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  1. Is there more info on your thread and how can I follow it. Chris
  2. Hi. Just found your site. The large copper harness is at the bottom of the alternator on my 109 ffr, does it have to be at the top as per your photo ?. Or does it make any differance ?. Regards. Chris.
  3. Hi all. I now have my 1984 109 on the road. However, despite overhauling the Zenith 361V Carb with a new kit and sanding the surfaces I can not get it to run smoothly. It appears to be getting too much fuel. It hesitates for a few seconds when I accelerate and also backfires. Could the Carb be knackered. If so, should I replace with a Weber or stick with the Zenith. Regards. Chris.
  4. Hi Clive. I am thrilled to report that the 109 started first turn and is running like a clock. However she will still need some fine tuning, Carb and Timing. I cant thank you enough and would like to reward you personally in some way or contribute something to the HMVA. Please let me know. Can I set the Ignition Timing in the usual way with a 12v Strope light. There are still a few issues with the Electrics to sort out, but I am going to leave them for the moment and get the rest of the Brakes,Clutch and Bodywork,etc completed next. I hope you wont mind if I come back to annoy you again then. Again I cant thank you enough for all your help. Very best regards. Chris.
  5. I am getting 24v at the Points. The rest is a bit confusing for an amator like my self, however I will give it a try tonight. I removed the base plate for the Points and Condensor and noticed that the brown insulation underneath is cracked right accross. Could this cause a problem. Regards. Chris.
  6. Again many thanks. I will try that tonight and let you know later.
  7. Hi All. I seem to have got my Forums crossed somehow. please forgive me. Just getting used to them. I carried out the tests suggested and I have 24v at the screeded cable coming out of the Filter Unit. This does not change when I open or close the points. Sorry if I have confused the issue using both forums. Regards. Chris.
  8. Hi All. I checked the white wire in the Filter Unit and got 25 volts. I also have 25v at the 2nd Fuse and all other fuses as well.I also have voltage at the Ignition Switch and the 6 way switch. I have Oil Pressure Light. The water temp and oil temp guages are working. The wipers or the heater motor dont work. I have no ignition light and no spark at the plugs. All lights and indicators are working. There is, what looks like a large fuse with GES (I think) stamped on it, in the Shunt Box. Should I get contunity accross this. Appreciate your assistance so far. Regards. Chris.
  9. It is not a Light Weight. I would appreciate a Diagram for referance. I will try the other suggestions tomorrow. Many thanks for all the replies.
  10. Thanks for your suggestions. Will test for spark tomorrow. Temp guage and Oil Light not working even if I short the wire to the body.
  11. Hi All. I have completely restored a 1984 109 FFR 24 volt. However I have a few problems. The engine was running fine when I started the job. The engine will now turn over no problem but it will not start. I have no Ignition Light, Wipers or Heater Fan. All the lights inc Indicators are working fine. I would appreciate any help. Regards. Chris.
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