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  1. Nick Johns

    Austin Champ

    the Austin Champ owners club....http://www.austinchampownersclub.com/
  2. 3 Ward LaFrance M1A1 Wreckers at Capel !
  3. A Turbo is never enough............
  4. Nick Johns

    GPW radiator needs fixing

    A bit further away...Mr Bryan does a lot of Jeep and other vintage radiators, Bryan & Son in Tunbridge Wells, .....has no website but a google search will find his phone no. and address.
  5. Nick Johns

    WC51 Brake issue

    second that, take the flexible hose off and check it, or if it looks old just replace it anyway
  6. reminder to get your MV free entries in
  7. Nick Johns


    what year is the Zil ? recent changes to truck test exemptions mean if its made after 1960 it will need a truck test to go on the road, the Zil 131 cargo truck is listed as 6700 kg unladen weight,
  8. Nick Johns

    Antar towing a rocket???

    You tube video of the Honest John Missile and vehicles used to carry and launch it,..as stationed at Church Crookham barracks, except they would have had British Army markings no stars
  9. Nick Johns

    LGV mot ??

    To repeat my previous post.!....No the 1943 Chev wrecker does Not need testing as its a "Pre 1960 Historic goods vehicle over 3.5ton" and is still Exempt mot and lgv licence ..."Provided its used unladen, it is allowed to tow an unladen trailer."...... No change.......... Breakdown/Wrecker trucks, ..Other than pre 1960,.. are now no longer exempt and will have to be tested which is the start of this thread regarding the AEC Militant wrecker, friend has a 1965 French Army Berliet TBC wrecker, now off the road untill clarification re. testing The New changes to truck test exemption regs. Only affects commercial vehicles made After 1960 over 3.5ton , owners have previously been able to Self Claim a test exemption using form V112G, this has now been ammended by DVSA as some of the categories were being exploited as "loopholes" to claim test exemption by commercial truck operators who were found to be running badly maintained dangerous trucks with no testing, The new 40 Year old VHI, "Vehicles of Historic Interest" category, the MOT exemption Only applies to vehicles up to 3.5 ton, for cars, light trucks, vans and some passenger buses, ..,,Not large goods vehicles, so now a lot of post 1960 historic hgv's will be off the road !!
  10. Nick Johns

    1942 Ford Jeep

    .....looks nice...but new repro or hotchkiss body tub
  11. Nick Johns

    LGV mot ??

    The change Only effects Post 1960 made goods vehicles over 3.5ton.. No change for the existing Pre 1960 goods commercial vehicles over 3.5ton are still exempt test and hgv licence if used unladen
  12. Nick Johns

    Antar towing a rocket???

    Thanks Wally, I think this explains the mystery vehicle with a rocket, the RA regt. with the Honest John missile launchers based at Haig Lines, Church Crookham, seeing. a large M series truck with a missile on the back going out on the road on manouveres would attract attention, mistaken for an Antar, few would have realised back then it was actually American, ...a friend owns one of the extra long wheel base M series missile carriers
  13. Nick Johns

    Antar towing a rocket???

  14. Nick Johns

    BSA Parabike Wingnut (and other parts)