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  1. Andy, Don't know if you're aware, HGVs are three months, not six
  2. I thought now might be a nice time to share some of the parts I have acquired since 2015. I was hoping to find a photo of it, so far unsuccessfully, but a very nice find at Beaulieu Autojumble (I think it was 2018) was what looks like an original bulkhead sidelight bracket. Just one, not a pair, but I was over the moon. £15 if memory serves - result!
  3. Evening, I have a gap in my Frituur Zorro book collection, I missed volume 3, and as a result my OCD is going mad 😃 Anyone have a copy they would sell?
  4. G506


    Hi Bosun! Totally agree with that. I'm stuck in a hotel currently, its forums like this that help some degree of sanity
  5. Hiya Gordon, nice to hear from you. Thankfully, the minibar isn't stocked in my room, otherwise that could get expensive!
  6. She's coming along! Great work as always, gents
  7. Well firstly, I hope you're all staying safe, and aren't climbing the walls what with social distancing, etc. I find myself stuck in a hotel for work, not sure when I am going to leave, and thought it might be a good moment to update this thread (five years since my last post!). The update is - there's no major news! The hunt for an engine and gearbox continues, no leads so far, but I did manage to track down a gentleman who owned an engine, unfortunately 30 years ago! I desperately hope that engine still exists, and is laying forgotten at the back of a workshop somewhere. I suspect when the time comes I will have to put a non-standard engine in. My chassis should at least come out of storage this year and into its new home in the garage, and I think I have sufficient parts to at least make a good start on it sometime soon. Stay safe in these worrying times, and don't forget that self isolation doesn't have to be in the house, it could be in the workshop! 😀
  8. G506

    Kit Kat

    I've heard that Kit kat multi-packs may use foil still, worth a try.
  9. Seeing the Jaguar Mark 10 on the list (a car I've always loved) reminded me, around 10 to 15 years ago a LHD black example for restoration was for sale in the Kent area, likely was a staff car. Never heard mention of it again, I do hope it found a good home. I know Mk10s are a bugger to restore and that fact alone may have cut the number of potential owners down considerably..........
  10. Really sad news. I only met Degsy once, what a great guy. Rest in peace sir
  11. Mine arrived this week, absolutely spot on 👍 Thanks Jan and Ron
  12. Mine ordered and heading to me soon 👍. Thanks to Jan for the work getting these made, and to Ron for helping to get this project underway.
  13. Hi Ron, if Jan is up for making a run, two for me please 😊
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