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  1. Looking for a pair of military series 2 front wings in good condition, also any 24v kit for a 1963 vehicle. Would consider a complete spares vehicle if there is anything about.
  2. Welcome to come and measure/ get pictures of our seat frame/ locker if needed. John
  3. Hi I would be very interested in them to go behind my Pioneer. Do you have the dimensions so I can look into transport options? Thanks John
  4. What oil should be used in a Scammell pioneer gearbox? The manual says 50HD, but what does that translate to in a modern grade? Thanks
  5. Would you have a picture?
  6. Looking for a tow hook for a Scamell Pioneer. The same hook was used on Explorers, Matadors and similar. South Coast preferred.
  7. I hope to be ready to start painting my pioneer shortly. What shade green would it have been when it was in service? Would it have been matt or satin, and can anyone recommend a paint supplier? Thanks
  8. Looking for a Stalwart, Mk2 preferred, must be road registered and have swim kit, although I don't mind work. South of England preferred.
  9. I thought they were Pioneer wings, but the parts were sold before the vehicles, and so I was not sure if I would need them! Thanks, may well want to come an have a look at some point, although unlikely to be for a few weeks.
  10. Yes i bought the one from the Keeley sale, should arrive home in the next few days so can get a better of what is needed. I am based in Southampton, but sure i will need to look a few once i start work on it.
  11. Looking for the following parts/ advice for my new Scammell Pioneer project: Front tow hook Front winch fair lead Front wings/mudguards (does anyone make new ones?) Windscreen metal chanel 4x tyres cover for the electrical box on the passenger side bulkhead Drawings for the track storage shelf under drivers side cab drawings/ cutting list for rear body/ woodwork period recovery equipment. Thanks
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