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  1. yes had a quick look but nothing with a can am , I think they had a RMP marking on the front mud guard , as the bike only served with one unit it would be great to get the markings right, also the mileage shows just 1500 miles , so trying to fined out if the RMP used the bikes that much, I was with the RCT and we were always out and about with the bikes. regards Tony
  2. Hi yes had a look at this but unable to see anything from the early 1980s regards Tony
  3. Hi all just bought a can am 250 . The bike was only issued to one unit which was 101 Pro coy RMP , base in JHQ Rhine D. It was with the unit from 1979 till disposal in 1985. Looking for any info on unit markings and equipment that might have been fitted to a RMP bike. Regards Tony
  4. HI all can anybody tell me the meaning of TXN on British military vehicle history cards. regards Tony
  5. No sorry wasn't asking you but thank you for responses, hope your enjoy your can am great bike. thank you regards tony
  6. When you send all of your paper work to DVLA (release paper to get the correct year reg) do they keep this on record ? regards Tony
  7. Hi all Do Can am 250 military MC history records still exists and how easy is it to obtain the mil reg from just a frame number ? Regards Tony
  8. Looking forward to seeing the Buffalo. RB all sorted and the champ is ready on the trailer. Should see you early Thursday evening all being well.
  9. No problems Dan please to help
  10. When he called today the operator told him that they would get to him back within 2 working days to see if they can locate the paperwork, anyone had this before ? Regards Tony
  11. yes the horse has bolted no t a lot we can do about that.
  12. Hi All a friend has sent his application for a v5 two weeks ago , he called today and was told the there is no record of his application. Has anybody had this problem. The main problem he has now is that he did not copy his paperwork the important one being the release papers. I have just had my Rb paperwork back in seven days so it's not the work load at the DVLA . Any ideas Regards Tony
  13. bye the way are you doing Smallwood this year ? Regards Tony
  14. HI Chris called the DVLA today to see if I could send in my insurance mid process and was total again that I did not need to send it as it is not required . The operator ask wot paper work I Had sent and said all was in order , the only reason that my application would be sent back is if I Had not filled in the paperwork correctly !!! Regards Tony
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