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  1. I'm guessing you didn't look at page one of this thread before you posted these, otherwise you'd have seen that these have already been posted. In fact I'd hazard a guess that you got them from this thread originally, as the last image is not part of the Airborne configs, but comes from a wartime pamp on standard WS 19 installs, ..... and you uploaded them in the same order you apparently saved them in. 😉
  2. That would make sense Richard, I thought it must be some sort of jib because I thought I could see an A Frame type deal behind it...zooming it on IWM gives a different perspective.
  3. Anyone know the proper nomenclature fot the wee Jib/Crane, on the right, holding the old Engine in this IWM photo? Any info on it at all, manuals, drawings etc. REME fitters prepare to install a new engine into a Sherman tank at 8th Armoured Brigade workshops, 9 August 1944. © IWM (B 8892)
  4. Superb looking WSC, I especially like the Aerial mount brackets!
  5. Hi Adrian, thanks for the feedback, we've got the RA insignia on the Passenger side but Packhow and I of differing opinions on the Divisional markings on the Drivers side. It's an oblique angle so difficult to see, Packhow thinks in 43rd Wessex but I'm more inclined to think Canadian 4th Armoured Division. Care to Hazard a guess?
  6. The more I look at this the more convinced I am that this is 4th Canadian Armoured Division mate.\ it might be worth checking in Canadian archives to see if they have a doc on Cannuck mods to the WSC.
  7. Thanks again Adrian, that's brilliant info, nice to know that it comes with the later versions of the M5A1 as well. Just need to find some drawings for it now.
  8. Thanks for that Adrian, it's beginning to make more sense now. At first I thought it was built over the drivers hatch as an Armoured hood but I see it's just a screen in front. Found a bit of footage of 6th Guards Armoured Brigade in the bocage, with a couple of Stuart VI. http://www.iwm.org.uk/embed/?id=1060019767
  9. So, as far as I know only the Guards Armoured Division fielded the Stuart VI in NWE? Would every Stuart VI have had this feature, or only some of them?
  10. Thanks for the reply Adrian, can always rely on you mate. As it happens I was just looking at some footage of the Berlin parade at the end of the war and spotted another.
  11. Just stumbled on this on the IWM and was trying to ascertain what type of Stuart it is. Now I'm no expert but it looks to me to be an M5A1, raised deck at the back, the Armoured thingy on the side of the Turret for the .30 Cal. etc. Can anyone confirm that it is an M5A1 and also if it was usual to have an armoured Glass visor on the M5A1? I don't think I've seen this combination before, but as I say I'm no expert. Direct link if you want to zoom the photo is here: https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205203359 © IWM (BU 5302) A Stuart tank of the Royal Scots Greys, 4th Armoured Brigade in Wismar, 4 May 1945
  12. Just about everything was used in NI, from SLR's to Armalites and right up to the 50 Cal, and that's just the Army. RUC had their own kit, S&W and Rugers and the players, well they had a lot of strange kit too! It all depends on time frame!
  13. Hi Tim, I've got what I need re the Battery boxes just want to see the actual cells that went inside the boxes. Are you aware of any web sites that show these? Pete
  14. Hi Spencer54, thanks for those images and the info, I had seen these configurations before and I think I have a copy of War Illustrated from 1944/45 that has an article a two page, centre spread, drawing of a White in this configuration. I am fast coming to the conclusion that removal of the Roller was commonplace on British configurations whilst still being retained in some roles, quite what they were is still a mystery though! Tim, thanks for the answers mate. I've got a good understanding of the Battery box but would love to see a couple photos of an original battery. Do you have any, or can you link me to one on the net...I've been searching but haven't yet turned up a good photo of a battery...although admittedly I'm not 100% certain of what I'm looking for so I may already have seen it 😉 Pete
  15. Found the dims for the WS 19 wooden battery box over on the WS 19 web site. But would like to know, Tim, what you think about removal of forward stowage locker and replacement with the No.18 Battery mount?
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