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  1. terryb

    cvrt endless track

    Some time ago, the MoD along with a private company were trialling 'plastic track' fitted to a spartan-does anyoneknow any further details, or what became of it? Terry
  2. terryb

    Diesel IN CVRT worth it or not

    MoD were forced into dieselising vehicles as part of the NATO common fuel policy. Petrols had an electronic rev limiter fitted, restricting the J60 to 4750 rpm (about 50 mph). Squaddie trick was to remove the fuse, and you could then get 60mph-maybe more........
  3. terryb

    Diesel IN CVRT worth it or not

    From my experience, the petrol is better. I have used both for driver training over several years, and the diesel has big disadvantages; heavier-the front end sits lower and requires raising on the torsion bars.limited rev & power band. not as fast.not as quick on acceleration. bad vibration that leads to engine mount failure, belt tensioner failure, and engine driveshaft failure. See my 'modified' diesel on you tube-tap in PKE646L terry
  4. terryb

    WANTED - CVR(W) Fox gearbox

    You might want to try Bannister's for a gearbox. Terry
  5. new old stock set of 6 £30 free postage and packing terry 0774 8990096
  6. £170. can post, or collect from kent. Terry 07748990096
  7. terryb

    CVRT Spares for sale

    new old stock. track, £17.50 per link (in ten link sections) new road wheels, £120. rear idler wheels, sold in a vehicle set, steel type £180, rare original rubber type (4 wheels) £225, torsion bar £45. Clutch drum with lining kit £200, Scorpion gunners sight, £325, armoured cowl for same £150, Axle arm with hub £85, new oil filter housing £65, Scorpion crew heater assembly £65, new Scorpion OTIS rear turet bin (slant back) £265, new Scorpion turret side bin £125, Scorpion turret seat back £65, Driver's night vision periscope £325, front 'D' shackles £25. Rarden cleaning kit in bag £35. SA80 gun mounts-sold as a kit £25 located Kent. Pics on request. can ship Terry 0774 8990096
  8. terryb


    large brass hull drain plugs £14.95, voltage regulators £170 free shipping to uk addresses
  9. terryb


    please do!
  10. terryb

    JAGUAR J60 CARB, cold start

    Hi John, cvrt's always wanted one pump of the throttle to start from cold-never needed to pull out the cold start lever-just make sure it idles ok when up to temp. Original cvrt install had the oil bath air filter so mixture was probably set lean to allow for the pull through the filter. best wishes Terry
  11. terryb


    brand new and wrapped ferret wiper motors £29.95. Post 2.85. PM with details-will ship same day.Terry
  12. terryb


    charge bins for sale. please pm if interested. Terry
  13. terryb

    fire extinguisher

    fire extinguisher, clean and unused, seal still in place £35
  14. Correct Scorpion CVRT carb £55
  15. complete 75mm inert armour piercing round in good condition with no damage £55