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  1. Nick Johns

    Truck door

    Higginsboat..If you read my previous posts again and view all the pics it answers your question, these Three trucks were replicas, Everything you see of the bodywork was Handbuilt from scratch on bare GMC chassis, as no original Merc parts available , they all varied a bit, as is usual on big production films one truck had lot more detail to it and used for close up /static shots, hence the more detailed pattern doors, no point in putting expensive to make detail on the fast action chase scene trucks which were likely to get crashed and must be quickly repaired on site,..the pics I put on here were all taken 8 or 9 years after the Raiders filming where various changes, paint change, crash repairs, bits broken and removed were probably made to the trucks for subsequent films before they were eventually sold off
  2. Nick Johns

    Austin K9 engine I.D.

    The K9 Engine is Austin's own successfull 4 litre 6 cylinder petrol engine used extensively in their civilian & military Commercial range of trucks, Google Austin Loadstar, used through the 1950/60s it was also fitted to the Austin Princess Limo, .its Not a Rolls B60 engine.. but Do not mistake it for the 1967 Austin Westminster Vanden Plas 4 litre R which the engine was derived from the Rolls B60, but was only used in the Vanden Plas R car https://www.gunmart.net/militaria/military-vehicles/jeeps/austin-k9-truck
  3. Nick Johns

    Diamond T identity help

    it could be a Brockway 666 crane truck
  4. Nick Johns

    Austin Champ HMJ 955F

    not really, the likes of RR Services would have registered several ex military vehicles together so both Champs were registered at same time, back then were issued with consecutive reg. numbers, ....btw, DVLA shows HMF 951J still exists and is currently taxed
  5. Nick Johns

    Austin Champ HMJ 955F

    , DVLA search shows HMJ 955F was last taxed in 1984
  6. T34 For Sale, located in Europe, http://vintagemilitaryvehicles.com/
  7. Nick Johns

    Raiders truck

    Higginsboat, you refer to a single Raiders truck, as I said in my previous post , there were Three identical replica Merc trucks built for the film, the link below are pics of Charlie Manns Lamanva museum with pics of the Three Raiders trucks, pics 10, 13, & 23 I knew of one of the trucks that Tony Oliver owned in 1984/5 but no idea what became of the other two http://miliblog.co.uk/?cat=304 Just found this online, Pic of the other Two Raiders trucks outside the museum or may have been at the auction sale when everything was sold
  8. Nick Johns


    DVLA search shows the FWM year of manufacture as 1981 https://www.gumtree.com/p/other-vehicles/fmw-ex-navy-tug-truck-used-in-the-war/1320125153
  9. Nick Johns

    Raiders truck

    If I remember right at least Three replica Mercedes trucks were built by Charlie Mann using lengthened 6x6 GMC chassis for the Raiders film, there was also complete cabs mounted on camera tracking rigs to film the fight scenes in the cab...the late Tony Oliver, who supplied all the other vehicles in the film, owned one of the trucks for some years after the film, I drove it several times on other productions, He sold it and it ended up in the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland Florida, click on the link and scroll down for a pic of it, look for the GMC wheels and the GMC battery box under the door proving its the film prop truck, I don't know what became of the other two Raiders trucks http://lifeinmouseyears.com/indiana-jones-adventure-disneyland-turns-23/
  10. Nick Johns


  11. Nick Johns

    BEDFORD S type bus

    Pic of the Bedford taken in 2016 in Norfolk http://www.travellerhomes.co.uk/?p=17215 and some old pics of it http://www.travellerhomes.co.uk/?p=10502 http://www.travellerhomes.co.uk/?p=859
  12. Anchor Supplies Military surplus shop has been badly damaged in huge fire involving other premises https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-nottinghamshire-46094570
  13. Nick Johns

    Austin Champ

    its nice reg number FUN 517D is no longer on DVLA system
  14. Nick Johns

    1942 Willys Jeep

    Makes a change to see a properly restored ex British ArmyJeep for sale. No issues with this one