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  1. The 3 warning lights are for engine overheat, low oil pressure, and charge alternator failure
  2. yes, the ones in tonight's auction-just wondered as some are fetching very strong interest
  3. hi, looking for a nice 432-anyone know of one that may be available? thanks, Terry
  4. The Deltic was way ahead of its time, and a modern day redesign smaller capacity deltic would make a truly stunning ultra compact power plant with fantastic hp/litre figures with emissions bought up to date by current electronic injection systems long live the 2 stroke!
  5. I think we all know how this story is going to end..............
  6. does anyone know who has the spartan fitted with the plastic track? please pm me thank you terry
  7. keep it simple. eggshell matt, being a rough porous finish, will deteriorate quicker, marks easily and is incredibly difficult to clean
  8. YES(ish)-abbotts were extensively used at BATUS and were painted sand and green to suit the large open prairies. Should be lots of pics out there.
  9. I have some left hand and right hand torsion bars if anyone is interested.
  10. Had a pipe fracture on an Abbott here. Local diesel injection shop made a brand new one. Old one fractured as one of the anti-vibration clamps that fit on the pipes between pump and injector had come loose allowing the pipe to oscillate and fail!
  11. the hole is meant to be there! it is a witness hole and serves two purposes; lets you know when the two oil seals between the pump part and the motor part have failed (diesel will seep out of the hole) stops leaking diesel filling the electric motor which has the potential to start a fire as mentioned on here, stopping a small problem with a bodge may well lead to something much worse.......
  12. witham sold off quite a few complete very good condition cupolas from the scimitar 2 build program-think they sold for around the £200 mark
  13. British army practice was to fit a second toothed belt in position but tied back out the way. Always thought it a bit odd until one day gunning down a very busy single track lane miles from home, the belt failed! lorry driver in the qeue behind lent me an adjustable, lift the lid, slack off the alternator belt and loosen the fan, slide on the spare belt-done that was a godsend, and saved a heck of a lot of grief! terry
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