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  1. Oh I do like the truck, I've had a quick look at the website Very interesting indeed I've always liked the idea of a military Ham radio station might consider it again
  2. Apologies for the lack of information I'm new to exact Reproduction of actual unit uniforms prior to this it was just Trucks and bd no markings at all, I'm a retired reservist at home In what used to be an artillery unit so hence my interest in artillery And XXX corps intrigued me as a cp ack guess I would have been Hq assigned.
  3. Thanks for all the help lads, it's going to be a repo Uniform so not to worried as long as the markings Look the part
  4. Hi, I'm considering reproducing a 30th corps Royal Artillery uniform so i'm looking for any advice picture etc. I'm basing it on the 37 pattern bd uniform and aiming for a look the would represent the D Day unit or units. the attached image I hope is correct its only a mock up Joe Dempsey
  5. Dave, any chance you can stick the pics up cheers joe d
  6. the one in lake Garda was it red and white by any chance
  7. Nigel thanks for that joe d
  8. Pathfinder helmet had its first outing today looks great, but have to finish off the rest of my M42 jump suit pathfinder style joe d
  9. Hi all My girlfriends dad has one and is in the middle of restoring it at the moment, any help with parts dealers in the uk or on the net. cheers joe dempsey
  10. no worries dave ill remind if i remember haha
  11. Dave any chance you can put some details up a friend has just bought one, any idea where we might get all the tool box's etc Joe D
  12. Clive well the 351/352 manpack, 349 battery charger and dccu 14v which will give me a lead to charge the 351/352 battery as well also considering the 353 as i seen the on their own working for €100 on ebay, but will have to run it off to leisure batteries in the back of the landrover joe d
  13. Hi clive thanks for the help would you be able to shed some light on where i might get some details on FV18032 pictures etc clansman install maybe Joe Dempsey
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