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  1. '36 Fordson pick up

    This is a Conversion, preumably the customer could order upgrade running boards, bumper whatever spec he wanted when the pick up was built,
  2. Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    Pics of the replica tank being assembled at the Norfolk Tank Museum https://www.facebook.com/NorfolkTankMuseum/
  3. '36 Fordson pick up

    It is a cut down Fordson Y type van body, it was not a factory option but various coachbuilders converted vans into a pick up body, ..I don't recall ever seeing any pics or reference to one in Military use, but may well have been commandered during the War by the Home Guard, the only listed Military small Fords of the same period were the larger 10cwt E83W semi forward control 10hp van and utility, Its so good to see such a nice original condition truck pic of similar Fordson Y model Van converted into a pick up
  4. Radar Truck ?

    Interesting bit of equipment, a substantial telescopic centre pole, heavy duty wind down outriggers would suggest it might well originally have been used to carry an antenna, radar dish, microwave receiver? I would think it was probably originally a trailer mounted unit but the parts and van body have been fitted on to a much longer truck chassis so as to convert it to a mobile apple picker, a bit of an agricultural conversion, the remains of the rather home made basic cab appears to have been added on to the original body would suggest it was only ever used on the farm/orchard, the truck chassis is 2 wheel drive, 4 cylinder petrol engine, possibly a Morris commercial?
  5. New Exhibition of 80 years of aircraft production, where 18,000 planes were built https://www.brooklandsmuseum.com/about/latest-news/brooklands-aircraft-factory-and-flight-shed-opening-next-week https://www.facebook.com/Brooklands-Museum-120949592754/?hc_ref=ARQeiTqSAd8YZq2BxeZ7f32jV2NDeUU_ajf8e7B9M2YVW73I2j5l72GsYXKfaLdfNN0
  6. White Helmets Triumphs up for auction

    Posted this last month, but seems not much interest
  7. Further to the previous consultations decisions are now made that affects HGV vehicles that are present exempt from test or claimed exemption will from 2019 need to be tested, including, Breakdown vehicles, mobile Cranes, heavy & light locomotives, concrete trucks, ..basically anything built on an hgv production chassis, the test exemption for historic commercials stays at pre 1960, this will affect most post 1960 over 3500kg military vehicles that presumably could affect the ability to self declare test exemption using form V112, .http://www.commercialmotor.com/news/compliance/dvsa-implement-phased-approach-annual-test-changes
  8. https://www.facebook.com/Brooklands-Museum-120949592754/?hc_ref=ARQeiTqSAd8YZq2BxeZ7f32jV2NDeUU_ajf8e7B9M2YVW73I2j5l72GsYXKfaLdfNN0...
  9. Dorking covenanter recovery

    This is a short video when the tank was first located, re- posted from the start of this thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AzybfURolk
  10. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-dorset-41677997