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  1. I'm not so sure there was ever an official paint colour with the nomenclature of KG3, there was a KG3 Blanco but not a paint colour of that name. At the outbreak of WWII most equipment was painted in one of the standards of Bronze Green (yes there was more than one variant of Bronze Green). However, with the onset of U Boat activity there was soe difficulty in obtaining certain pigmets for making paint and fro about 1940 onwards everything is standardised in SCC2 Brown, ALL new equipment manufactured after Dunkirk is painted SCC 2 Brown. This continued until early 1944 when "ACI 533. Camouflage. - War Equipment, etc. - Change in Basic Colour" stipulated: "I. Olive drab will be adopted as the basic camouflage colour for all army equipment, in lieu of Standard Camouflage Colour No. 2 (brown), and certain new equipments painted Olive Drab will shortly be received by units 2. An exception will be ade in the case of bridging equipments of British manufacture caontaining the word "Bailey" which will continue to be painted in Standard Camouflage Colour No. 2 to distinguish them from American made Bailey Bridges 3. This change will not authorize units,whose equipments, vehicles. etc. are alaready apinted Standard Camouflage Colour No. 2 (as the basic colour) to draw supplies of Olive Drab for re-painting until re-painting is due and necessary, and all stocks of Standard Camouflage Colour No.2, in unit or R.A.O.C. charge have been exhausted. 4. An A.C.I. detailing the catalogue and specification references for paint in Olive Drab will be issued in due course. " I believe this last referenced ACI was in fact 1100/44, although I don't have a copy of it to hand right now! It is also my understanding that priot to Dunkirk most, if not all, BEF helmets were painted Apple Green, which again is not anything near the colour of KG3 Blanco! Below is a rare, wartime colour photo of the Bailey Bridge across the River PO in Italy. You will see from this photo (and if like me you need visual assistance follow the link to the IWM website and use the tools there to zoom in on the pic) that the Bailey Bridge is indeed painted SCC 2 (brown). Compare this to the paint colouring of the helmet above! As for Oxidizing paint turning brown colour....well I leave that to your own sense of what's probable and what is not! BRITISH EIGHTH ARMY TROOPS CROSSING THE RIVER PO, BEYOND FERRARA, ITALY, 28 APRIL 1945. © IWM (TR 2852) IWM Non Commercial License
  2. Cold War Orbat - 6th Armoured Division

    Thanks for the input, useful stuff indeed. As far as I can tell, during WWII, 41 ( as related to 6th Armoured Division, was either 5th or 8th Fd Sqn RE (still trying to figure out which). I shall now have a dig around on 27th Fd Eng Reg to see what I can turn up. EDIT: the following confirms your info :-) http://british-army-units1945on.co.uk/royal-engineers/regiments---major-units/27-regiment.html
  3. Anyone got the Orbats for 6th Armoured Division after it's resurrection in 1951 and attachment to BAOR in 1952? Trying to find out what RE Squadrons were attached, possibly with AoS number of 41? Would these have remained the same from 1944?
  4. I doubt that paint on the inside would fade all that much, I'd hazard a guess at SCC 2 maybe?
  5. New Format

    Speaking as a forum Admin and IT support guy I can tell you that it is a hugely thankless task keeping these things running. More often than not the Admins are well aware of issues that the end-user is not aware us and in some cases it's a case of holding on and hoping it doesn't go bang before you can get to fix it properly, (surely anyone who has ever had to jury-rig an engine just to get home will sympathise with that). The problem with forums is if they go bang, getting them back is easy (just a quick case of re-installing everything from scratch), getting all the data back is the hard bit. Reaching for your regular back-ups only to find that they too are corrupt is something every IT support Engineer dreads...it is what keeps us up a t night! Sometimes upgrading the software is something that is forced upon us by the forward march of progress. Recently my own forum stopped working and whenever a user posted something all that appeared was an empty post. It soon became obvious that, overnight, the company hosting the forum had upgraded the underlying database software (MySQL) and another essential web component (PHP) to the very latest versions, (they do these upgrades for security reasons, to keep out hackers and those who would embed viruses). Sadly, our Forum software does not work with these new upgrades and so we are being forced to upgrade before we were ready to do so. We now have to make a decision if we stay with the forum software we are using, which was what was being used here before the upgrade, or go another route to keep with the times and to give folks the feature requests they want. I don't know about here but I keep getting asked if I can add 'LIKE' buttons to threads. I can't and the software doesn't allow for it but the newest version does; it's just a case of whether I'm prepared to pay for that or not, especially when paying for the hosting costs is already a burden. Nobody likes change, (all of us here are here precisely because we like the old ways) but sometimes change is forced upon us, for whatever reason, and we just have to learn to deal with it. I appreciate that it gets harder as one gets older (I'm in my mid 50's now and beginning to get very set in my ways) but it is what it is and we need to learn to adjust. You just need to remember that we all come here for the content, the camaraderie and shared enthusiasm for all things historic, military and vehicular... the manner, or format, in which it is presented is less important. Just my two pfennigs!
  6. Photobucket.......

    This problem with photobucket has affected so many forums around the Internet, including all the modelling and hobby forums. I run a small modelling forum, based on VB 4.x, and have for some time used a VB add-on that imports all photos posted in threads onto my own webspace. Obviously, I don't want every single photo every posted on the forum so instead I created an Archives sections that no-one but the admin can post to. I then set those forums to be the ones that import all images to the local web storage. Whenever there's a great thread full of photographs that I feel is worthy of preserving then it gets moved, when the thread is 'finished', to the archives...which are viewable by all and findable via the standard search function! It's probably a bit late to fix this photobucket nightmare but going forward it might be something that Mods can look into for the future. If we can then get the pics fixed in some of the more important damaged threads then perhaps it'll go someway towards mitigating against the perniciousness of Robert Curdog's influences on Photoshop! BTW, your account on Photobuck is still there, and so are all your photos. It's still free to have the account and upload photos it's just not free to share those photographs to other websites. So, as a backup facility it's still good, as asharing platform it's now redundant. I suspect the migration of accounts has already begun and eventually and it may well be that all Photobucket has done here is shoot itself in the foot and I'm expecting this bone-headed move to signal the death knell of this platform. If you do migrate to a new photo hosting site then do remove all your photos off Photobucket and delete your account, it's the only way to let them know the folly of their ways!
  7. Before I drag my aged-backside all the way to Kew next week, would anyone here have a copy of the ACI's (Army Council Instructions) from May 1955 that they can copy/photograph for me? Thanks in Advance Pete
  8. Simon, thanks for that info and the link, I shall pop across and have a shufti's! Pete
  9. I've looked at all the photos under magnification and I can tell you that there is a clear difference between oil/dirt and the clear indications of a distinct camo pattern. On Jimmy Priestly's Pixie suit the camo pattern can be clearly defined on the chest area, and the Czech tankies book, "Cromwelly Ceskoslovenske Brigady" has some very fine photos in it which are quite clear under magnification! But I take your point about re-enactors, thankfully I do this stuff for myself and not for the shrill voices of "Living History" lot!
  10. Here mate..., Having looked at the Korea picture above, now look at the picture of Jimmy Priestly, and the pictures which follow it in this thread. http://www.onesixth.co.uk/vb4forum/showthread.php?289-The-Pixie-Suit-(aka-Oversuit-Tank'>http://www.onesixth.co.uk/vb4forum/showthread.php?289-The-Pixie-Suit-(aka-Oversuit-Tank)-Usage-in-Normandy-in-1944-a-discussion-piece&p=41561&viewfull=1#post41561 Also, look at this glaring picture http://www.onesixth.co.uk/vb4forum/showthread.php?289-The-Pixie-Suit-(aka-Oversuit-Tank)-Usage-in-Normandy-in-1944-a-discussion-piece&p=55967&viewfull=1#post55967 Sometimes you need to know what to look for! I've also shown that the term Pixie suit was used during WWII as well, a poem from a 1945 dated Recce journal references it.
  11. Thanks for that Adrian. Now that the we are seeing big photographic reference books, on Czech and Polish forces, appearing it is becoming obvious that the Camo suit was indeed in use during the war years. I first became aware of how difficult it is to discern a camo suit from a tan suit, in B&W photographs, when looking at a Korean war photograph on IWM, (search on Alycidon on IWM) which shows two 8th KRIH tankies side by side, in direct sunlight, one wearing the Camo Tanksuit and the other the Tan Suit. Even in direct sunlight you'd be hard pressed to tell the difference between the two. Now I've seen people claim that the Camo suit never saw service in WWII or Korea and that they were probably never even issued. Obviously this photo proves that to be completely wrong. Now, with the volumes on the Czech and Polish forces having recently been published it's obvious that these units had, during WWII, a mix of Camo and Tan suits. I think it's the Czech book that shows some chaps in new tank suits which are very clean and the difference is very, very obvious! Pete Here's the IWM pic.... THE KOREAN WAR 1950 - 1953. © IWM (BF 163)IWM Non Commercial Licence
  12. Anyone got any dimensioned drawings of British 6 Pdr, Mk IV? Pete
  13. Actually, the options were 'The Kit' or my 'Goolies', and she actually used that term, which made me laugh...until I saw the steely look in her eye and the steel in her hand:shocked::red:
  14. Hi Chris, thanks for that mate, both interesting and useful! Any idea on current prices for these? My wife is giving me grief about getting rid of some of the "stinky old kit" laying about the place and these may well be on the list of things that "take up too much space and need to go"...before I find myself on that self-same list ;-)
  15. Anybody know what this 7 line Switchboard and 5 Mk V Tele Sets, plus ancillary bits, are worth at the moment?