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  1. Nick Johns

    Clutch overhauls

    Clutch specialists "Clutchfix" http://clutch-fix.co.uk/
  2. Nick Johns

    Is this a Coventry Climax FSM trailer pump?

    Coventry Climax trailer fire pump http://www.studio434.co.uk/my-product/coventry-climax-fsm-series-2-fire-trailer-1938/
  3. Nick Johns


    The OGEL, Open general export licence, has been discussed on here and the Facebook MVT page, it is not required for ex military vehicles over 50 years old to enter Germany, Belgium and France for up to 3 months, so looks like It Is required for Holland .... .But so far no one has ever been asked to show one to Customs on trips abroad.....but..... after Brexit things may be different, ...!just announced today that after march Brexit UK driving licences may not be valid abroad,, may need an international driving permit, ..wonder what else will evolve
  4. Nick Johns

    MJ MOT requirements

    An MJ/MK is Not MOT test exempt anymore, changes came in a couple of months ago, some vehicle owners are still not aware of the changes untill they try to re tax their truck. This has put a lot of preserved vehicles off the road Form 112G the MOT Exemption form has been ammended and most of the categories that previously could claim test exemption under have been removed, DVSA realised there were too many loopholes being exploited of commercially run trucks claiming test exemption...only pre 1960 commercials over 3.5ton used unladen are exempt from Test. ..post 1960 Breakdown vehicles, mobile cranes now have to be tested The new VHI, Vehicles of historic interest, 40 year old, pre 1978, vehicle mot test exemption category Only applies to vehicles up to 3.5 ton if the V5C reg document states the revenue weight as over 3.5ton /3500kgs then vehicle now needs testing before it can be re taxed
  5. Nick Johns

    Dodge wc rolling the side of the tilt up.

    There should be a length of leather belt with holes in on each canopy upright post to secure the buckle on the rolled up canopy side
  6. Nick Johns

    Magneto servicing

    Magnetos can be very troublesome, my Brother has had several Lucas mags rebuilt/rewound by "Specialists" for His Bullnose Morrises one was an NOS mag and all failed after a short time, mind you they were Lucas mags, a Sims mag will no doubt be better made. He has now made a coil ignition conversion that still retains the magneto as a distributor to keep the original appearance and uses an external conventional 12v ignition coil, since then has had no more problems
  7. Nick Johns

    LWT in a field.

    Been stood a long time...DVLA check, last MOT'd in 2007 !
  8. Nick Johns

    Austin K9 Wireless House Body

  9. Nick Johns

    WW2 Willys Jeep

    The "Malt" plate short for La Maltournee, is attached to French MilitaryJeeps that had undergone a full rebuild at the French Military vehicle workshop, La Maltournee, where they were then went back into service mostly issued with a new Military ID & chassis number,.. the Malt number, usually 5 numbers is a works number and from that can work out the the date of the rebuild, ..
  10. http://www.dynamoregulators.com/index.php
  11. Nick Johns

    Optima batteries

    I have an Optima battery on my old diesel Opel Kadett, it was fitted by previous owner, so no idea of its age, I've owned the car for over 7 years, so battery must be at least 10 years old, the car lives outside, often left for weeks and the Optima still keeps its charge, even in frosty winter conditions it always starts the diesel, ..also had an Optima on a Bedford TK 330 Diesel, surprising for a small battery the Optima always started it
  12. Nick Johns

    Jeep, new wiring looms

    No they are black tape wrapped , use the blackout wires for the rear indicator circuit, I don’t think Jeep wiring looms were ever fabric covered.?
  13. Nick Johns

    Army / SAS Range Rover's

    I have seen several sold some years ago in the days of MOD auctions, a Landrover dealer I worked for bought a rolled one, a classic blue 4 door fitted with full roll cage it was repaired and used to be often shown
  14. Nick Johns

    Austin Champ

    the Austin Champ owners club....http://www.austinchampownersclub.com/
  15. 3 Ward LaFrance M1A1 Wreckers at Capel !