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  1. Speak to fourfox on this forum. Very knowledgeable and experienced in manufacturing quality propane replicas
  2. terryb

    What BMC diesel engine is this?

    2.5 with the cast rocker cover. used in fx4 taxis, vans, tractors, canal boats, very loud engine, known for being gutless. From the pics it has some conversion brackets and fabricated bell housing adapter fitted. Boating fraternity would be interested...........
  3. terryb

    VIP toilets

    surely they must realise we're not all suckers-there was enough tumbleweed blowing over the empty expanses last year. just another ploy to prise more out of your wallet!
  4. terryb

    2 Russian Amphibious APCs

    Probably be about the same as the others, where £10000, instantly turns into £13200 at the fall of a hammer!
  5. terryb

    CVRT periscopes

    pm sent
  6. terryb

    CVRT smoke dischargers.

    pm sent
  7. terryb

    2 Russian Amphibious APCs

    was that hammer price plus premiums and VAT?
  8. holy sh#*-new wheels, softer shocks, and a V8-what a difference! I think ferrets just shot up in value............
  9. fit a lateral bike rack-like motot caravans have. A lot simpler . reversing a tracked vehicle with a wheeled trailer is immensely difficult, and the way a cvrt lifts up at the back under braking will definitely upset a bike trailer!
  10. terryb

    FV432 driving on street query

    crossing a tarmac path without turning should be ok, but......... not advised in this heat as tarmac will be too soft DO NOT turn, as it will lift the tarmac. with my council, it is illegal to cross a pathway to gain access, unless an authorised dropped kerb has been constructed (here they have to be concrete) oh, and you have to pay for it! There was an instance some years back, where a chap damaged a tarmac path by driving a 432 across it at 45 degrees-got sued for £6700 plus costs...........
  11. terryb

    cvrt clutch and direction lever

    idle speed screw is on the spindle of the carb by the firewall-follow the throttle link rod mixture screws are towards the front of the vehicle at the base of the carb-there are two
  12. terryb

    cvrt clutch and direction lever

    you'll notice that idle speed increases slightly when fwd/rev knob is halfway, as there's obviously less drag, as moving less mass around. If the clutch drum isnt driving anything, and as it rotates freely around a roller bearing that's attached to the driven part of the clutch, then eventually it will pick up speed. Your idle is too high-get the tickover smoother first-here's how; make sure in neutral, engine at operating temperature turn idle screw down to lowest possible speed' turn one of the mixture screws in or out to achieve the highest possible smooth idle (you may need to turn the idle speed down as you do this) now for the other mixture screw-again, turn the idle down to lowest idle speed possible, and repeat the above. when done, set idle to 500 rpm also; lubricate the fwd/rev linkage make sure gearbox oil level is correct. remove and make sure gearbox oil filter element is clean, and that the correct grade of oil is used. terry
  13. terryb

    CVRT break downs

    Only had 5 breakdowns in 30+ years of cvrt road use; toothed fan belt broke; slipped spare one which is always kept lockwired in place, on at side of road-1/2 hour and a spanner. road wheel shed its rubber-middle one so not crucial-other one on axle good, so carried on. brake pad friction material fell off metal back plate-fitted new one at side of road Diesel filter unscrewed itself-screw it back on lift pump stopped-gave it a clout!
  14. terryb

    wanted-CVRT Dash

    Dash for Sabre or scorpion wanted-cash waiting.
  15. terryb

    wanted-CVRT Dash

    thanks, but its missing one crucial part-the ignition switch!
  16. terryb

    2 Russian Amphibious APCs

    well this will upset the applecart!
  17. terryb

    2 Russian Amphibious APCs

    These have been out on a training area since the first Gulf conflict. Intrigued as to why they have gone to a disposal source other than Witham's??????
  18. terryb

    Discussion on the bling ferret

    I got critised in a military magazine for showing a Hagglund in a 3 colour camo scheme of my own choice-so what? it was stunning and photos appeared all over the web! A company called repaircraft had all white and all black scorpions-even the war and peace show commissioned a 432 and an Abbott in high gloss blue which looked amazing. Do your own thing and enjoy it! Terry
  19. terryb

    25cwt D shackles

    25cwt shackles, found amongst other WWII spares, so possibly wartime £10 each can post if required
  20. terryb

    CVRT Spares for sale

    new old stock. track, £17.50 per link (in ten link sections) new road wheels, £120. rear idler wheels, sold in a vehicle set, steel type £180, rare original rubber type (4 wheels) £225, torsion bar £45. Clutch drum with lining kit £200, Scorpion gunners sight, £325, armoured cowl for same £150, Axle arm with hub £85, new oil filter housing £65, Scorpion crew heater assembly £65, new Scorpion OTIS rear turet bin (slant back) £265, new Scorpion turret side bin £125, Scorpion turret seat back £65, Driver's night vision periscope £325, front 'D' shackles £25. Rarden cleaning kit in bag £35. SA80 gun mounts-sold as a kit £25 located Kent. Pics on request. can ship Terry 0774 8990096
  21. terryb

    CVRT Spares for sale

    pm sent Ron.
  22. terryb

    Gearbox oil K60 FV434

    don't forget to replace or wash out the gearbox oil filter......
  23. terryb

    cvrt road wheel shims

    I have torsion bars in stock if you need them Terry
  24. terryb

    CVRT Spares for sale

    pic of the turret side bin........