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  1. I have the correct dexion(NOS), wherabouts are you?
  2. The Fettle Box, the website can be found, these are the best I have found for all my stoves.
  3. What a wonderful find, very envious!
  4. Slowly, and small corrections if possible, fairly easy as you can see it all happening. I had a bar on the forks which made it easier to push and see. But often reversed from the tow hitch. But then I am used to a lorry and 4 wheel drag.
  5. I had one, didn't know the empty weight but it wasn't the nicest thing to tow on the road, I always had it in front steer only on the road as you should but I recall it wasn't much fun. I sold it a year later! It was great on the fields though.
  6. Having had eleven Champs in different states of repair over the years I now find they are a bit expensive for me. I wish I had kept my best one as then mint ones were only 3 to 4K, however now its a different story as for all military vehicles. If only we had hindsight!
  7. Still haven't found any 'green' paint on it though!
  8. They have said the same for me for my 1934 Rudge!
  9. Find a real tractor engineer, not a posh Dealership, they will take it apart and order seals from 'Seal UK' I expect and it will be put back together, Easy job to do but measurement of the seals is crucial if the numbers cannot be read. My way of doing it anyway.
  10. snort


    https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/793029184533715/ Anyone seen this on Facebook marketplace, must be of interest, not many about. I don't know anything about the seller only it's in Stamford.
  11. Amazing, M20 are very nice. Yes, would have made a tidy sum today!
  12. Thanks for all your help, just to let you know I have managed to buy an Ariel WN/G 1945 which is the one I wanted. I liked the thought of an Ariel as they were liked by the troops. It needs a few jobs and should be ready for next season if all goes well!
  13. Yes, great day, I have done this run myself a few times.
  14. Yes, thanks for that, you would be correct and this is no good for me but thanks everyone.
  15. Snort is indeed a MVT member and has been for many years, however not on the Facebook page and I am waiting to be 'approved'. Until then I cannot see the bike but I thank you for the information and hopefully I will be able to see it soon as I am still looking ! Many thanks Steve
  16. I did look at this a couple of sales ago, quite smart and the bidding stopped I believe at £9000? (the landie)
  17. Hi All, I am still looking for a WW2 bike in any condition now, I seem to have picked a time to search when several people are looking, cash available. I have looked at Toms one and sadly it's not for me but an Ariel, Triumph or Royal Enfield would be nice. I would like to get something that's either complete that needs work or not. I didn't want postwar but there are certainly a lot more available in that era. Cheers.I will keep looking in all the normal websites.
  18. Thanks for that, looking into it.
  19. Thanks for that, there are several M20 about as you say, the G3L on Milweb sold over two weeks ago although the advert is still there, I was very keen but missed it.It may have to be an M20 but I was hankering after something different. It is my intention to buy a nice runner and also another project to tinker with as well, so I am looking in both camps.
  20. Hi, still looking for a nice WW2 British motorbike, cash available up to 8 grand, tried most of the known sites. Anyone know of anything? Many thanks.
  21. That's great news, well done to everyone.Good to hear in this day and age, people giving.
  22. Well done, I saw it being setup, anyone know just how much money it raised?
  23. I am sure someone on here was looking for one of these? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1943-WW2-Airborne-Everest-Load-Carrier-Airborne-BSA-Parabike-British-Army/283524402773?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  24. I have a new one in its cardboard box that I bought a few years ago for my Jeep , it has been tried, I would sell it but I am not sure of its worth.
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