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  1. ww2 Jeep £40,000

    and the chassis too !
  2. ww2 Jeep £40,000

    .4 vague photographs and description for a so called " original and genuine Willys Jeep" for a laughable £40k.. ..a scam me thinks
  3. Farewell flight for Lynx helicopters


    The cancellation notice http://www.militaryworldshow.com/index.html
  5. gmc cck axle ratio

    According to a post on the GMC forum WW2 GMC axle ratios were 6.66 to 1 http://www.cckw.org/speed.htm
  6. It's a "Harvey Frost" HF commercial vehicle recovery ambulance, many years ago I had a similar one on dual pneumatic tyres. The Military might have used some. they work on the same principle as todays underlift recovery truck, supporting and towing the vehicle by its axle and the extending tubular drawbar facilitated to rear lift tow something like a bus with a long body overhang which could not be safely suspend towed by the crane without risk of body damage Found this pic of restored Harvey Frost ambulance
  7. Original log book for Ford Jeep MPJ 33

    MPJ 33 not registered on DVLA so a defunct number
  8. Old chassis

    I was refering to the original Ford TT as probably not Military, not what the trailer which was made later on from the parts was used for
  9. Old chassis

    The back half is a Ford Model TT, I tonner truck rear axle and chassis, front axle is a modified T too, ..not military
  10. Brooklands Museum Official photos, ..not mine, ..click on the photo below, then click on top left, "back to album"
  11. '36 Fordson pick up

    This is a Conversion, preumably the customer could order upgrade running boards, bumper whatever spec he wanted when the pick up was built,
  12. Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    Pics of the replica tank being assembled at the Norfolk Tank Museum https://www.facebook.com/NorfolkTankMuseum/
  13. '36 Fordson pick up

    It is a cut down Fordson Y type van body, it was not a factory option but various coachbuilders converted vans into a pick up body, ..I don't recall ever seeing any pics or reference to one in Military use, but may well have been commandered during the War by the Home Guard, the only listed Military small Fords of the same period were the larger 10cwt E83W semi forward control 10hp van and utility, Its so good to see such a nice original condition truck pic of similar Fordson Y model Van converted into a pick up