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  1. has anyone bought one of these or used them in civvy street? any good?
  2. Hi Bob, L3A1 is the british practice grenade, I think the screw in fuse/ handle top has slots either side of the flange that this would fit into. but I may be wrong!...... terry
  3. check out the cute Steyr-puch Haflinger or its bigger brother the Pinzgauer both have incredible off road capability. Pinzgauer is still in use with the MoD but quite recently some really nice condition late turbo diesels were auctioned off by withams at reasonable prices
  4. I found a boxed item with part no 9cvt 1015 99 821 4880-can anyone tell what vehicle this is for please?
  5. thank you-I never knew they used small tugs and trolleys! but it does make sense. National Trust now owns large areas at st margarets and its good to see gunsites Jane and Clem now being excavated and restored
  6. ok, no one else has rumbled this-lets see.....analy retentive council planning officers? three tubs of vaseline ? anyone know of a suitable ending........
  7. There were quite a few very large calibre gun installations at the st margarets, and bearing in mind the hilly terrain, how did they get such large calibre ammunition to the batteries, and how was it moved from the magazines to the guns? The gun sites are open to the public, but its a puzzle as to how they shifted 15" shells around?
  8. nice 432 just now advertised on milweb-asking 16500. Be quick if you're serious otherwise it will be gone (probably for a conversion).........
  9. a lot of maybes, plenty of scaremongering, and a whole load of new additional fees just waiting in the wings. lets just hope we impose those same new tarifs on traffic entering.
  10. Does anyone know what it sold for?
  11. its so compact-slip on a bell housing, clutch and gearbox, that would make one awesome custom!
  12. Hi Terry, do you still have the 432 for sale?

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    2. mac_xpert


      Thanks Terry, I'm interested to hear what other armour you have got that i might be able to buy - Can you let me know?

    3. terryb


      margate kent, and no,I'm retired! other interesting armour!

    4. terryb


      Hi Matthew,

      I have one of these if you are interested?


  13. Brilliant-look forward to it-thanks ploughman.
  14. wow! $122500 profit! and I thought my estate agent was being greedy!
  15. wow they had some really good toys then-how on earth was it all done without modern electronics-especially the planes!
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