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  1. Come on people I don't need a new one worn is fine. Don't want to go to cost a fortune!
  2. Has anyone got a battle dress blouse size 45 approx at the back of the cupboard? Need one for a couple of events coming up. Does need to be in new condition.
  3. The rear springs on my Bedford MW need re-springing. Does anyone know a firm preferably locally that do this? I live in Tenterden Kent.
  4. I have a HURLOCK cooker for sale. See attached couple of pictures. Anyone interested pm me with an offer. I can bring it up to W and P if required.
  5. Looked that up your correct. Well done that man. Now what to do with it?
  6. Can anyone identify this pressure cooker. I believe it is a military but it has no makers name on it at all. It is 4 1/2 inches diameter 10 1/2 inches high.
  7. If you are sure?I will alter the description.
  8. I have a Daimler dingo carburettor for sale. Needs a rebuild but is all there apart from the set screws for the accelerator pump. But these can easily be replaced. Was going to put it on eBay but thought I would offer it for sale on the forum first. Have not set a price open to offers. see attached pictures
  9. I have a Bedford MW and have decided to get a suitable British trailer for it. Does anyone have such a trailer any condition considered.
  10. Does anyone have a hub tool for a Bedford mw spare? Need one for my vehicle.
  11. I have a Bedford mw. The oil warning light keeps falsely coming on. The switch is us. Doesn't anyone know the part number or is there a modern alternative that will fit?
  12. Is there a modern alternative slave cylinder. Or any ideas who can overhaul the originals?
  13. Need to replace the front wheel slave cylinder on my Bedford mw . Does anyone know the part number.
  14. A friend is taking his Bedford MJ to Normandy for d day etc any suggestions re recovery insurance in case it brakes down?
  15. The next thing the discount for booking early will disappear for 2020. Straight £50 ?
  16. I have a friend who doesn't have the Internet. He wants a replacement top cover and front canvas cover for his Bedford MJ.
  17. MartinN


    Hate to say it but I was watching 'wheeler dealers' and he talked about replacing the water coolant with another non water based coolant that performed so much better. Anyone used this stuff if so what is it. Going to put it in my Bedford mw.
  18. A friend has a Bedford MJ dated 1986 cargo truck. Ex military. Which is coming to Normandy next year. What OGEL does he need if anything.
  19. Has anyone got an engine hoist/crane they no longer need? Engine needs to come out of one of my vehicles. I live in Tenterden, Kent.
  20. Does anyone have a Daimler dingo mirror and bracket going spare. I have the bottom half of the bracket only. Or know where I can get a mirror etc.
  21. I have a Bedford mw. Does anyone have a spare wheel lying about. I live in Tenterden Kent .
  22. The problem I am having is the spark plugs oil up. It was suggested a modern plug which burned hotter would at least in part solve the problem. Does not have to be a screened plug. When I take it on a long journey no problem. It's the short journeys which seem to cause the trouble.
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