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  1. 1943? which part? Looks to be mostly Hotchkiss, its 24v too, even registered as 1958 probably the date when it was rebuilt by the French, may be on a ww2 chassis
  2. There is an update added to the first post at top of this page
  3. The Train robbers used an Austin Loadstar, not a Bedford RL, and they had Ser.1 & 2 Landrovers,
  4. no clutch brake , just good old crash gearbox, ..GMC's have a nice gearbox to use compared to some others of the period, just practise take gear changes slow to start with
  5. A friend of mine owned this Champ HVN 974D way back in early 1970's
  6. Fordson WOT 1 Fire tender http://vehicles.firemuseum.uk/project/wot1/
  7. That is an 18" DUKW wheel
  8. The annual Well attended 100+ Military vehicle Day at the Famous Brooklands Museum, Surrey, Sunday 17th November https://www.brooklandsmuseum.com/whats-on/military-vehicles-day FREE entry for pre booked MV's, the Booking in form below, ...entries in by 3rd November https://www.brooklandsmuseum.com/application/files/6815/7080/9035/MV_Day_2019_vehicles_invitation__entry_form.pdf
  9. Interesting reading about the history of Fersfield airfield, secret missions evolved from there, including the ill fated remote control flying bomb missions https://aviationtrails.wordpress.com/2015/09/13/raf-fersfield-where-history-was-made-and-lost/
  10. Ah..but todays Urban warrior 4x4 driver has the shopping delivered
  11. The new Slovakian "Defender 90" made its debut this w/e at the Goodwood revival, its actually over 100" wb,...Looking at it alas its just another SUV posemobile, its more of a "Pretender", ..Its Not a Defender replacment vehicle for work use, Price wise it starts at about £40k almost Twice the Price of a 4x4 Ford Ranger/Mitsubiski pick up ! ...the body style is much like a swb Toyota RAV 4, or an overgrown new Mini Clubman, the 90 has 3 doors it can squeeze in 6 persons, be a bit cosy together for 6 adults..and that then leaves only enough room at the back for the Harrods picnic hamper too, No luggage space with back seats in use,..Lots of posh trim and plastic interior, for more room there is the 110, 5 door version, all round independent suspension, the Defender range is ONLY Available as an Automatic Transmission, there Is No Manual gearbox option ! and it is full of electronics, ..35 ECU's to go wrong, even the foldaway towbar is electrically operated, ...and you Cannot take the roof off this Alluminium monocoque bodyshell either or drill holes in it to fit a NATO hitch
  12. No, vehicles with a Military registration number Post War did not have road tax discs
  13. If the bike was sold in 1947 and then Civilian registered it would have been issued with a road tax disc,
  14. Annual well attended usually 100+ Military Vehicles Day at the Historic Home of Aviation & Motorsport, Brooklands Museum, Surrey, Sunday 17th November. https://www.brooklandsmuseum.com/whats-on/military-vehicles-day FREE entry for pre booked MV'S, booking in form below, ..to be in by Nov. 3rd https://www.brooklandsmuseum.com/application/files/6815/7080/9035/MV_Day_2019_vehicles_invitation__entry_form.pdf
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