition. Mainly picked it up to save it from the indignity of being turned into a mobile barbecue. I have it’s record card but does anyone know where I might find a manual on how it works?
  12. Thanks for this, I had a good look over mine recently and cannot find any sign of a registration number
  13. Thats interesting, I will take A look at the weekend thanks for advice Norman
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