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  1. For sale 900 x 16 MOD remould tyre

    OK thanks ..needed two!
  2. For sale 900 x 16 MOD remould tyre

    So is it one or two you have for sale please ? What vehicle did you plan to fit these to? ..
  3. Bedford MWD restoration

    Where you able to reuse any of the old one and how did you get it out ...... or was it b@@ered up getting it out?
  4. Bedford MWD restoration

    Thanks Jez...did you not have someone up here in the Midlands?
  5. Bedford MWD restoration

    Looking good Jez.....who did the boring and skim please?
  6. Royal Enfield ......Rare find

    Ron's blushing now....! Oh no ...its the wiskey!
  7. Royal Enfield ......Rare find

    Ron..just wondered how you got the bare frame so clean..it looks very" glossy"?
  8. MK3 Covenanter restoration

    Many Thanks
  9. MK3 Covenanter restoration

    Whats the Facebook page called please Rick ? Happy New Year by the way .
  10. Royal Enfield ......Rare find

    Hi Ron..when you say "red oxide" is that the real deal...... or a modern equivalent.Which make do you use please?
  11. Royal Enfield ......Rare find

    Its so the customer knows its been dispatched and the suppliers can blame the royal mail for the delay!
  12. Royal Enfield ......Rare find

    Nice work as usual Ron....Noticed this earlier pic ...is side stand same as Norton 16H ..never seen this before on an RE ?
  13. matador restoration.

    Could the "arrow" be an Anchor?
  14. Anyone want to buy a tank or tank spares?

    Eddy8men....have tanks....... will travel!