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  1. yes, 4 bolts and its off! technically it will not be legal to road register as it only has a single line braking system which is shared with the parking brake, but VOSA may not be aware of that.....................
  2. cracking little machines, with few issues. I had a few over the years. The ford V6 variant is the nicest to drive, light, responsive with a wide rev range, and cheap parts. Both diesels are obviously heavier, low down torque, but very limited rev range. Tracks are the problem-old tracks will crack, split, and shred, potentially locking the drive train on that corner. New tracks are very expensive, although there are chinese copies available and yes, you can drive them on a car licence!
  3. legally you do not need to pass your H test to drive a tracked vehicle on the road unaccompanied, if a qualified person cannot sit alongside you.
  4. 'bout time we had a new topic- W&P best bits! what's yours?
  5. with you on this one. why should I pay to take an exhibit to a show where they are charging people to look at the exhibits? bring back the glory days of war and peace! masses of armour, car crushing, crowds 20 deep all round the arena at 4.30 in the afternoon and a great atmosphere ahh! mental metal madness!
  6. bear in mind the only reason the MoD have released these for sale, is that they have removed 'high value' items that they are desperately short of. If the government can't source those bits for less than the value of a complete vehicle, it would be wise to make sure you can get them before bidding. there are probably many more cvrt's that have already gone for scrap!
  7. thats the gearbox oil filler oils is easy-everything is the same oil-15/40w brake fluid-ONLY USE A MINERAL OIL SUCH AS CITROEN LHM really any grease will do for the ram as its not lubricating
  8. Hi Ron, although called track stretch, its actually the rubber bushes that are getting old and compressing. Realistically I would only remove the one link and regularly look at the track pin nuts to make sure they still appear to be in the middle of the hole in the track where the rubber bushes fit. Collapsed rubber bushes can throw the track Little tip-adjust your mirrors so you can see the top of the track. If driving in a straight line you can see the top run of track swaying in and out, you have a problem! regards Terry
  9. charge bins £50 each, steering brake pads £50/4. parking brake bands £100, GUE air filters £50, cupola periscopes £45 each, whole front mudgaurd assemblies (vehicle set, metalwork and flaps etc) £150 set of 4 uk 6tn hawker gel batteries £200
  10. all vehicles released from MoD will have form 654. Send the original with your V55/5 and your certificate of insurance (make sure your wheelplan is shown as 'crawler') sadly some vehicles are now recognised as unsuitable for road registration, and will be rejected, but CVRT are ok. And that's it, all you need without your official 654 you may have problems-the 654 form proves it is officially released, and gives the DIS which DVLA use as date of first registration
  11. should be engine oil. Hypoid 90 is way too thick and will struggle to pass through the fine filter used on this gearbox
  12. Hawker gel UK6TN batteries for sale £50 each
  13. storage available in secure large building. full road 24hr access. light power and water included.space available now
  14. Looking at the underside, the 2 brass pins cannot have external thread on them as that is a bearing surface, so it looks like they are pressed in from either side, with the internal thread for extraction. the oil jets in the crankcase are obviously aimed at that oversized bearing surface!
  15. theres a wealth of knowledge and experience on here. When buying take someone with you who knows the market and knows what to look for on an abbott. Parts are scarce and becoming very expensive, so another set of eyes can save you a lot of money! Abbott should just be in width, but cannot be legally road registered anymore as they do not comply with construction and use regulations since they do not have a secondary braking system (one of the reasons the 432 fleet was 'life extended')
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