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  1. Hi can anyone help me the low air buzzer is sounding intermittently but have full air tanks and full brake fluid reservoirs has anyone else had similar problems . Cheers paulie pops
  2. It was the tracta seal thanks for confirming what I thought ..
  3. I have a leaking front hub seal I have a new seal and washer someone told me you cut the seal and put it on saving having to strip the hub is this true or am I looking at a full wheel off hub strip down cheers paulie pops
  4. Firstly I have to say that it was new to everyone so there were bound to be some teething troubles. I was hoping that this being a fresh start they would uphold the rules but it seems more vehicle movements. I would want my money back if I had come on Sunday to see vehicles you would have seen more on the M20 as by 230 most vehicles had gone as for marshals what marshals...
  5. I had the same problem I brought a Bedford without the release papers , you need the the person who brought it originally to get the mod dsa to send you confirmation of release and age of vehicle
  6. Good to see the new location i was disappointed to see the state of the fields we are supposed to camp in a bit agrigcultural some have still got stubble in if it rains its going to be worse than lasts year show ,its early days so hope they get it sorted before the show..
  7. Hi R i have a workshop body on a Bedford MJ bed have a look at the photos i have just put in my album if they arnt very clear then let me know and i will take some close up shots, cheers paulie pops
  8. hi my name is Paul i have had an interest in military vehicles for a long time and have been a regular visitor to war and peace since about 2000 .I met my partner Angie who had friends who owned a ferret ,we camped with them at war and peace for a couple of years i had never thought i could afford a military vehicle ,then me and Angie gave up smoking and put the money we saved in a bank account at last years war and peace we brought a Bedford mj with a Ptarmigan radio Repair body which i am in the middle of turning into a living space for shows .Well thats me hope to get to know some of you soon ...
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