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  1. the bottom militant is mine!!! have been able to contact the owner at that time and have learned that he purchased it from the military directly!! he owned it 10 years ago and px'd it for a scammell!! meeting him at kemble!! just got to find the inbetween owners 2 find out what it has been doing!! lol
  2. Two pins side by side sounds like the type fitted to the Volvo BV202 and Unimog. Is it possible the Explorer has been fitted with one of these for some reason, or is it another type again ?
  3. Sorry to hear no tracks but i can understand there reasons,We will still come with a Saracen and stalwart and a militant or so.A soon as we have the dates i will biik the time off.dave zoe
  4. cheers Bal pop up over xmassif your free,,,,,, see you soon davezoe

  5. Hi Zoe and dave have a nice christmas and a happy new year


  6. Any news on the Centurion, can i give you a list of what we intendto bring? 2 stalwarts 2 mk3 militant recoverys (just in case)Daf gs 4x4 brockhoust living trailer(military) and a low loader for the tank
  7. What a good idea,a jolly over the plain,,,,,I am underway in my project centurion mk12 diesel can i bring it if its done,I was hopeing to take it to Kemble as its first out but this sounds woth the extra effort. dave,zoe ps i also have a brockhouse trailer converted to acom.
  8. something nioce is up for sale and its a matter of money ;0) great tool though. will make someone a good toy
  9. i have a big wheel ferret i may break and it has a turret complete with ring any one else need ferret bits?
  10. ebay iten number 130248994920 or you could try that scrapyard with the s26 scammells 6x6 they would fit.
  11. on ebay there were super single rims for the front, would look good and i also have a guy who can supply a stgo plate rated at over 100ton, My old one now mikes was 100ton gross .lt could have gone more if i changed the 10x20 tyres, as you have done so you may be looking at mutch more poss 150ton.
  12. So pop is yours REME ?? or is it going to be ,,,,. dave
  13. The lama is still being used inside land rover as grounds trucks the gardeners drive them, sometimes you see them out the front with mowers on the back ,,, shame.
  14. POPTOP PASSED HIS HGV YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHH! Well done john Thought you dont needit for that lol,,,,,
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