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  1. charge bins £50 each, steering brake pads £50/4. parking brake bands £100, GUE air filters £50, cupola periscopes £45 each, whole front mudgaurd assemblies (vehicle set, metalwork and flaps etc) £150 set of 4 uk 6tn hawker gel batteries £200
  2. all vehicles released from MoD will have form 654. Send the original with your V55/5 and your certificate of insurance (make sure your wheelplan is shown as 'crawler') sadly some vehicles are now recognised as unsuitable for road registration, and will be rejected, but CVRT are ok. And that's it, all you need without your official 654 you may have problems-the 654 form proves it is officially released, and gives the DIS which DVLA use as date of first registration
  3. should be engine oil. Hypoid 90 is way too thick and will struggle to pass through the fine filter used on this gearbox
  4. Hawker gel UK6TN batteries for sale £50 each
  5. storage available in secure large building. full road 24hr access. light power and water included.space available now
  6. Looking at the underside, the 2 brass pins cannot have external thread on them as that is a bearing surface, so it looks like they are pressed in from either side, with the internal thread for extraction. the oil jets in the crankcase are obviously aimed at that oversized bearing surface!
  7. theres a wealth of knowledge and experience on here. When buying take someone with you who knows the market and knows what to look for on an abbott. Parts are scarce and becoming very expensive, so another set of eyes can save you a lot of money! Abbott should just be in width, but cannot be legally road registered anymore as they do not comply with construction and use regulations since they do not have a secondary braking system (one of the reasons the 432 fleet was 'life extended')
  8. the big end bearing is sheer genius-that is definitely thinking outside the box! On the crakcase to barrel surface, is that an oil jet orifice? and why the 2 offset slots in the piston?
  9. super heavy duty waterproof proper ex army tarpaulin for sale. Very heavy-min. 2 man lift. in very good condition, no damage, no rips or tears, all eyelets undamaged etc. Ideal for vehicle(s) coverage, roofing etc. Pickup only-east kent £95
  10. it looks like two four cylinder engine combined back to back. As the exhaust ports in the cylinder open into the crankcase-is the exhaust vented out through a hollow driveshaft?
  11. has anyone bought one of these or used them in civvy street? any good?
  12. Hi Bob, L3A1 is the british practice grenade, I think the screw in fuse/ handle top has slots either side of the flange that this would fit into. but I may be wrong!...... terry
  13. check out the cute Steyr-puch Haflinger or its bigger brother the Pinzgauer both have incredible off road capability. Pinzgauer is still in use with the MoD but quite recently some really nice condition late turbo diesels were auctioned off by withams at reasonable prices
  14. I found a boxed item with part no 9cvt 1015 99 821 4880-can anyone tell what vehicle this is for please?
  15. thank you-I never knew they used small tugs and trolleys! but it does make sense. National Trust now owns large areas at st margarets and its good to see gunsites Jane and Clem now being excavated and restored
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