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  1. Interesting stuff, a farming background at home perhaps?
  2. Nice pic. It'd be interesting to know when that was taken. It's an MG2, the rear idlers suggest a circa 1938. It looks like it's seen some hard work as the MG2 rollers have been replaced with MG5 type. The plough it's pulling is almost certainly a Ransomes TS38. The brackets for mudguards are unusual but not unheard of.
  3. If it's not ex mil it could still be useful. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/323625896650?ul_noapp=true
  4. Back in 2000 the Europa Truck Trial came to Bordon, the only time they did a UK event. The Tatra 813s are impressive, but for me the good old Explorer running around pulling out the ones that got stuck still gets my vote!
  5. Mostly Plant, but does have a Bedford MK tanker, and an ex-Navy bowser trailer. online catalogue at Thimbleby and Shorland.
  6. Thanks, I'll let you know what happens.
  7. Tuesday morning, A303 heading west, a field gun and limber on an unusual 3 axle transit truck.
  8. Now, questions about wheel nuts! The nuts were originally 27mm, but corrosion has expanded the caps so some of the caps had to be removed. Now I'm looking to replace all of them and it's not as simple as I thought. A quick scan around the internet brings up 27mm and 19mm hex nuts both apparently suitable for a P38 on alloys, the 19's being about half the price. Then a query to a parts supplier tells me there is also 24mm, and two different stud sizes! I'm fairly sure I have the smaller studs, so has anyone else successfully used the 19mm nuts? Thoughts please!!!
  9. All back together now, and yes the shaft only goes back together about 1 spline out of line. Thanks for the help. Rob.
  10. Hi Chaps, John, it's the shaft from the transfer box to the front axle with open joints. Fuzee, interesting link. I'm told there is a tiny weld somewhere to stop the splines being assembled out of line so failing that I'll take out the grease nipple and see if that solves it. Thanks all.
  11. Hi chaps, all was going well until I broke it. One of the front drive shaft ujs started rattling, so I hought the best thing was to drop the shaft off before it broke loose. Anyhow, it drove home ok but while removing the shaft on the side of the road the two halves slid apart. Daft thing is, I now can't get them back together so is there a trick to this? I'm sure I've got the yolkes paralell and the splines have engaged but it won't go more than about an inch. Any ideas please??
  12. Thanks all. I am in awe of the ability to find the exact picture from my iffy description! To me until now, an Honest John rocket launcher was a dinky toy of a US weapon. I wouldn't ever have guessed they were not only in the UK but stationed within a mile of home. Despite the fact this has wandered a little, I'm up for learning anything about rocketry and this thread certainly doesn't dissapoint. Rob.
  13. I was looking at a completely unrelated site (Caravan Talk) where someone had posted a pic of a lowloader with a rocket on it! 1950's/60's, black and white, showed a white rocket with RAF roundel on a long trailer with what appeared to be a steered rear bogie controlled by a chap in a sort of low slung cab on the left side. The photo was certainly taken in the UK but a rear 3/4 view so the tractor unit wasn't easily identified. The pic has now vanished but does anyone recognise the description?
  14. Thanks everyone, I'll pass on your pictures and vids, see if it jogs any memories. Much appreciated.
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