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  1. AEC 850 or FWD R6T

    Thanks, I'm not sure this was the chap. I believe it was four years ago they were taken away from REME to be worked on. My problem is that the staff at REME have no records of who took them, or if there were details they cannot be found. My contacts at the museum have drawn a complete blank.....I'm not sure whether to be disappointed or disgusted at the loss of these iconic vehicles. I feel this is the way of most museums now.....I hear rumours that Duxford may be closing the "Land Warfare" hall. George.
  2. Some years ago, the only other 2 (?) AEC 850 chassis were gifted to the REME museum, on the death of their owner. I believe they had been kept somewhere in the Cambridgeshire area. I have a few photo's of them being delivered to the museum, the story was that one could possibly be restored by using parts from them both. Having been in contact with the REME museum, there now seems to be no knowledge of where they are now, even worse, who it was that was going to undertake the work. The new curator has no information whatever. Brian Baxter was at the museum at this time, he has since retired and unable to recall any more information, though we have been in contact over the matter. Can any one shed any light, or know the person concerned as I would like to get some info as to the chassis, and running gear....preferably with the body off. I have details from the ex Duxford one, but need some "nude" of it. Thanks George Moore
  3. Morris C9B Gun tools

    Ah, Thanks for that, sorry to have put you to any trouble, but the info is worth having. I can only think these fittings are sort of hooks to carry / lift the barrel. As you say it is a very heavy piece of kit. Thank you for everything, in my line nothing is wasted...all info is good info.....I only wish that over the years of visiting scrapyards etc etc, I had taken more interest and photographs rather than concentrating on one thing. Thanks again for the help. George.
  4. Morris C9B Gun tools

    A bit confused, the only photo I have shows something different fitted in this area. ? George.
  5. Morris C9B Gun tools

    Marvellous......thanks so much for taking the time to do this. If you don't mind, a few more questions: Have you info on how (which side) they fitted on the C9B. I know there are fittings to house them but most photo's I have do not show them in any detail, or they are missing. Am I correct in thinking that the tools relate to different model guns, in which case I am after WW2 vintage, rather than post war. Again am I correct in saying the barrel was unscrewed, then held in two [?] cradles....the long bar with semi-circular housing. You mention four guys, so two each side. No apologies for the orientation, or memory, at 70 I too have senior moments. Thanks again and I hope I am not being too much of a nuisance. Regards. George.
  6. Morris C9B Gun tools

    If you can photo them with a tape measure so I can determine their sizes, that would be great. I am gathering info to enable a 1/35 plastic kit to be produced. I have quite a lot of photographs of the chassis, taken many many years ago in a collectors yard Chichester way if I recall. there was just the chassis frame but no gun. can you explain the difference between the different types. I am assuming that the barrel was changed after so many rounds, and was quite hot, hence the need to handle it with tools.....or do i have it wrong. Thanks again for the offer of help. George.
  7. Can any one supply details photo's or stowage sketches for the barrel handling tools that were fitted on the Morris C9B. They were located on the curved section of the rear mudguards, where they were attached to the outrigger beams. I think they were hook like links and possibly a spanner to remove the worn barrel and fit the spare barrel carried on top of the rear mudguards. Any info would be of great help. George Moore georgemoore66@hotmail.co.uk Thanks.
  8. Can anybody help with information on one or either of these vehicles. I have a number of photographs of both the recovery and artillery towing vehicles, but is there? are there ? any lubrication or details of the chassis layout. I understand there was a contemporary article written in the 1930's which had drawings of the chassis, but am unable to find out which journal and the date...."Commercial Motor"......"??? Engineer".....not sure. I have photographed (extensively) the Duxford example, but a lot is un-get-attable....the engine appears to have its own sub chassis mounted off centre, and the arrangement of the girder-like structure that supported the rear WD type axle is still a bit of a mystery.....(got severly reprimanded for crawling under the exhibit)......though I had sought permission ! I understand two examples were gifted to REME, and are under restoration, can anyone shed light on where they are ? A lot of asks, but any help is appreciated. I can be emailed at "georgemoore66@hotmail.co.uk...... Thanks George.
  9. FWD Truck Restoration

    An interesting photo, undated it may possibly be late war.....there appears to be a lighter cover over the tilt....tied on separately...could this be an ID panel for aircraft recognition.....I don't think it's a trick of the light. Looks as if another light panel is across the front as well. George.
  10. FWD Truck Restoration

    Another great reply, which pretty much clears up the info I need. It clears up my mistake re the radiators. I thought the "plain" ones were the cast type. My comment is directed to the fact that that detail will need to be added. I have to admit I missed the shape of the fuel tank, thanks for pointing that out. It also clears up the type of body fitted. Thanks again for the help, especially the time taken to supply this info....it is much appreciated. George.
  11. FWD Truck Restoration

    I am planning on doing the FWD Type B. 1916----18 The plan would be to produce a "basic chassis".....with the option of radiator front, the body would be the US ammunition body with the option of a load carrier GS body. The tilt could be made as separate. i am aware of variations, but need info as to what was used when.....again the period is exclusive to WW1. British / US service. We already have the 6" howitzer/limber and the 8" howitzer and limber.....which could be towed according to Tim's book. The scale is 1/35th. I must thank you for the info already sent......just what I need...... George.
  12. FWD Truck Restoration

    Gents, I am currently working on a model of the FWD B type, looking at this thread I would be grateful for any information you could supply. In process rebuild photo's would be of great help, and copies from the manual would be of enormous value. I think the lubrication diagram if there is one would be one thing. I have a list of wants, should you be kind enough to supply: chassis without body petrol tank mounting rear spring layout scuttle looking from drivers view wheels, either spoke or solid viewed straight on, so I can determine sizes and shapes axles with regard to brake drums and steering linkages In general, details of chassis / fittings. A number of body types were fitted, do you have widths and lengths......the ammunition body was different to the load carrier....was this just a US issue ?? I have a number of photographs, and it appears that in British service, they altered the radiator to improve cooling, the original radiators were prone to cracking.....my question is the "British" version does not have the side openings on the radiator shell........I have Tim Goslings book on WW1 vehicles....the radiator without openings seems standard...US vehicles in service and restored (from photo's I have) show the side openings...... I know this is an extensive possibly daunting list, but any help would be much appreciated. I am based in the UK, so would hope that info is available in the UK, I am able to pay any reasonable costs etc, for those outside the UK. Gents.....any help would be appreciated. George Moore georgemoore66@hotmail.co.uk Thanks in advance.
  13. WW1 Peerless Truck

    Can anyone supply me with the wheelbase and track measurements for the 4 ton chassis.....the chassis used for mounting the 3" AA gun. Thank......those are excellent plan and elevation drawings......but I would like some dimensions. George georgemoore66@hotmail.co'uk
  14. New WW1 exhibition opening at AWM

    This is interesting, when I was at Duxford summer 2014, I came across the British 60pdr which I was told was being prepared for shipping to Australia for the WW1 display.......anyone able to let me know if it turned up ???? George.
  15. Richard, there are a couple of things. I believe there was an article in one of the technical journals on he AEC 850/FWD R6T. This may have been outside the scope of your collection, dated sometime in the 30's. I am after details of the Peerless 4 ton chassis.....mainly the wheelbase/track measurements....I have a set of plan and side elevation, however there are no dimensions......the chassis would be the one used for mounting the 3" AA gun. contact details: georgemoore66@hotmail.co.uk Any help appreciated. Regards George.