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  1. Generator

    Thanks for the reply, as I am restoring a Morris wireless lorry and looking to have a battery charging display. I already have a chore horse generator that I intend to use on bord of the radio box but a extra generator in use with the switch bord shold be a nice thing next to the wireless Morris and my collection of authentic battery boxes. Always interested if you have a complete generator are parts to get my generator working. For sure the remaining engine was used to power something different but the drive copling came with it.
  2. Generator

    This charging bord came with the remains of the generator , if there are some bits around to complete the generator I am always interested .
  3. Generator

    Hello, looking for some information . Found the remains of a Britsh WW2 generator but the generator part is missing . Hlooking to complete and repair it as a working unit.
  4. Floor crossmember section ready and in paint . Now I will have a look for some floor boards and can make a start on the front and rear wall construction of the wireless box.
  5. Getting there with the floor crossmembers , made the base for the front and rear panel . Now it will be a bit more strait forward as I have a useable template for all the side panels .
  6. Started with the construction of the radio box floor . Assembled the remains of the bad box to use as a template . A loot of measuring and matching as there is really noting match left and not been a carpenter by trade don't improve the situation.
  7. Bedford QLT restoration 82RB41

    Still have a Bedford combination clock (Amp and oil pressure) spare.
  8. Found a copula from a Bedford QL and modified this one a bit that it fits on to the cabin frame work, had to search for some information what the hip ring looked like and how this was fitted on the top frame work. The hip ring is a fairly standard part and used on match British vehicles late war. Now I can have al these bits sandblasted and painted. The screened ignition is also ready , this is a mix off Land Rover screened ignition bits and original bits.Have also 2 spare spark plugs into its holder on the bulkhead . The air filter elbow is back in to it's place and now the filter need some paint.
  9. Collected my serviced Autovac unit at Beaulieu auto jumble, painted it,and all the plumbing dome.
  10. Trailer ready for it first trip to Wings and Wheels meeting here in Belgium, mounted a hinged panel on the back with modern lighting and the number plate that is easy to get rid of on a meeting . So now we can start again on the Morris Commercial C4. :-D
  11. The repaired and painted mudguards are back in place , I am happy that it was still possible to reclaim the original mudguards.
  12. Just some extra work on the trailer , rear hatch in to paint and the census numbers painted on the rear and the sides . Made the missing handbrake rods, on this type of trailer you only had a parking brake. Now the repair off the mudguards and some easy removable lighting on the back and we are ready .
  13. Bedford QLR

    hello , some of my canvas for my QL came from Brian Middleton. surely it's him go made the cupola cover, radiator funnel and radiator muff. his mail , Bmm035@btinternet.com
  14. Hello , I have a Morris Commercial C8 steering box and a dynamo for sale . The Dynamo is not complete but can be rebuild are used for spare parts. Can take these bits with me to W&P . Guy