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  1. G506

    WW1 finds and discoveries

    https://www.prewarcar.com/282029-white-camion-a-chaines Just seen this on prewarcar.com 😊
  2. G506

    GMC 6x6 some questions

    Happy New year all! Reference cab ID, I can't help thinking this looks very Australian to me, the cab is very International /ACCO in appearance. https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=HA3HQ804&id=24E757EDA1D57F5A6C5A9E3BF85DDB59E2675739&thid=OIP.HA3HQ80413tZAAlHy4vS6AHaFe&mediaurl=http%3a%2f%2ffc09.deviantart.net%2ffs71%2fi%2f2011%2f134%2fc%2f5%2facco_troop_truck_4x4_by_redtailfox-d3gd7bw.jpg&exph=758&expw=1024&q=international+australian+army&simid=608036757681539124&selectedIndex=42&ajaxhist=0
  3. Looking for a Willys/composite tub to go on a '44 chassis, in the UK. Light repair work ok. Anyone have anything suitable?
  4. On the look out for used but serviceable WW2 jeep style canvas hood/top and seat cushions (bases and backs). Doesnt need to be perfect, a bit dog eared is ok in fact. Anyone have anything suitable to sell? Thanks
  5. Hello all, sorry, bit late replying. I would tend to agree, 15cwt Napier. And there's a corking photo of one of page 92 of Tim's book, with another (in shadow) on page 93. I was hoping to find it in one of my Napier books, but no luck so far.
  6. G506


    Yes, Paul Farber (who I think runs one of the CCKW forums?)
  7. Guys, over the weekend I was able to buy an original H700 ignition barrel for my Chevy, but it is missing the outer threaded collar to retain it. Does anyone have a collar spare they would sell me? Condition not too important (within reason), and a modern repro collar would do.
  8. G506

    GMC CCKW hardcab door locks

    Paul, this is a problem I've come across on my 42 Chevy truck. I believe that early war (1940 to 41) military Chevs and CCKWs had lockable doors, but those handles and locks are now rare and horribly expensive. I found a pair of post war British truck handles and locks that are very similar indeed and have fitted those, so far so good. Another consideration is that early on in the war they only fitted one externally lockable handle, the other door was locked from inside (this harked back to the civvy delivery trucks of the thirties). If you can track down this mechanism (which I'm afraid can be tricky to find too) that means you then only have one external lock to sort. As a footnote, I believe (happy to be corrected on this) all lockable doors (and ignition keys) on US vehicles had been done away with by the end of 1942.
  9. G506

    Should I save this Land Rover?

    I don't really follow what you mean, Tony
  10. G506

    Should I save this Land Rover?

    I'm biased as I have an early 109'' 2A military, but yes save it, that is of course if you have undercover storage/space spare to keep it. You can sit on it while you look for some of the other missing specific 2a military parts. I'm guessing the chassis is shot? Be aware, getting a mil 2a back to original spec and keeping it there is harder and more expensive than many realise. But, I say save it :-)
  11. G506

    1908 Dennis Truck

    Good job Ben! Didnt happen to have a spare Napier engine laying forgotten under a bench as well did he? LOL!
  12. G506

    New Australian Member

    Hi Noel, welcome. Excellent to have another WW1 vehicle fan on board! As per Tim's comment, I cant wait to see some pictures!
  13. G506

    A&e 2016

    The convoy looked great as you turned right out of the Tank Museum! Hope you all have a good day tomorrow
  14. G506

    Bl***y fool

    Loving it! :-D
  15. Tamber, if the machine shop cant help with the bore out and sleeve job, speak to Past Parts (in Norfolk I think, but cant remember), this is one of their specialities