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  1. Bedford MWC restoration

    Thanks for the info on brakelines.Engine work looks good!...who did this for you please? Andy B
  2. Bedford MWC restoration

    Hi ..looking good..are all the brake fittings new ..pipes and ferrules? If so where did you buy these from please?
  3. Morris Tilly late model

    Amazing work....thanks for sharing it with us!
  4. Morris commercial C4

    Looking good.....nice to see you at Netley.
  5. Morris Quad - Mk-2 early

    Fantastic project...keep up the ( slow ) progress ! You make me feel less guilty about the lack of progress on my Bedford. :blush:
  6. Morris Tilly late model

    What type of wood are you using for the frame /floor please?
  7. Bedford MWC restoration

    What colour code powder coat did you use please?
  8. Bedford MW Chassis Number Photos

    Have you tried "Bedford MW 15cwt truck." Facebook group ? Especially John Ripingham and Landrover Nick .
  9. "Hunting" engine

    1948 Triumph Roadster..."Bergerac" triumph with dickie seat in the back !
  10. bedford ql distributor

    Hi once again...Sorry ..I was not being sarcastic ..just genuinely trying to point in the right direction....The Distributor Doctor may be able to convert your dizzy to correct speck ..also correct carbs and dizzies turn up on Ebay quite often...if it looks the same or was fitted to a more upmarket vehicle itdoes not necessarily follow that it will work! If you want to improve performance its often best to try and start withe the motor " as per the book " to get it running correctly to give you base line for any modifications ...anyways.. Good luck with it!
  11. Hi ...not directly miliitary but looking to the groups expertise....can anyone remind me why a 4 stroke petrol engine would "hunt" ( rev up and die down of its own accord) when ticking over. Fuel problem ? Electrical/distributor ?Any suggestions welcomed.Thanks Andy
  12. British Army Willys Jeep circa June 1944

    Do you know about the Facebook group for British Jeeps ???? follow this link...https://www.facebook.com/groups/424561644379118/?ref=bookmarks. Regards AndyB :goodidea:
  13. bedford ql distributor

    Sorry...Not trying to p#ss on your bonfire but.....you have the wrong carb and the wrong distributor so its unlikely the engine will run as it should......
  14. Morris Tilly late model

    Thanks for taking the trouble to reply.....Andy B:thanx:
  15. 1940 re wdc

    Hi Jez ...good larf at Netley today !:laugh::laugh::laugh: