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  1. Armored plate must be welded using a stainless steel wire.
  2. It is a showstopper! I managed to find an original clip for it and I have a dozen rounds left! These are mostly, I believe, chinese blank rounds converted to live rounds with a CNC turned bullet made of solid brass. I have yet to fire the rifle in semi-auto mode with the clip. We only fired it with single rounds loaded manually up to now... The cost of the ammunition makes firing a full 5 round clip a thing to do only on special occasions! If I invest in a reloading setup for the 13mm t-gewehr, I may get the dies for the 14.5mm and have bullets made for it also... I'm beginning to find .50 bmg rifles and ammunion not that expensive after all!!
  3. I find all the tall tales about the T-Gewehr almost murderous recoil hard to believe!... It is very heavy and even without a muzzle brake, the recoil must have been manageable... I have fired a 14.5mm PTRS and the recoil was milder than most of my rifles! Of course, the PTRS is semi-automatic and has a large muzzle brake but the bullet is much heavier with a higher velocity... I have not fired a .50 from the shoulder but there are plenty of rifles in the 20 pounds weight range in that caliber and the recoil is not breaking shoulder or causing nose bleeds. BTW, I have a Ferret Mk2 here... I'll try to look up the hull number if you need it for your list. It is missing the data plate but there is a number stamped inside the hull and the military number is still visible under the paint I believe... It is an ex-British one judging by the color scheme.
  4. The T-Gewehr bolt is much larger than a regular Mauser 98. It is over a foot long and has four locking lugs: two at the front like a 98 bolt and two at the rear. If you ever see a giant bolt that look like twice the size of a Gew98 bolt, it probably is a Tankgewehr bolt! I'm located in Canada. Ironically, most ranges will not allow such a big caliber due to government restrictions BUT these rifles can be fired on any suitable private land and Crown land... It is registered as a hunting rifle basically here... Soon it will not even be registered at all when our long gun registry is scrapped!
  5. I am currently restoring a German WW1 Mauser TankAbwehrGewehr 13mm rifle and I need a complete bolt assembly for it as well as a rear sight (same rear sight as the one on the Mg 08/15 but with a different range scale engraved on the slide... I know many bolts were brougth back as souvenirs as the rifle itself is too big to fit in the average pack! I don't care if the bolt is damaged, rusty or deactivated... If anyone knows where such a bolt could be hiding, I'd be gratefull! I intend to bring my rifle back to life and take it to the range one day! F-L
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