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  1. It is an universal part that fits a civilian car in military service as well. German forces were short on military vehicles and took everything they could lay their hands on. Cheers
  2. Hi this is no windshield but a windshield heater that was on the inside of the shield and with all the rubber it created an airpocket that was heated with the wires to get warm to the windshield. You could control the heat by the knob. Tag says that the apparatus is regulated for 6 Volts and gives instructions how to fix it to the inside.
  3. A Steyr 640 Kommandowagen for the German Wehrmacht built in former Austria
  4. Porsche had experience on electric drive. The Austrian Hungarian Army had the M16 Generatorzugwagen C Zug where a tractor with an electric generator provided power to itself and the trailers to move great loads up small mountain roads or could travel on rails. He came from a electric company first to Lohner and then to Austro Daimler. The Mercedes Mixte was his brainchild too. Motorfahrer
  5. Hi Ron,

    reading of your works on motorcycles with great pleasure i want to send you a picture of births motorcycles in a small museum in Rivoltelle del Garda in Italy. When i saw the motorcycles i thought of your blogs and maybe you find it interesting.


    Motorfahrer from Austria 


  6. Even the Austrian Army got some leftover High Speed Tractors when the Allied Forces left the country in 1955. See this facebook Video of the Traditionsverband Heereskraftfahrwesen. Here more info provided in english http://www.hkfw.at/en/our-vehicles/80-allis-chalmers-m4-high-speed-tractor-18t-2-en Motorfahrer
  7. Try http://www.chain-drive.co.uk were very helpful when i needed a inverted tooth chain for the camshaft of my car. Motorfahrer
  8. To the Austrian connection i can say that it is possible. Austria german helmets were used after the war. The badge reminds me of Austrian Gendarmerie and i can think of that they were used. At least the Voluntary Fire Corps used them well into the eighties. motorfahrer
  9. Just want to say that the Dorotheum auction is probably taking place in Austria! Austrian Army had to reduce its vehicle stock because of cuting the cost of servicing and repairs and Dorotheum bought the Pinzgauers and auctions their stock from time to time. As far as i know it is possible to get green plates at most insurance company offices in Austria for 3 till 23 days but you need an austrian equivalent of MOT and i don't think that the Dorotheum Pinzgauers have this as the Army is MOT exempted. But just ask them. Here is a link to the government site regarding these green plates but only in german. https://www.help.gv.at/Portal.Node/hlpd/public/content/6/Seite.061900.html Motorfahrer
  10. For all who are interested whats going on in other countries here are pictures and a video of the "Auf Räder und Ketten" = " On Wheels and Tracks" event at the Heeresgeschichtliches Museum (HGM) in Vienna on 4.-5.th June. motorfahrer http://www.voz.co.at/2016A/201630/201630.htm https://www.youtube.com/embed/oci19s9pFJI
  11. Kettenrad=Chain wheel Kettenkrad as already said is Ketten= Chains and Krad abbreviation of Kraftrad=Motorcycle. a tracked vehicle translates in german as "Kettenfahrzeug" There are some pictures of the On Wheels And Track event on the Facebook page of the HGM. Even some British with bren carrier and a Alvis Stalwart of which the Austrian army had a few. Motorfahrer
  12. Tomorrow and Sunday there is a day with presentations of different military vehicles from collectors. It is called " Auf Räder und Ketten" that translate to "On Wheels and Chains" http://www.hgm.at/de/nc/museum/veranstaltungskalender/detail/show/Event////auf-raedern-und-ketten-2016.html The Austrian Army got many surplus vehicles from the US after US, British, French and Russian Forces left Austria in 1955. Many UNNRA vehicles went to private owners to earn the money and even the fire brigades refurbished 4x4 vehicles for there use. Motorfahrer
  13. Try http://battleshiplinoleum.com Best Wishes motorfahrer
  14. Ok, its a BMW, its a 2 door with suicide doors so it should be a 321. http://bmw-grouparchiv.de/produktkatalog/model_overview.php?keyBr=299&keySp=101&keyEp=Pre-war&slep=0 Motorfahrer
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