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  1. 9x9 tent canvasses

    What sort of state are they in please?
  2. We've got a captured one at the Norfolk Tank Museum. You are very welcome to come and see it. http://www.norfolktankmuseum.co.uk
  3. Clansman 351 on the 10m Band

    Another very good point, I only buy old radio kit from dealers who stand by their stuff or mates who have shown me that the kit is working. While i am sure that there is gold to be found if you are prepared to take the risk with 'sold untested', it's a gamble i don't have the money for :-)
  4. Clansman 351 on the 10m Band

    Thanks, I've pinged them an email, see what happens. The VMARS is very interesting as well, thanks for the pointer.
  5. Clansman 351 on the 10m Band

    Hi Iain, I'll try PTS, Steve has the unmodified radios but no time to do the mod, life gets in the way for all of us! Thanks for the pointer, i'll let you know how i get on.
  6. Does anyone know of anyone who is selling 351 sets modified to work on the 10m band? I know Steve Slack was doing them but is out of stock of the radios. I'm not savvy enough to do the soldering required. I just need the radio itself, all the other bits I have. TIA Guy
  7. WOLF SOFT TOP TILT FOR SALE @ £275 ono: Genuine issue, bought for a project but no longer required, a mint (as in taken out of the bag but not even fully unfolded mint!) PVC type soft top for a 110 WOLF in fashionable NATO green. This is for the tilt only, no hood sticks roll bars etc are included. Part number is believed to be RRC8710. Collection only from Norwich, Norfolk.
  8. Mg 42

    It's post war German and an MG42/59, made by Steyer to re-arm the new Bundeswehr. It's correctly marked, it's almost identical to the wartime one but with the differences that you mention. They were only in use for a short time before being replaced by the MG1. They also have a slightly slower rate of fire.
  9. Merlin unit unknown?

    Please can anyone tell me what this abbreviation means, It's on the merlin report for a Scorpion 02FD58 that went to the Balkans on Op Resolute and 1 RFF. I think RRF is Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, no clue what RFF is. 9507A is the UIN. Thanks in advance, Guy
  10. Yes, both days. the timetable specifics are deliberately left until the Friday to ensure that the vehicles that are in it actually run. It seems to work. They were both running and driving yesterday and the Fox, Saladin and Sabre have been out today. Please bear in mind that the ground is dry and armour throws up a lot of dust. if there are military vehicles that you want to bring and use on our course, you are welcome to do so.
  11. I'll be going, there will be both Cents, Saladin, Fox, Sabre, maybe a Ferret, loads of Land Rovers and a bunch of other stuff. The format will remain the same as before. Weather promises to be in the high 20's, the ground is very dusty, please consider eye protection if you are planning on using our off road course. See you Friday.
  12. They were and are cracking bits of kit only let down by crappy off shore bought ammunition. With 2Z they were great!
  13. Apart from the gold and silver plated ones Tacky but fully functional!
  14. the image is from a Sterling catalogue/Brochure as the BFA is black rather than yellow. The Blanks were German, they came in the standard cardboard box with a white label and a blue stripe. The gun itself maybe one of the old stock of casings that Sterling bought back from the MOD at Donnington which were made for the Indians(?) and the contract was cancelled. They were all crinkle finish which is why you will see newer, crinkle finish stocks on British issue guns. Who knows? Hope this is of interest
  15. Here you go. I'm sure I saw them in the late '80's on exercise (painted bright yellow) but it was a long time ago and my memory is nothing like it was. :-(