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  1. WD flying flea kickstart

    Sorry not come across it yet
  2. WD flying flea kickstart

    Sorry didn't realise you wanted a suspension band , yes that's not a problem I have them at hand .
  3. WD flying flea kickstart

    Well Sam , I've found the throttle stop and canvas grips and ferrules , but the throttle plug must be in a safe place , that safe I cant find the damn thing at the moment Dave
  4. WD flying flea kickstart

    No problem I'll dig them out and give you a shout Dave
  5. WD flying flea kickstart

    Hello Sam I'll get into the garage and dig the stop out , I have a throttle handlebar plug (which I bought from Terry ) then I found the original one :), I also have a pair of canvas grips with the brass ferrules spare which I think I bought off Lex ? a while ago Dave
  6. WD flying flea kickstart

    Hi Sam Just give a shout if you need the bits Dave
  7. WD flying flea kickstart

  8. Thoughts on the New Forum Layout?

    I agree its alot harder to find and follow things compared to the previous layout which I found far easier to navigate . I don't frequent the site as often now as it's more difficult to navigate to find and scroll through topics .
  9. WD flying flea kickstart

    Stuart bray has a Flea throttle tube for sale ........................... http://www.stuart-bray-motorcycles.co.uk/spares-other-ww2-bikes.html I'm sure I have a spare throttle stop if yours is missing as picture . I also have a spare centre suspension rubber band if you need one .
  10. Range Rover advice please

    I have the same problem with the drivers seat , move it and the SRS /Airbag light comes on ................ grab the yellow covered wire under the seat and wiggle the plug ...........that cures it .The front window, take it the bottom hold the button for a few seconds ,send it back up and it resets itself .
  11. Hi I'm looking for a serviceable barrel for a flying Flea . I've tried the usual suppliers , Hitchcocks had a second hand civi one but unfortunately half of the lip on the top has broken away . I thought about taking the top lip completely off and making a gasket out of copper sheet , warm it up cool it down and then it should compress enough and seal the head ? any thoughts on the above idea .............. I don't mind wether its a Civi barrel as I would ask Terry at Metal Magic to thread the exhaust manifold . Further investigation shows cracks in the base.Looking at the condition of the barrel and the cracks (shown in the photo )I would say the barrel would self destruct if a re bore was attempted ,or anyone know of a good engine shop that could fettle the barrel for me Any help would be much appreciated in tracking a barrel down as I'm trying to help a friend out . The head also had a large crack which I've managed to sort . Thanks Dave
  12. Bedford MW

    Additional info on the mystery holes , place your finger over the threaded hole you can actually feel it sucking. Going to block the hole off with a bolt and see what happens , cant find any info on the holes and it doesn't show anything in the parts book:undecided: .
  13. 1940 Matchless G3WO (panel tank) motorcycle for sale

    That is nice . Just a damn shame it wasn't for sale in about 3 months time when my other shed is built and finished , I'd have given it a good home just stuck for space at the moment :rolleyes: . Dave
  14. Olive drab paint manufacturer

    TR Williamsons at Ripon supply good quality paint and they have started to make up aerosols http://www.trwilliamson.co.uk/about.php Dave
  15. Bedford MW

    Had a big smile on my face John :-D ............... Have an other mystery to get to the bottom of. I noticed on the Carb a 3/16" threaded hole and an unthreaded hole on the opposite side on the choke block . I cant seem to find out what is supposed to fit into it .When I had been on the runout and stopped the engine I noticed wisps of smoke coming from the threaded hole :nut: . The photo's are of my spare carb , any thoughts on the mystery holes , maybe some sort of venting system ? Dave