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  1. Hair Bear

    Range Rover advice please

    All back together now, and yes the shaft only goes back together about 1 spline out of line. Thanks for the help. Rob.
  2. Hair Bear

    Range Rover advice please

    Hi Chaps, John, it's the shaft from the transfer box to the front axle with open joints. Fuzee, interesting link. I'm told there is a tiny weld somewhere to stop the splines being assembled out of line so failing that I'll take out the grease nipple and see if that solves it. Thanks all.
  3. Hair Bear

    Range Rover advice please

    Hi chaps, all was going well until I broke it. One of the front drive shaft ujs started rattling, so I hought the best thing was to drop the shaft off before it broke loose. Anyhow, it drove home ok but while removing the shaft on the side of the road the two halves slid apart. Daft thing is, I now can't get them back together so is there a trick to this? I'm sure I've got the yolkes paralell and the splines have engaged but it won't go more than about an inch. Any ideas please??
  4. Hair Bear

    Antar towing a rocket???

    Thanks all. I am in awe of the ability to find the exact picture from my iffy description! To me until now, an Honest John rocket launcher was a dinky toy of a US weapon. I wouldn't ever have guessed they were not only in the UK but stationed within a mile of home. Despite the fact this has wandered a little, I'm up for learning anything about rocketry and this thread certainly doesn't dissapoint. Rob.
  5. Hair Bear

    Antar towing a rocket???

    I was looking at a completely unrelated site (Caravan Talk) where someone had posted a pic of a lowloader with a rocket on it! 1950's/60's, black and white, showed a white rocket with RAF roundel on a long trailer with what appeared to be a steered rear bogie controlled by a chap in a sort of low slung cab on the left side. The photo was certainly taken in the UK but a rear 3/4 view so the tractor unit wasn't easily identified. The pic has now vanished but does anyone recognise the description?
  6. Hair Bear

    Antar towing a rocket???

    Thanks everyone, I'll pass on your pictures and vids, see if it jogs any memories. Much appreciated.
  7. Hair Bear

    Antar towing a rocket???

    Thanks for all the replies, interesting stuff and plenty to show her next time I visit. One other thing that might narrow the search was that she said it made a lot of noise, to the point that it was recognisable by sound as it approached. Reading your posts that it may have been a US chassis, this makes me think Detroit or similar perhaps?
  8. Hair Bear

    Antar towing a rocket???

    This may go on a bit so bear with me. Going through some old photos with my mum and she asked if I had any pictures of Antars. She lived not far from Aldershot and often spoke about seeing them. Anyway, after I found a couple she asked if I had any of an Antar towing the rocket? She said that apart from the Antars with tanks, there was a regular Antar seen in and around Crookham in the 1960's towing a huge rocket. It was kept in a barracks compound near Tweseldown racecourse, left Crookham in the morning heading towards Reading, (destination unknown) and returned in the evening. I have no reason to doubt her identification of the Antar, she worked in and around haulage and was always quick to point one out if she saw it, but the rocket configuration is a bit scratchy. She coudn't say if it was articulated or a ballast tractor/trailer, or the colour of it, but she said it was regular enough for the locals to just refer to it as The Rocket. It could have been a missile of some sort perhaps or even a large cylindrical fuel tank for something. But, what she said next made my head spin. "Did you know that the Antar wasn't ever designed to be a tank transporter? It was originally designed to transport that rocket!" I know this would have bee around the time of Black Arrow etc., could there be any connections to the British space program? Thanks.
  9. Hair Bear

    Spotted today....

    Truckfest Peterborough...
  10. Hair Bear

    1100x20 bar grip wheels/tyres for sale

    PM sent.
  11. Hair Bear

    1100x20 bar grip wheels/tyres for sale

    What I saw was a stack of wheels. Two looked fairly unused, the others had some wear but not worn out. I've no clue what the sidewalls were like. I'm told they are thought to be RL rims, I have no idea! These aren't mine but if you like I can forward your details to the owner and go from there?
  12. Hair Bear

    Range Rover advice please

    We're off and running! All it failed on was the SRS (reset), a sticky brake (cleaned), and the exhaust (Swiss cheese). All done now and on the road. Still lots to tinker with but enjoying using it. Thanks for the input.
  13. Happened across a pair of 7.50x20 bar grip tyres on Usrus tractor rims. They have seen better days but if you look closely they are marked 'MILITARY'. If anyone is interested I'll try and post some pics. They would need collecting from near Odiham, Hampshire.
  14. Happened across a stack of 4 1100x20 bar grip tyres on 'army green' spring lock rims. If anyone is interested I'll try and post some pics. They would need collecting from near Odiham, Hampshire.
  15. While you've got that 1174 on the hook, chuck it on a trailer and send it down to me! ;D