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  1. Dodge D15,s were built in Canada and were not just used by the British army, Canada used them also. Check out the Maple leaf up site, under soft skin vehicles. James
  2. Could be a Canadian ford Dump truck. I have seen photos of such trucks here in Canada. James
  3. Is there any web site's out there that have any information on the Humber scout car, and the Canadian made Otter? James
  4. I have see Johans site all ready loads of info, also he seems to be a great fellow. also looking forward to seeing the book also. was woundering if some one else had outher info to share? James
  5. Does any one have photos ond informashion on WLC Motorcycles in service during World war Two? James
  6. Hi Rick Could you send me a private message with the photo? the photo was i guess it was removed! Thanks James
  7. Hi Ashley, I have been collecting my ancestors belongings from the first and second world war. I have two Tams O'Shanters from the First world war from My great Uncle wh was in the Black watch. I also have his tunic. I have My Great Uncles Beret from the North Shore regiment, He was wounded D-Day Plus Three. Plus some outher odd,s and Ends. One day i Hope to buy A military Vehicle of some sorts from the World War two era. James
  8. The web site for the film can be veiwed at http://www.greatwar.ca it shows some photos from the shoot in Europe and in Canada also there is a trailer you can watch. James
  9. Sorry about that Jack, will watch my self more care fully in the future. :oops: Thanks James
  10. Hi Rick, I have thought of the cost of haveing the truck put aboard a container and haveing it shipped to canada, your right it is not cheap. on the same hand buying a complete truck will not be cheap also. This is defenitly going to be a long term goal. I have seen some photo graphic evidence of canadian's with British Made trucks, But the photos could just be captioned wrong they could also be British soldiers. what i am looking for is absolute proof. James
  11. Mick, Is that a canadian made sherman? the symbol on the front looks like a Montreal locamotive works stamp. James
  12. Rick do you have any photos of your Morris to show me? Thanks James
  13. I all way whanted to import a british made ,small military vehicle to canada and put canadian markings on it and use it for rememberance day parades and such. You see alot of CMP's around Canada, and i quess i just whant to be able to show Canadians outher vehicles our Military used during the war.
  14. you go to that web site and you down load it to a program like u torrent wich can be found at james **Admin** Hi James. I have pulled the links Iam afraid as they could land us in copy write issues - if folks would like them then they may PM you. Cheers Jack
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