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  1. Would be good to have a Herts meet up. We use to have a Herts Poppy run though Rickmansworth in November. Great fun, raised quite a bit for the Poppy appeal. Also use to meet at lincolnsfield, Watford 1940's house, but I believe they are not having a show this year. Barry Watford Bren carrier
  2. Rick Please clear some of your PM. Tried to PM you, but your in box is full. Baz
  3. What about Width? How wide is a sabre? Many thanks Barry
  4. 100 Years of the Tank, 50 Years since the first Tank Top, 500 Years since the first water Tank and 10000 Years since tuTankhamum….. Ha ha !!!
  5. BLOW A WHISTLE !!! On the 1st July at 07.30 2016 to mark the centenary of the Battle of the Somme. let us remember the men that went over the top. Please blow a whistle. Please spread the word. Thank you.
  6. Hi matey Need some help. Can you let me know how tall is your vehicle / CVRT Scimitar? Trying to find out the exact height ? Many thanks Barry
  7. Can somebody tell me the exact height of a CVRT Sabre or Scimiter F107 ?. Many Thanks
  8. I received today in the post information from the British Legion on how they plan to mark VE70 this year. It includes details of what they call " Salute a generation and the spirit of 1945" in central London. Anybody been approach to take some vehicles yet ? Anybody know about this major event on the 10th May. ? Regards Barry
  9. Anybody own or know of a large tank in the Bristol / South Wales area?. Needed for film / TV. This is NOT a freebie... Need something like a Chieften or similair.. Regards Barry
  10. This is a new event I live just a 1/4 mile away. Who's organising it? Barry Bren carrier
  11. The picture of the Sherman turning at the lights. Look how close/loose the track is on the off side. Is this correct? Love the pictures of the carrier. Barry carrier owner
  12. Jack and everybody involved THANK YOU What a fantastic day. Thank you Jack for all your hard work Thank you to the cookhouse. Thank you to all the outriders, you really have no idea what you guys mean to the drivers, and making the day. Hard job well done. Thank you to the Le Ward for pulling us out of the mud. Thank you to the video cameraman who managed to capture me getting it so wrong on the roundabout (Thank you to the Sherman driver behind for not hitting me) Ha ha !!! Thank you to all who took part. Barry and Bren gun carrier crew. P.S trying to make contact with some GI guys with a GMC ( I think) from Watford . Please PM me Barry
  13. Big thank you to all in the cookhouse for looking after us !! The Bren Gun Carrier crew.
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