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  1. Can anyone provide some dimensions for the radiator opening on the rear plate of the Morris LRC? Just looking for a sanity check, by my reckoning it's square rather than oblong? overall height of the rear plate too, if available?
  2. Brilliant, thanks for that. I think I've seen something similar somewhere but then couldn't find it again, doh!
  3. Thanks for that Ron, every little bit of info is of use. I do find it odd that there was no 3-view drawing for the frame, almost every other WD bike does seem to have a drawing. Fingers crossed, let's hope someone turns one up. Maybe there's one buried deep in the Triumph archives at Warwick Uni
  4. Hi All, as per the subject line can anone provide a good multi-view / 3-view scale drawing for the Frame of the Triumph 3HW, I sure there must be one in the back of a maintenance or workshop manual? Anyone know of one?
  5. RMS, Thanks for those pics they're just what I needed! Wow, talk about basic .... and manually turned, bloody hell. I'm beginning to love this little vehicle more and more!
  6. Thanks RMS, that's very informative. I don't suppose you kept any photos of that turret ring setup, was it a powered ring?
  7. Fantastic shot, never seen that one before and definite proof that the Turret did indeed rotate! I agree with you a fixed turret seems pointless but, as I said earlier, I've never seen a Morris with turret pointing anywhere but forward and it got me wondering if it was just an upward expansion of space for another gunner because the inside was very cramped indeed. Now I know better, thanks for that Kevin, It's really appreciated mate.
  8. Hi Kevin, thanks for the reply. I know both of those photos, but had forgotten about the one with the guy sticking out of the turret. Going my the size of open hatch door on this chaps right side and where his left arm is resting, it doesn't really look as though it's been modded all that much. It's also interesting to note that the back end of the door apepars to be squared off and not rounded as per the MkII. Our chap also appears to be twisting a little which kinda bears out my thoughts on getting though his narrow aperture. On the other pic I'm not so certain the turret is rotated, and it was the fact that I've never seena pic of a Morris with the Turret pointing anywhere but forward that got me wondering if it did rotate. That and the fact that there be a big overhang on the side if the turret rotated to the right.
  9. Just a couple quick questions re the LRC, Am I right in assuming that the 'Turret' was fixed in position, i.e. didn't actually rotate? Also, the roof on the Turret, or more specifically the narrow access/hinged doorway. Looking at this it doesn't look like a man would get much more than his head/shoulders out of it and probably could only stand-up in the opening if he stood sideways, looking over the side of the vehicle. Is that about right? Any evidence of these access/hinged doorways being enlarged, (as a field modification maybe) to better aid hasty exits?
  10. Hi Koenig, I'm sorry I' can't help you with your VAOS questions, like you and Clive, I too have been trying to track down various sections from the VAOS and the post war REVoS, bbut to no avail. It would appear that no-one seen fit to keep copies of all these items. I wanted to ask a question about 'List of equipment and stores subject to War Office control ', I presume it was the copy at the IWM that you accessed? I've been meaning to traipse up there to have a look through this myself and wondered if you took copies of the contents listings of this book and if so, would you be happy to share these? Just trying to avoid a trip if what I need isn't actually listed in the contents? Pete PS Before the rest of you decide to tell me how old this thread is... I have noticed, but it never hurts to just ask!
  11. Hi Clive, I think you've misunderstood me mate. Last time we talked I wanted to know if you had a copy of: VAOS "Section E2 : Bridging Equipment, 1945" which includes "amendment no. 1 dated 1947, no. 2 dated 1949, no. 3 dated 1949 and no. 4 dated 1950" or, a copy of REVoS Group 4, Section 5, Sub-Section 4: Bridging, published sometime around 1955-7 and with a code WO 6386 . The hunt for these goes on but I do know that you do not have them. What I'm actually looking for now is a full list of WO publications for RE specific titles in the Military Engineering, Vol. III series. I do know that very many of these were being re-written by early 1950's to update them with lessons learnt in the war. Indeed "ME, Vol III, Part 1, Bridging" appeared in 1957. I've not seen a full list of all these publications from that period so was wondering if you might have those in your catalogue. If, on the other hand, you're telling me that these don't actually appear in your catalogue then thank you for looking and I shall endeavour to search out a full list when I next get to TNA. Pete
  12. Clive, any chance you can post a list of WO publications for Bridging, around 1955, 1956, 1957?
  13. Are these similar to the Green Denims that were much worn in the 60's/70's, prior to the Lightweights, especially in Norn Iron!
  14. Another couple of still, this time from © IWM A70 119-3 . Can't tell if this shows the bomb Thrower attached alongside the mounting for the 30 cal or as a replacement. Last pics shows a couple of Machete attached to rear bustle bin.
  15. Found a pic of the standard AA mount, sans armament, and trying to compare the two setups...
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