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  1. Royal Enfield ......Rare find

    Been there..done that.. good luck ..
  2. Royal Enfield ......Rare find

    Glad to see your back on your feet Ron !!
  3. Anyone got the contact details for Tony Lawrence,the Invicta dating officer please?...my computer will not seem to work with their new website to link through to his email ?? Many Thanks.
  4. Royal Enfield ......Rare find

    EASY...! you will give Ron a fit of the vapours !!!!
  5. Bedford MWD restoration

    Lookin good Jez ...some video please of the start up ....
  6. Royal Enfield ......Rare find

    Well..you learn something new every day! Good to see you are hopefully on the mend Ron!
  7. Bedford MWC restoration

    Looking good...
  8. Bedford MWD restoration

    Good choice....of wine!
  9. Bedford mw ox oy petrol taps for sale

    Txt Sent . Thanks Andy
  10. Bedford mw ox oy petrol taps for sale

    I will have it please. Thanks Andy
  11. Bedford MWD restoration

    Thanks Jez....what tolerances where yours please?
  12. Bedford MWD restoration

    Jez..what was the need for/ result of using plasti gauge please?