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  1. Range Rover advice please

    Good one, thanks.
  2. Range Rover advice please

    Cheers! I know there's a fair chance that won't be the sole reason for the problem but at least when I get the faults cleared there's less risk of one door slam and be back where I started.
  3. Range Rover advice please

    Still haven't got the beastie home yet so I'm not making much progress, just picking off the easy to fix faults and buzzing around the farm getting in everyones way. I was moving it across the yard yesterday when the rev counter packed up. Didn't really have time to look at it but when I shut the door it started working again, obviously a loose wire somewhere. Anyway, later in the evening I slammed the door, the rev counter died and being dark I noticed all the dash lights went out as well, so thumped the dash and it all came back on. After a bit of rummaging I found a multi plug under the clocks which was the source of the issue and may have been a little loose. It felt like it clicked back in to place and seems to have solved the problem soo,,, the question is if this plug had been loose for a while would a momentary loss of connection to the dash lights including the SRS light have been enough to bring up the airbag fault? I've not had anyone out to read the codes and clear the faults as it will be easier to do when it's on the drive and not in copious amounts of 'mud', but I have since discovered that the SRS light was the only reason for it being laid up. When the MOT was due no one could be bothered to get it looked at! On a slightly different tack, do you HAVE to remove the manifold to get to the glowplugs, or is it just easier? Thanks.
  4. Range Rover advice please

    Ok, thanks. Not a disaster then!
  5. Range Rover advice please

    An idle thought, I tried putting a fuse in slot 11 and nothing obvious happened. So, can it do any damage if i put the fuse in slot 11 then get undeneath and try the connectors and actuator etc. to see if there is any sudden wirring noises or other hopeful goings on?
  6. Great War Death Penny

    Thimbleby and Shoreland Auction on 28/10/17. Lot 475 is what looks like a Great war death penny. I'm not connected to it in any way, just thought it might be of interest.
  7. Spotted today....

    These were spotted at auction today in Eversley. Two of the 20' flat racks in the first pic were marked 'SA3/Y' and 'SA4/Y'. The only ID I could find on the tank was 'Gloster-Faro'. The thought of having to use the pump on top of the tank was depressing.
  8. Range Rover advice please

    Thanks for the link, lots to think about while I wait for it's arrival. Managed to get the To Do list down to one page but that was partly by making the font smaller!
  9. Range Rover advice please

    Would that be the plug on the actuator? I like the idea of tail open, hazards on, does this need to be done at kwik-fit?
  10. Range Rover advice please

    Hi, had a spare few minutes today so stuck a fuse in slot 11. 'transfer neutral' came up on the dash but put it in gear and it still moved so it would appear the selector motor/mechanism is suspect.
  11. Range Rover advice please

    No problem, I won't be back to it before the weekend so no harm done.
  12. Range Rover advice please

    I'm glad you mentioned a jet wash. Are there any areas underneath that are best avoided? The nearest this one has come to offroading is occasional trips across grass fields or tackling the farm drive. I guess a quick test would be to put a fuse in 71, then if it doesn't drive the motor is working so the fault is the neutral switch - or is that too simple?
  13. Range Rover advice please

    That's interesting. Thanks for that.
  14. Range Rover advice please

    Well, here we are, a month later and I still haven't got it home yet! I am in the process of compiling a list of things that will want / need doing and associated possible costs. Ooerr. While waiting to get it home I have been running it around the fields and looking for problems and one that has me thinking is the 'Low Range' doesn't work. I'm told by the previous owner that it has never worked and the fault was the selector motor was probably stuck. When you press the low range button, it lights up, the dash shows 'engage neutral', then after a few seconds the switch light goes out. Having looked around the net, that would suggest the neutral switch is duff. I've tried holding the stick hard to left or right, or engaging reverse, which was suggested on one site but no luck. So before I change the switch, I'm thinking that bridging the wires on the switch would at least eliminate that symptom - so what would the dash say then if the motor was still stuck? If it all works ok is there a click, whirr, clunk, or fanfare? If transfer then sticks in neutral is there a manual way of selecting anything just to make it move? I'm not going to be looking at much underneath it at it's current location though as I'd rather wait and work on a paved surface than in several inches of, well, let's call it mud!
  15. Original Dambuster film

    That's interesting. I only caught the last 20 mins or so yesterday and when it came to the credits it ran through who the main actors were, and filmed at 'wherever' studio. That was it. No production crews or locations listed. Thanks for that.