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  1. the above Bronco model kit is a Horch, not a Mercedes
  2. It is a Military Mercedes Benz 320, 4x2, fitted with 6.50 x 20 truck wheels/tyres
  3. The Hop Farm, showground site for the W&P show, which is still closed since lockdown has just ammended its events webpage and has Deleted All forthcoming outdoor events including W&P show, the first shows to be held there are planned for Oct/Nov 2020
  4. Would think owners of petrol grey Fergusson tractors would be more interested, as its same engine as used in the early Vanguard
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-53091856
  6. Old Faithfull is now on display at IWM London
  7. There were two Humber convertibles that Montgomery used, both survive, one is at the Coventry transport museum, the other is in the Imperial War museum, London,.. there is a privatley owned Military Humber covertible at the History on Wheels museum at Eton wick nr Windsor
  8. 40 year old Historic Comercial vehicles over 3.5 ton built After 1960 are Not MOT exempt
  9. drops of clean yellow oil indicate gearbox/ transfer box oil leak, need to top up both units, with hypoid 90 gear oil, clean the whole unit off with a pressure wash, then drive for a while to get a more exact location of the leak
  10. A pic of Jeep 6640 WW in 2011, scroll down the page in the link, 6th jeep pic down https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/airfixtributeforum/willys-jeep-t453-s15.html
  11. DVLA search shows 6640 ww 1942 Willys is currently taxed
  12. further DVLA info. S157 FTA 1998 Black Diesel Supacat, the last uk road tax expired in 2007, Export marker, marked as Yes, presume exported in or after 2007, also it was civilian registered as new in 1998 which would mean it was probably a Supacat factory demonstration or test vehicle but it never entered military service
  13. I have spoken to the W&P owners re. refunds,, Please scroll down to read my post at the end
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