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  1. Nick Johns


  2. Nick Johns

    SAS Land Rovers - before the Pink Panther

    Dunsfold Landrover collection have one of only Two surviving SAS Ser.1 Landrovers, its a late Ser.1 88"wb ...80"wb landovers were Not used by SAS http://www.dunsfoldcollection.co.uk/collection/series1/genuine-series-1-sas-land-rover#v
  3. Not just the W&P show, seems to be general lack of interest about most events on here now, seldom any comments or photos
  4. I visited Beacon Hill Fort recently and was allowed in to explore this fascinating time warp site, unchanged since ww2, the restoration is well under way and huge amounts of undergrowth, trees and debris have already been cleared to open up the buldings and tunnels, there is now a website and Facebook group too with lots of pics https://www.beaconhillfortharwich.co.uk/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/221891288365384/about/ https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/beaconhillfortharwich
  5. Nick Johns

    Anyone happen to own SRV-1 'The Cricket'?

    The SRV 1 was in a yard with other old military vehicles in Wiltshire for some years it was sold when the yard was cleared a few years ago, it recently came up for sale again only a couple of months ago on Ebay, minus the Rolls engine and a Rover V8 fitted but not coupled up, I believe it sold, ..where too not known
  6. More clarification on 40 year old vehicle MOT exemptions https://www.britishmotorvehicles.com/news
  7. More clarification on 40 year old vehicle MOT exemptions https://www.britishmotorvehicles.com/news
  8. Nick Johns

    Dingo Carburettor work

    Speak to Richard Farrant for Dingo work, there was a thread on here a few years back on the problems with Dingo carbs
  9. Annual HCVS London to Brighton run Sunday 6th May. halfway stop at Crawley.. WW1 Military vehicles entered
  10. Annual HCVS London to Brighton run with halfway stop at Crawley, should be a number of WW1 Military vehicles taking part
  11. Nick Johns

    Question , Bomb trolly identification ??

    It looks like an ex RAF trailer for airfield use only, that carried some sort of ground support equipment, .. it appears to be on very light weight wheels/tyres so it wouldn't carry much weight, ..when the drawbar is raised up it applies the parking brakes ....probably it was something like this pic I found of an airfield cargo handling trailer on similar wheels and drawbar in raised parked position ..top left of pic
  12. Nick Johns

    FOR SALE Bedford QLR

    Yes it is, I've have driven a few miles in it, Richard bought the QL from Ruddington sales 1974 straight from Military service