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  1. just looking at the nearest firing ranges to me here in Kent on google earth, and amazed to see Lydd ranges has an extensive narrow gauge railway system!
  2. nice pics-thank you (the Carl Gustav round is in good considering its age-just missing the nose rod)
  3. CVRT Clutch drum

    for J60 petrol, boxed, good, £75. Can ship.
  4. 46MT3

    46mt3 prefix on a part number-does anyone know which vehicle it relates to? thanks Terry
  5. thanks-nice to see it again. Interesting to note the round weights to keep tension on the two drums
  6. Diesel CVRT Spares

    Diesel CVRT belt tensioner assembly, drive shaft between engine and gearbox, torsion bars, wheel hubs, axle arms.for sale
  7. CVRT Generator issue / belt / noise

    common problem Robin, two small bearings in the tensioner wheel fail, causing the tensioner wheel to run at an angle, and the belt is then 'led off' replaced mine with quality bearings and hasn't re-occured (yet...)
  8. Is the Bisley range railway still there?
  9. sad how the mod eradicates history so quickly. Stoney Castle field firing range was in use frequently, and even as a cadet we used to push trolleys up and down the line. The range was awash with ordnance, 2" 3" he mortars, energa and piat rounds, 3.5" bazooka, 40 & 60mm bofors flat nosed rounds, even found some blacker bombard rounds. I recall it was quite a haven for wildlife, but it seems to have cattle grazing now, with most of the shrub and trees gone.
  10. looking on google earth, you can still see the course of the two tracks on stoney castle field firing range-but the range looks abandoned now with the range wardens huts long gone weirdly-between ash and henley park ranges there are numerous light coloured 'squigles' in the ground visible-any idea what these are?
  11. for sale

    yes Phil, let me have your shipping address again, and I will box it up monday. Kind regards Terry
  12. FOR SALE

    brand new and boxed £9.95-includes postage and packing
  13. for sale

    CVRT diesel fuel filters, new, sealed, £12.95. CVRT indicator switch, new original bakelite self cancelling with brass lever £65. HAGGLUND bv206 door handles, £14.95. BRITISH AFV wiper motor, brand new, sealed £55. pm for pics if interested-will ship worldwide.