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  1. Hiya, read all the imput on your common problem with a 45, the last thing you ought to be doing is fitting a stop tap on the oil feed line,you need to replace the ball and spring in the oil pump. To cure the same problem on my 45 , I blazed the old ball on to a a length of steel rod , then with the finest of valve lapping compound, I used the old ball with a touch of compound on it to "lap in "the seat for the ball. End of problem, change your oil regularly also, I don't believe you can be stuck for the cost of an oil change each year ,This is to protect your investment in your valuable bike. .The suggestion that you should fit a stop tap on the the feed line is laughable at best and would be like playing Russian Roulette with your engine, I would also suggest you read and digest the relevant manual on your bike, all available online now, so you have some understanding on how your oil pump and system works.Hope you have resolved your problem and this imput has been usefull to you. Cheers Paul
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