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  1. Thankyou for all replys I'm fine regarding licence issues Just more finding the things and getting a rough idea on prices
  2. Having seperated from my wife my life's taken more of a fun turning I now live on a boat. Bought myself a new motorbike and generally got a fun outlook on life including my two young children. We attend steamfairs and quite like the idea of a show for them But now I'm thinking of getting a bedford mj/mk or the day depending on budget. I have strong memories of them as my dad served 24years in the game. Can anyone give a accurate price band On the road project needing a little bit work of both the bedford and the day? I would prefer the bedford personally! And also a good place to source one? Cheers ben
  3. cheers guys thats brilliant
  4. anything left or is the show season over
  5. as above or surrounding area can you drop a post on here or pm thanks ben
  6. hello give barry a ring at dfj automotive they deal in military starters and rebuild with oe part not the chinese crap it will be a cheap drive or solonoid 01772 705833
  7. yeah can see it now looks like a show plinth thing doubt that will be for sale
  8. were abouts on bae is it do you know? will have to go ask iv had a look on google maps cant see one obvious always good to look around get a idea of different conditions
  9. my partners from warton i had no idea about any of this and was a shock to hear about that plane crash i bet frecleton was without a younger generation for a while
  10. hi mate yeah sorry i meant to mention you cheers for the lead i will go back on a nicer day the owner of the stollys has just bought a cheifton tank i will say sorry for my spelling now before anyone picks it up as its not the best
  11. ok been down today and had a good poke round the hull one has a hiab and in very good condition generally the other one has half a hiab and is very rusty but complete the decent one has a big knock just behind the center o/s wheel sorry didnt get many pics got to excited :lol: so then i spoke to the owner as land owner passed me his number had a good chat hes told me to have a better look round when its not raining and give him a shout begining of march
  12. just been through this whole thread all i can say is well done hopefully i will be doing this soon once a stolly is found
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