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    8 Cylinder Torpedo Engine - Restoration

    its so compact-slip on a bell housing, clutch and gearbox, that would make one awesome custom!
  2. terryb

    8 Cylinder Torpedo Engine - Restoration

    Brilliant-look forward to it-thanks ploughman.
  3. terryb

    Rare Marder 1a3 for Sale

    wow! $122500 profit! and I thought my estate agent was being greedy!
  4. terryb

    8 Cylinder Torpedo Engine - Restoration

    wow they had some really good toys then-how on earth was it all done without modern electronics-especially the planes!
  5. both have their pros and cons, personally I love CVRT's to drive but track supply is extremely difficult. Famously a cvrt was demonstrated doing a full throttle neutral turn at Bovington. It started turning with brand new track fitted. 24 minutes later the track pads were worn down to the steel ribs! brand new production 432 track pads are readily available to joe public at around a tenner each, held in by one nut and easily and quickly changed. although cvrt's can fetch north of £28000, a good 432 can still be found for under £20k
  6. terryb

    Generator help

    It may not be the AVR, as all they do is sense output voltage and vary excitation voltage to suit. Most AVRs are totally sealed against moisture and have a protection fuse. Could be the windings at fault. There is a simple quick test that will show if your AVR is duff and demonstrate what the alternator is capable of producing get a competent person to do this first so you know where the fault lies
  7. terryb

    Warthogs on sale!

    first of the Warthogs is now being offered by Brightwells-be interesting to see what it sells for!
  8. terryb

    Warthogs on sale!

    does anyone know why they were taken out of service? I have seen two in a scrapyard in remarkably complete condition
  9. terryb

    Panther found in Ukraine?

    highly unlikely to get out of the country without paying some 'fees' at the border!
  10. out walking this afternoon and found this in the woods. there is more in the denser undergrowth, maybe another vehicle?
  11. terryb

    Armour in Germany and the Law

    pretty much everything then towers I think refers to turrets
  12. terryb

    Armour in Germany and the Law

    service personnell and equipment is closely controlled and monitored and so much less likely to go awray, there is no control over privately owned vehicles, who as a tiny minority as easy targets. Either way, you can't predict or legislate against someone going nuts
  13. terryb

    Armour in Germany and the Law

    remember the german pensioner with a running and driving WWII Panther IV (oh that by the way is probably worth millions) well, now they can legally confiscate that, and anything else worth having. strange how on one hand they are doing this, but sold off german army Leopards, Marders, and Gepards at knock down prices to anyone????????
  14. terryb

    Armour in Germany and the Law

    they are, as the ad says, de-militarised to their current legislation. The armour has been cut and covered in thin sheet steel. with all the brexit smoke and mirrors, a lot of stuff is no longer newsworthy.
  15. terryb

    Armour in Germany and the Law

    the sooner we're out of the eu..................
  16. terryb

    British Army Robot Wars

    check out boston dynamics' Atlas. bear in mind this is an old 2018 robot video that was released officially into the public domain consider this company has almost unlimited US military funding, then think what they're not showing you. frightening?
  17. terryb

    British Army Robot Wars

    Terrier, which has been in service for some time, has, I believe full remote control capability.
  18. terryb

    abbottn drivers hatch covers

    Hi Ian, a good fabricator can make these in mild steel accurately, quickly and at a fraction of the cost of casting.
  19. terryb

    8 Cylinder Torpedo Engine - Restoration

    like car and bike boxer opposed cylinder engines, a 4 or 8 cylinder radial 2 stroke will give a huge amount of torque, as it will fire opposed cylinders simultaneously and being 8 cylinder will be an almost continuous power stroke!
  20. terryb

    8 Cylinder Torpedo Engine - Restoration

    amazing that this almost forgotten engine technology has been around for over a hundred years and never been developed. Think of the bhp potential from such a compact engine! Incredible to think something this advanced is built a a single use engine, made to last just a few seconds!
  21. genuine 1960 fully illustrated parts list for Humber I ton, and all variants including Pig, FFW, Guided Missile and many more, wiring diagrams, pull out A3 drawings, plus. In good condition. Full size weighty original book 310x225x50mm approx. £55 plus post
  22. case in point; 1985-bought my first tank, now what will it be? Sherman or cvrt scorpion. Both £10k both running. Went for the scorpion. Values now?....... Perhaps without the plentiful source of vehicles anymore at affordable prices (withams) we will see a drying up of the hobby with no new blood, no new stock, and only the financial elite cautiously displaying their investments. or is that already happening.....
  23. terryb

    Combat dealers is back :(

    trouble is, militaria will go the same way as the housing market-after years of tv programs showing 'look how I can make wads of cash toshing over this house' leaves us with the average youngster having no chance of a home. Tv exposure on how to make money from military artefacts will do the same-look at the hundreds of you tube videos showing eastern europeans desecrating battle graves for money. Next time you see a holed helmet for sale...........
  24. the Panther IV 'recovered' from the german pensioner?
  25. terryb

    whatever happened to.....

    nice to know the germans are still looting the elderly....