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  1. Nick Johns

    Bedford mj/mk or daf upgrade questions

    Beware of Bedford MK/J/DAF, advertised for sale as MOT exempt, changes to MOT Exemption regs back in May means all the Loophole exemptions on Form 112G have been removed, Post 1960 commercials over 3.5ton Virtually all are required to be tested now and can no longer be taxed without a test certificate, the new 40year old pre 1978 VHI, vehicles of historic interest MOT Exemption Only applies to vehicle up to 3.5tons
  2. Nick Johns

    RAF land rover Breakdown/tow truck 1960's

    NO, thats just a blue civilian 107" Landrover cut down back body a very old crane typical garage breakdown, and fake Royal Navy sign on the door
  3. Nick Johns

    RAF land rover Breakdown/tow truck 1960's

    I have never seen or heard of a Military or RAF Landrover fitted with a Harvey Frost crane in service use, there is always the possibility of an RAF main workshop equiping one, it would be interesting to hear what history do you know about your 109 that leads you to think it may have had a crane , very likely it had a crane fitted in later civilian life, ..
  4. Nick Johns

    42 GMC cckw

    Previously a Diamond T 980 prime mover could be operated as an MOT exempt "Heavy Locomotive" vehicle to haul a laden Drawbar trailer, now the recent changes to MOT exemptions Heavy Locomotives built on a production HGV vehicle will Now have to be tested, as will All heavy trailers will have to be Tested too if used laden
  5. Nick Johns

    Mercury Tractor Tug

    Ford 10 hp engine and gearbox
  6. Nick Johns

    1944 Leyland Hippo

  7. Nick Johns

    1944 Leyland Hippo

    (..way to big for my licence) The Hippo is pre a 1960 Historic commercial vehicle so can be driven unladen on a category B car licence
  8. They are Lucas ST38 "Pork pie" rear lights , as used on lots of cars, Landrovers, trucks, of the period...new repro ones are available,
  9. Nick Johns

    Bedford RL REME

    Price has dropped because it now has leaking brake cylinders, not drivable
  10. Nick Johns

    Leyland Retriver - any still out there?

    Pete Ashby has been restoring a Retriever for some years
  11. Nick Johns

    Austin Champ

    Champs are mechanically very complex, not easy to work on and fairly high maintenance too, , the one for sale will need more than a little recommisioning its probably a good basis for restoration, it was way overvalued hence no sale, they are not particularly rare, best to buy one thats already sorted and someone else has spent lots of money on
  12. Nick Johns

    Austin Champ

    No surprise there