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  1. I'll be listing an unmolested tripod on e bay in the next couple of day's, and have 2 of the other items that goes with it .Thinning out a bit of the accumulated kit
  2. I've requested that my thread to be closed .
  3. Hey up your back unfortunately you are now getting a tad boring. "a gentleman" , well there you go you obviously it made your day.You have in total made 10 posts on the forum, THREE !!!! on this redundant post .Oh dear you went for the MW and missed it, obviously too slow off the mark , and yes obviously it sold SIMPLES , be something wrong if it hadn't at that price . I feel ever so sorry for you that someone beat you to the bargain of the year, the Matador , well give him a shout and you never know you might just get yourself the deal of the century . I think it comes down to, you don't really know what you want, anything will do if its cheap. I think your hoping somebody is going to virtually give away a vehicle just to satisfy your pocket , maybe worth thinking about model collecting instead . Also a suggestion ,try find something more rewarding and interesting to occupy your mind with, rather than wasting yours and others times trolling posts making un interesting comments , THEN you might just come across a cheap vehicle to suit your budget . Good luck in your quest on finding a cheap renovated vehicle , somebody out there might just take sympathy on your predicament and furnish you with said item . Many thanks for your non constructive comments they have been entertaining to say the least , you've given I and a couple of others a good laugh over them , so thanks for that. Anyway must run I do have other things far more interesting to occupy and stimulate my mind with. You will immediately as I finish the last sentence be blocked , ignored and placed in the black hole in cyberspace. The following will be the last comment made by me on this post . Good Luck in your quest.
  4. Anyway I wasn't even responding to you
  5. Read again it was a general remark relating to tyre kickers or what ever you want to call them , not directed at anyone in particular . Haven't a clue what your on about with this sentence " Now I can understand why some ex military vehicle have got so expensive, value for money. ". Obviously if you really WANT a particular vehicle you'll go anyway and try do a deal ................ I went to France and bought a vehicle no mention of price before hand , BUT I wanted it , I travelled down to the South of London to again purchase a vehicle I Wanted , again no mention of price , if your keen and enthusiastic you make the effort ,its called striking a deal thats acceptable to both parties . Anyway can't get my head around why you feel the need to keep commenting on a post that is now redundant , the vehicle is now sold the buyer was very happy with it , he paid what HE WANTED to pay , just a note the buyer who bought it also has other WWII trucks and has been in the game around 40 yrs , so obviously knew what he was doing and also where the marketplace is for this type of truck .
  6. That's why it was open to offers , there are no long conversations in trying to find out what somebody wants for an item when it's open to offers ! , an offer is put forward ...... its either accepted or refused , no long conversations , its yes or no! Both in the same boat I'm too busy to waste my time with tyre kickers.............. I have a saying too..................YOU EITHER WANT OR YOU DONT . Anyway this post is redundant now so no need to comment any further , re my last response to your last message "Why is the price a secret" !!
  7. Ridiculous ......... I see he will ,Quote: I will consider adventurous offers. mmm wonder if 5k is adventurous enough
  8. Hi I got complete new sets for my MW from Chris Mortar Dave
  9. Mine had them around the steel work at the rear end of the body to stop the tailgate snagging on the standard coach bolt heads .
  10. It could be sold , I have someone coming on the 30th Dec who is very interested in the truck. I live in North Yorkshire .
  11. Well what can I say , this is opening a can of worms in how to sell something on ! people sell items in different ways and as stated I don’t really know the value so I’m open to offers . People that really want an MW will know what it’s worth and stop the time wasters and wannabes The reason for sale is in the initial post , not for profit ! I’m not a dealer looking to take peoples eyes out with an extortionate price , I have my vehicles to use and enjoy . I’m not really bothered if it doesn’t sell , I don’t need the money it’s a space problem , if it means buying a wagon container so be it , I’ ll stick it one of those till when ever . Thanks for all the interest anyway Dave NB Could one of the moderators delete the listing please or lock it out ? Thanks Dave
  12. Thanks Andy .I can never understand why people who have probably no intentions nor interest in the subject feel they need to make comments of that nature .
  13. Secret ?................... thats a good one ! like I said open to offers .Its very hard putting a price on something that's taken 4 years to do and had a substantial amount of money put into it . Those in the know appreciate what goes into this type of renovation , the costs of the initial vehicle the research and parts costs , so by leaving it open to offers it attracts those serious in purchasing these types of vehicles and weeds out the timewasters . I'm not desperate to sell ,I don't need the money, if it doesn't go no problem, .I'll probably buy a wagon container and store it in there till when ever .
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