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  1. andy1960

    Something a bit different

    Looking good Ron ..as always!It's coming on nicely.... ( Did you ride out to Crossways this morning ..or not?)👍
  2. andy1960

    Something a bit different

    Nice pic..Etreham next year ? A
  3. andy1960

    Something a bit different

    Don't hang about do you Ron..looking good as always ..keep up the restoration blog...it great to see your progress.( Say to Tim when you see him).👍
  4. andy1960

    Morris commercial C4

    Keep up the good work!...Good to see you at Netley 👍.
  5. andy1960

    Bedford MWD restoration

    Jez .. you need to put some sort of cab and proper windscreen on ..Something like this should keep the rain out !!! 🤣
  6. andy1960

    Bedford MWC restoration

    FANTASTC WORK ..! Just wondered how did you fold form the bottom edge and curve please?
  7. Some help with the following would be gratefully received in filling out the paperwork for first registration of a 1944 vehicle..! It is and always has been a UK vehicle ..do I fill in UK in the box for country of purchase....do I still need a NOVA number..? When completing the V355/5 form it asks about when to start road tax. Do I have to have it taxed straight away as I will not be using it on the road for a while? Do I have to have an MOT ? Any help appreciated.
  8. andy1960

    Bedford MWD restoration

    Hi Jez ...Great work as always..looking good. Just a point re saggy canvas .I am no expert but thought I read somewhere the canvas should be made over size to allow for 5%(?) shrinkage.??? May be get it wet before final tweaking ?
  9. andy1960

    Royal Enfield ......Rare find

    Hi.... great job looks even better in the flesh! Thanks for the hospitality yesterday.!
  10. andy1960

    Royal Enfield ......Rare find

    ...or Ron Pier built it!!
  11. andy1960

    Royal Enfield ......Rare find

    You make is look and sound sooo easy Ron !!
  12. andy1960

    Bedford MWC restoration

    Looking good......you could always get a job as a carpenter !!...Just wondered where you got the new door hinge pins/fittings from please ?
  13. andy1960

    Bedford MWD restoration

    Jez..fantastic! Nice to see video if you can sort it !!
  14. andy1960

    Royal Enfield ......Rare find

    Bringing bike parts into the kitchen again Ron....Jan will go mad! Right now I am just" low baking" a freshly painted Velo oil tank in the oven myself.... Nice looking job as ever....
  15. andy1960

    Bedford MWC restoration

    I need window frames (and an other pal) and others as well I am sure! I have original front hoops to copy..again is it worth us getting together to have a batch made and save some money ?