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  1. Armoured Cab CMP

    Indeed it as an armoured CMP truck, they were made locally to run supplies through the blockade on the road up to the besieged city ofJerusalem, 1947/8 the remains of some of the home made armoured trucks are left along the road side from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as a memorial to those who died trying to break through the blockade I saw them many years ago when I was out in Israel
  2. Dukw parts

    Rex Ward for DUKW parts http://www.milweb.net/go/rexward/
  3. Built for the American Museum in Bath http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-england-norfolk-43418901/replica-world-war-one-tank-built-in-norfolk-shed
  4. For Sale - Three on the Floor magazines

    Lots of memories in those magazines, It was me who convinced John Carter to organise the very first Military vehicle show at Shottesbrook, I used to contribute to the magazine and often assisted John with the printing Those early shows brought MV enthusiasts together and where Pete Gray developed the MVCG, / MVT which is now celebrating its 50th. year
  5. Fordson WOT 1 Tanker / Fuel Bowser

    The engine number 5486330 stamped on the Ford plate is probably the chassis number too, it is same engine/chassis number used on Ford cars, this is certainly a rare variant of a WOT 1 and good to see so much original paint. The Ford archives may only show when the Truck was built at Dagenham as a chassis /cab, but I would think it likely it then went elswhere to have the fuel bowser and other related equipment fitted
  6. Royal Enfield flying flea stolen

    Good news, the bike has been found !
  7. ww2 Jeep £40,000

    The first auction it got bid to nearly £16K, reserve not met, more than its worth, as in above post pics show certainly has a Hotchkiss body, and other parts, KM speedo late plastic steering wheel
  8. ..

  9. RAF accumulator trolley

    Vintage Tyres have 4.75/500 x19" tyres, they fit Austin 7's https://www.vintagetyres.com/shop/en/tyres/waymaster-59
  10. Information on 2 water bowsers

    Similar Dutch Army water bowser, dated 1980, on Ebay, has different drawbar, this type of trailer not really of much interest to collectors, compared to a cargo trailer its only use is carrying water https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Water-Bowser-Military-Trailer/273044621224?hash=item3f92ba47a8:g:djUAAOSwD39abaQe
  11. French tanks at a car show

    The tanks are from the French Tank museum, Musee De Blindes, Saumur, the show is the huge annual classic car Retromobile show in Paris, which also has Military vehicles on display
  12. Leyland Hippo MK2

    This Hippo has been on here before in 2014 ...Re.VSU 334 that was saved from being scrapped,
  13. The new owners have plans to open the Fort up http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-essex-42917862
  14. 99p AEC MILITANT MK 1 1954 6X4 SCAM?

    Yes Its another scam, its been reported and already removed by ebay
  15. 1941 Chevrolet 8CWT.