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  1. Many thanks for all the responses to the question
  2. Trying to find detailed info on my LR Military engine fitted with Weber carb. Engine number 95107993A Year manufacture Compression ratio 3 or 5 bearing Many thanks
  3. My thanks to Mike, Chris and Singe for their expertise and to Richard a fount of knowledge on things armoured.
  4. Iain Very many thanks for comprehensive info. 73's Les
  5. Hi Chris B set antenna screw size is as you state 2BA best
  6. Hi Many thanks but I think the cable which armyradio are advertising is the normal power cable which fits the 321,353. The 322 cable although 2 pin is much more substantial with different keyways on plug. i.e. squaddy proof. Best
  7. Does anybody know if the AFV boiling vessel cable will fit the power socket on the Clansman 322 amplifier. The 322 frequently are sold without the power cable and the correct plug is virtually unobtainable. Many thanks
  8. Richard Nearly as good. Came with a ws 62 set no spares however. regards Les
  9. Robert Very many thanks. You are absolutely correct re the WS62 and the charger. Mine looks mint and complete but would appreciate a scan of the handbook if poss. Best regards Les
  10. Has any body got a copy of the user/technical manual for the Charging set lightweight 80 watts - ZB10632 which i could scan. Best regards Les
  11. Very many thanks to all members who replied to my post so quickly. It is very much appreciated. regards Les
  12. Tony/Lee Tel. number so I can contact best regards Les
  13. Can any member put me in touch urgently with the above organisation. Many thanks Les
  14. After all the promos for the programme - a big let down. No new evidence and Hammond however good is tainted with the "laddish antics" of Top Gear. The good news as previously mentioned on the forum was the BBC finding time for the subject in its schedules. Best wishes to all for 2008
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