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  1. terryb

    Storage in Kent

    secure dry inside storage with light power and water available. PM if interested
  2. always amazed me on the news footage, the guys are on one side saying there's a tunnel on this side, but quite clearly seen on the opposite side are several concrete vent shafts that obviously served underground areas of some sort. I know where I'd be digging.....
  3. terryb

    cvrt track change

    when you get ten links of old track clear of the sprocket, take out he track pin and put it to one side. Easier to handle and stack than a whole roll of track!!
  4. terryb

    cvrt track change

    no. 1 remove front and rear mudflaps 2 release track tension completely 3 midway between front sprocket and first roadwheel remove trackpin (it helps if you fit the track clamp and flex the pin removal joint to app. 13 degrees-this allows the pin to be slid out) 4 join new track to old in front of vehicle 5 slowly and smoothly drive onto new track until new track has arrived over top of sprocket. 6 remove track pin and disconnect old track 7 fit chock between track horn and second road wheel (to prevent vehicle running off front of track) 8 drive very slowly forward to bring two track ends closer together and apply parking brake 9 fit track clamp and then remove chock 10 it is important that the two ends are married together precisely, with 13 degree angle between them to allow the hexangonal bushes to align. Applying too much force/incorrect angle will destroy bushes/pins essential tools to have are; track clamp, long drift, bush alignment tool, copper mallet good luck!
  5. 2002 to 2004 I think
  6. Top Gear/men and motors filmed at the war and peace show some years back and filmed one of these going over the off road course
  7. terryb


    Main Brake pads, £85 per set of four, Steering brake pads £55 per set of four .P&P £2.85. Will ship overseas.
  8. terryb

    The Sun newspaper - 22nd August 2018

    If history is brought to your attention, then people ask, and so the memory is perpetuated, if, on the other hand, it is hidden from sight for fear of offending somebody, then the memory fades and wil be forgotten. Yes, it is horrific, but its true, it did happen, and must be remembered and told so we all appreciate the world we live in now.
  9. terryb

    is this a prime mover

    jeez-getting up Martyrs Lane or the six cross roads is bad enough, New Haw location should be a squeeze!
  10. terryb

    is this a prime mover

    Is it coming off at the Chertsey exit?
  11. terryb


  12. terryb

    What sight is this?

    from the bore sighting label, and the graticule adjusters, the L4A1 is the chieftain gunner's night sight.
  13. terryb

    Fv721 fox

    Just to add, I asked my colleague who drove a fox this weekend to a show, who said his gauge was showing 185-190f.
  14. terryb

    Fv721 fox

    Jeff, If the rads have tested ok, then its one of 4 things; lack of coolant-fill header to brim and bleed air out with engine running at temperature. coolant flow insufficient-water pump/drive belt/coolant passage blockage Insufficient cooling air flow through rads-rads fins blocking air flow? fan moving enough air? all plates fitted ? headgasket failure- run on fast idle with header tank cap open and filled to brim-are bubbles/coolant coming out on hard acceleration?
  15. outstanding! almost every engine we brits put in an AFV was detuned-why? nice to see someone bucking the trend!