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  1. witham sold off quite a few complete very good condition cupolas from the scimitar 2 build program-think they sold for around the £200 mark
  2. British army practice was to fit a second toothed belt in position but tied back out the way. Always thought it a bit odd until one day gunning down a very busy single track lane miles from home, the belt failed! lorry driver in the qeue behind lent me an adjustable, lift the lid, slack off the alternator belt and loosen the fan, slide on the spare belt-done that was a godsend, and saved a heck of a lot of grief! terry
  3. isn't there one for sale by withams? same one?
  4. Should be able to remove oil filter and seal through the oval plate underneath as the nut on top of the oil filter housing has a cage fitted over it to prevent it from turning If you have some railway sleepers to drive onto these squarely as additional clearance underneath helps
  5. highly unlikey its an internal gearbox fault-more likely to be the bell crank under the nearside radiator trunnion is fouling. where the forward and reverse selector shaft comes out the top of the gearbox disconnect it from the linkage now push or pull the rod as the engine is being started to see if it will fully travel all the way in and all the way out what oil are you putting in the transmission Ron?
  6. Petrol engined bulkheads have fibreglass based insulation. Honestly, cutting holes is uneccessary, removing the top deck is not required, but it is easier to lift off the two engine grills. setting carb procedure 1. set both mixture screws 1 1/4 turns open from closed (these are on the front base of the carb facing forward) and are protruding slotted brass screws that will turn with very little resistance 2.locate the idle speed screw-this is hard to find-its on the side of the carb nearest the firewall. If you get someone to work the throttle and look at the back of the carb next to the firewall you will see a hexagonal screw head with a slot in onthe moving linkage' find it now before... 3,warm the engine and turn the idle speed screw to get the lowest smooth idle 4now, one at a time, adjust one mixture screw in or out to get the highest tickover speed. You may need to wind down the idle speed a few times 5. once you have done both mixture screws, and have a smooth low idle, set tickover to 650 rpm done!
  7. seconded-I let a, shall we say, slightly above average girth gentleman wiggle into a scorpion, and ended up removing the top armour plate to extract him. Spartan/sultan have much easier ingress/egress!
  8. I find it amazing that we as a country are so keen to 'flog on' our history to make a few quid. What once was accessible to most for free, is now 'pay to view'
  9. Panhard VCR for sale/trade. 6x6 with retractable centre road wheels. 360 degree missile turret, rear machine gun turret, Panhard PRv6 engine. very good condition. Offers.
  10. I'm afraid what used to be the going rate has gone out the window. With surplus stocks now being sold to the new CVRT fleet owners, and MoD abiding by the current waft of waste disposal regulations basically means we won't be seeing much at all. If you see it-buy it. word of warning though-old road wheels can shed their rubber quicker than a Boris Brexit u-turn!
  11. With you on that one. Local shows have a good vibe, usually you can drive your vehicle there, great interest from an appreciative public, and best bit? the organiser comes round and says the magic words 'thank you'
  12. yes, 4 bolts and its off! technically it will not be legal to road register as it only has a single line braking system which is shared with the parking brake, but VOSA may not be aware of that.....................
  13. cracking little machines, with few issues. I had a few over the years. The ford V6 variant is the nicest to drive, light, responsive with a wide rev range, and cheap parts. Both diesels are obviously heavier, low down torque, but very limited rev range. Tracks are the problem-old tracks will crack, split, and shred, potentially locking the drive train on that corner. New tracks are very expensive, although there are chinese copies available and yes, you can drive them on a car licence!
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