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  1. Thanks MatchFuzee, exactly what I needed to see...although I must confess I wasn't expecting to see standard slot head screws. Don't know what I expected but it wasn't that!
  2. Thanks Chris, I was pretty sure someone has posted pics of them before but they seem to have been lost in the great Photophuket hissy fit!
  3. Old Git

    Unusual winching ground anchor.

    These ground anchors were used quite a lot in Bridging operations with the RE, they are indeed WWII and immediate post-war. Interestingly enough Bassett-Lowke reproduced these in 1/6th scale as part of the Bailey Bridge training models that were made between 1944 - 1962
  4. Anyone got any photographs of the CWW boots (Korean War era)? I'm especially interested in the soles and how the commando soles are screwed on. Before and after shots of soles would be fantastic and a quick shot of the uppers.
  5. Old Git

    RAF Airfield Follow Me Vehicles in WW2 ?

    Here ya go, all you need now is a readers ticket... http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C2193043
  6. Old Git

    RAF Airfield Follow Me Vehicles in WW2 ?

    Well I can't say either way. What I do know is that when the RAC finally got a good look at the Morris LRC they were not too impressed with it for the Armoured Recce role and, following some recommendations for some slight uparmouring in the floor area (for mines), they passed the entire fleet over to both the RAF and the RE. From my own research into the RE it seems that they liked it a lot and did use it for site recce work. Whenever you see them in the NW Europe photo record they are almost exclusively in the use of RE. The RAF seems to have utilised them as armoured cars for perimeter patrols at airfields, this 'Stlll' is the only one I've ever seen of a Yellow Morris in the RAF role and it's possible that it was used as you say, but I always thought the Crash Tenders were a different colour and only Follow-me vehicles were Yellow, but then the RAF is not my area. I suppose somewhere in TNA there is a file with all the answers!
  7. Old Git

    RAF Airfield Follow Me Vehicles in WW2 ?

    I knew I saw it somewhere and whilst I thought it looked like a still I had no idea of where ti came from until now, so thanks for that. The Documentary is on Youtube...
  8. Old Git

    RAF Airfield Follow Me Vehicles in WW2 ?

    Found it, but now questioning the date. Maybe post-war?
  9. Old Git

    RAF Airfield Follow Me Vehicles in WW2 ?

    I'm pretty sure I've seen a Morris LRC painted yellow and used as a Follow Me vehicle, by the RAF, during the War. I was collating references for the LRC a few years back so I may have saved the photo, let me have a spin through my NAS and see if I can turn it up. EDIT: Just had a spin through the NAS and can't turn it up. Have found a few pics of the LRC in use by the RAF but not that specific photo...beginning to doubt myself now! If I turn it up I'll post it.
  10. Just turned up an email address for the Army Historical Branch, thanks for that RAFMT, sometimes it just needs a different set of eyes! I've now fired off an email to thm asking if there is a complete repository of old WO publications and where I can access them. Let's see what happens!
  11. Can't believe, that in a society of red meat eaters, someone actually posted a link direct to the bleating heart of the Guardian 😖 😉
  12. Interesting comment this, in as much as I actually rang the MOD main switchboard number this morning and asked if they could put me through to the MOD's Librarian/Archivist. I was asked which Base, to which I replied Whitehall. Only to be told , we have no listing for that. Common Sense tells that the MOD, at Whitehall, should have a reference Library/ Archivist but as there's no mention of this on their website and the receptionist didn't seem to know of one either then how is one supposed to get through to them. I suppose the opacity of 'Open Government' is neither as contradictory, nor surprising, as it sounds! Just off now to put "MOD Reference Library" into Google to see what happens...! Failing that does anyone have any contact details for the reference library! EDIT: As suspected it turns up next to nothing, in fact Google returns only one, truncated, page of hits. .....and whilst the last entry on this page looks intriguing I think I shall have to give it a miss as it sounds too much like the typical Russian Hacker Honey-trap.
  13. Just received a note from the Australian National Archives, who do not have a copy either, but they've been able to give me the WO Number for it, WO 6386.
  14. Thanks for that, will certainly give it a try. I guess this is the voice of experience talking... Ever tried getting information out of NAM...like getting blood from a stone. Don't answer the phone and never, ever reply to emails!
  15. I doubt they'd still be in use by the 90's. REVoS replaced VAOS and was in turn replaced, eventually, by CREM and then we went all Ladidah-NATO.