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  1. Just about everything was used in NI, from SLR's to Armalites and right up to the 50 Cal, and that's just the Army. RUC had their own kit, S&W and Rugers and the players, well they had a lot of strange kit too! It all depends on time frame!
  2. Hi Tim, I've got what I need re the Battery boxes just want to see the actual cells that went inside the boxes. Are you aware of any web sites that show these? Pete
  3. Hi Spencer54, thanks for those images and the info, I had seen these configurations before and I think I have a copy of War Illustrated from 1944/45 that has an article a two page, centre spread, drawing of a White in this configuration. I am fast coming to the conclusion that removal of the Roller was commonplace on British configurations whilst still being retained in some roles, quite what they were is still a mystery though! Tim, thanks for the answers mate. I've got a good understanding of the Battery box but would love to see a couple photos of an original battery. Do you have any, or can you link me to one on the net...I've been searching but haven't yet turned up a good photo of a battery...although admittedly I'm not 100% certain of what I'm looking for so I may already have seen it 😉 Pete
  4. Found the dims for the WS 19 wooden battery box over on the WS 19 web site. But would like to know, Tim, what you think about removal of forward stowage locker and replacement with the No.18 Battery mount?
  5. Tim, Did you ever track down the dims for the Battery Carrier. Secy Port No. 18 for the WSC? Or better pics/drawings of it? I presume that they removed the entire stowage locker, between driver and passenger seat, and replaced it with this carrier, or did the carrier fit inside the stowage box? Can you provide dims for the two wooden battey boxes that were used, these were the 6v x 170 Ah, right? Also, do you have any dims for Mounting Brackets No.2 and No. 3 for the Aerial Bases?
  6. Re Pip Roberts' WSC, there's a nice bit of film of him in his WSC on the IWM website. It shows enough of the WSC to see that it seems to sport the standard British mods as shown in the photos above. Waiting to hear back from the Library at Bovington to see if they have any info on his WSC, or WSC's in general. That said, on Facebook I've found a PDF copy of an article by David Fletcher, which appeared in the MVPA publication, 'Supply Line', dated November 2014. Article is mostly concerned with the WSC in British use and, surprisingly, it doesn't contain the photos posted earlier in this thread which seem to show the standard British layout; and Fletcher himself seems a bit vague on what constitute the standard British layout which probably means he was unsure because none of this info is held at Bovi Library. C'est le vie! Pip Roberts video at IWM is below, I taken a few stills from this. and they've proved useful https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/1060019769
  7. Tim, thanks for those photos mate, absolutely cracking and have a answered a few questions about these Combat rims! I've been searching on IWM on search strings "White" AND "Scout Car" and have been specifically targeting the film/video clips they have on line. It's amazing what is coming up in these old clips and nearly all the Whites I'm seeing, in NW Europe, 44-45, have the same mods as Z 4955336 above! I'm pretty happy that I've tracked down the mods for the WSC in NW Europe and I think I've found the full census number for Pip Roberts WSC as well (which, if anyone is curious, may well be Z 4955321). I'd love to know what his wireless setup was and if it was the same as the one of the standard WS 19 ones as listed in that pamphlet shown above. Incidentally, Rob Van Meel does a reprint of that pamphlet. Pete
  8. Hi Tim, could you post a pic of your spare wheel, front and rear of hub area? Pete
  9. Tim, it looks to me like this is just a couple of pieces of angle-iron, held together with cross members and bolted to the back of the WSC. The two upper cross members are obviously designed so as to not foul access to the two rows of footman loops on the back end. Those appear to be two wooden blocks, bolted to the bottom angle iron, to act as wheel rests. It doesn't look like a very complicated thing to make and anyone with welding gear could knock this up just by eyeballing it from these photos.
  10. OK, so after a abit of hunting around I have turned up the following images which seem to show the standard British conversions for the White Scout Car. From what I can see in the two photos below... 1.) removal of passenger side headlight and fitting of standard British side light. On Driver's side replacement of US headlight for Hooded British light and British side light. 2.) Removal of unditching Roller 3.) Fitting of Wing Mirrors; and something else I can't quite make out, on the passenger side, just in front of the Wing mirror. 4.) Also top of the cage, protecting head lights, cut away. 5.) This WSC has retained the Skate rail although we do know that it was removed in some others, notably Pip Robert's WSC which we started this thread with. Mods so far seem to accord wit configuration of Robert's WSC. 6.) There does not appear to be any US tools fitted so wonder if indeed they did come with the tools, or if it was intended to replace them with Standard GS Tools? 7.) Bridge Classification plate fitted to passenger side bumperette 8.) The WSC appears to be painted SCC 2 Brown, with a camo pattern overpaint SCC 14 Blue/Black Disruptive 9.) The tilt also looks as though it's been re-painted / re-coloured. 10.) On the rear of the WSC the Bumper has been removed 11.) Rear lights re-configured. Drivers side moved all the way to bottom of plate but Passengers side possibly left in situ or side moved up above where Bumper would have been. Differnt style of mountings for both lights 12.) On drivers rear side there is padlocked cage for mounting what appears to be 3 x Flimseys and I think this was later modified to take Jerrycans. 13.) On the passengers side a mounting, made from basic angle iron, for a spare wheel. The Third photo show a WSC of the Czech Brigade entering Prague on May 5th, 1945. I believe these chaps may have been equipped by the British for, at the very least, the mods to their WSC's are very similar. Fourth photo is a zoom in on the spare wheel rack on photo 3. Would like to know what folks think? Pete
  11. Packhow75, would you be interested in this... https://www.portrayalpress.com/product-p/bsd-m3a1sc.htm or this one... https://www.portrayalpress.com/product-p/ord 789-g67.htm
  12. Have also just turned-up this drawing, not sure where it came from though. (have just discovered where this drawing is from and new image added below).
  13. Thanks for those pics, some of them I've seen already but a few I have not, so all very useful. Thanks for taking the time to post them. I've found some images of an Airborne Configuration for the WSC which I shall attach here, as a means of keeping all this info together for others, alongside another photo of a British WSC in Normandy... I think my next port of call will be Bovington to see what info they have on Pip Roberts WSC.
  14. According to the link provided by Matchfuzee this isn't a type a of Zimmerit paste on these Cromwells but 'Rubber Strips', I'd like to know the provenance of that assertion because those stills would seem to indicate a paste rather than 'rubber strips', although I concede I may be seeing what I want to see. When I first saw this footage I wondered if this Recce unit had over-run a German Maintenance unit and grabbed whatever stores of Zimmerit paste that were laying to hand. I think I'd like to see the war diaries for 2nd Northants to see if there's any reference to this.
  15. First Still, not sure which Cromwell but from 2 trp Second Still shows Achilles Third Still Shows Agamemnon Last two stills show Galahad
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