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  1. guy66

    switchboard to generator lead wanted

    Yes the generator is running , just some issues with fuel line and petrol tap.
  2. hello I am looking for a connecting cable for my Petter 1250W generator and the switchbord . The picture of the lead is from a friend , so not mine but that's the type I am looking for, The extra pictures of my generator and switchboard that I need to connect with this cable to have a working battery charging unit .
  3. guy66

    Help, Bedford OY servo problems

    Indeed, as Richard explains the setting are crucial . Not all the instruction manuels have the same settings , for my Ql I used the settings out of a original workshop manual. Good luck . Guy Labbe
  4. guy66

    Thornycroft Big Ben

    The dealer is D. van Dam and the engine is in there Herkenbosch warehouse , they have a website but the engine is not on it, www.dvandam.nl I have now links with this dealer . Guy
  5. guy66

    Thornycroft Big Ben

    There was a Tornycroft engine still in the crate at a military vehicle dealer in Holland,
  6. guy66

    Rear Lights

    Still can use a tail lamp for my Morris C4 project.
  7. guy66

    Radar Truck ?

    The engine is probably Morris commercial unit .
  8. Hello, I have the remains of the axillary on board generator mounting base on loan out of a Morris W/T box. It looks like the base frame is fitted on the wireless body floor ( very rusty) and connected to to top frame with the same type of rubber mounts used on wireless set 19 base frames. I really think that there is need for extra sliding part where the generator is fitted on and this part can then be blocked with the clamps on the frame ? Took some pictures with a chore horse generator just temporarily fitted over this frame with the top clamps fitted on to the generator frame work. Can somebody help on this problem , is there a extra mounting base in existence for a chore horse are is there a different axillary generator on board ? To my knowledge all the bigger generators to a chore horse need the extra switch panel to make it a working battery charger so I doubt that there is a bigger generator on board . The measurement on the top base are 16 1/2" wide by 21" long.
  9. Yes you are right Maurice, I have one Canadian wheel on the Morris but will keep this one as spare wheel. Just need to order a new tyre for my extra British rim that I have.
  10. That's really strange that these were so difficult to fit on the rim, I have the same on my Morris C4 and had now problem to fit them on the rims . Yes I used a lot of soap and some pressure to have them right on the rims . No shaving of the tyre was needed , and the rims are the standard 16" ones.
  11. guy66

    Light Warning Truck

    That's what we need for the back set up for are early warning Morris. Never thought that there was a complete early warning around !
  12. guy66

    1939 Morris Commercial CDF

    hello . I was wondering if these side lights where a original fitment on the CDF models. It's just that I have a new light like that and didn't know where it was used, for sure it's a great Morris you have there !
  13. some extra pictures, also looking to construct the roof section for the moment.
  14. the side and the rear section are ready to receive some new plate work, just made de wheel arches for both sides of the box . Looking to construct the upper section of the front wall , just need some more information and measurements for the front windscreen.
  15. Never seen a picture off a set up like that, on the very few information I have about the equipment in the radio box most are with a set 19 with are without HP unit. For this other project I am still looking what a early warning (radar) looks like in the inside of the box? Guy