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  1. I've just messaged the RLC Museum to let them know, along with the BBC link - Fort Paull also has one of the few remaining RCT Berlin Military Train carriages which might be of interest and is certainly worth saving.... Duncan.
  2. Hello All, After a slight hiatus I have declared 2020 to be the 'Year of the Commer' as I seek to get my AFS Q4 (519 ELM) back on the road. One final-ish part to find is a replacement sender unit to sit in the tank. The AC part number is 'Gauge Assembly AC Delco 1519738', the MOD MT part number was LV6/MT1/AC/1519738. The MOD parts manual also gives a number of P.60325. The MOD used Q4s until the 1980s as did the EFS / Home Office so there must be some lurking somewhere! Any clues welcome, I have tried the 'usual' suspect such as Chris Morter etc. Thanks, Duncan.
  3. Green Goddesses excellent value, great fun, simple to keep on the road etc (no air brakes, simple electrics, bombproof mechanicals, lots of spares). Just ensure that a) it's been kept undercover - lots of rotten ones around now which will need mega bodywork repairs sooner or later - ash frame under those panels! (the faded orange stripes are a good indication of it being kept outside) and b) it has as much kit on it as you can as the costs of replacing this can be expensive! Lots on them appear on eBay, some for silly money - £4k should get you a good one. Somebody I know sold one last year which was then immediately put back up for sale by a dealer for around the £10k mark. Er, no. Cheers, Duncan.
  4. Found it after a bit of searching..... The Titan T Hawk 373 Mil, three sizes one of which is 11.00-20 12. It has the Goodyear logo on the website and 'made by Titan' so I can only assume this is the Goodyear bar grip! The blurb says: Originally designed for use on 2 1/2- and 5-ton military trucks, this non-directional cross country tread has proven its durability under tough conditions and has become a standard for various military applications https://www.titan-intl.com/Tires/TITAN-T-HAWK-373-MIL?search=1100?product=373269F?product=373269F Hope that helps, Duncan.
  5. It's going increasingly be a problem for us green goddess owners! The 1100 Avon tyres are the best bet and better road holding than the bar grips. But even decent condition second hand tyres are now ancient and they suffer from the obligatory side wall cracking way before the tread is even fractionally used up! It would be nice to get Avon to manufacture some again - I'm sure they'd have the moulds still - but you'd need a large quantity to order some (to make it worthwhile) and the cost would be substantial no doubt. I'm left wondering what my GG will run on when the last of the Avons I have wear out. I think you can get 1100 bar grips brand new, made by an American firm called Titan? Someone I know with a GG has a set which apparently were sourced via ATS.... Cheers, Duncan.
  6. Sadly the time has come to part with 01GN39. Built in 1977 and entering MOD service in 1978 it was released from service in 1999 after an uneventful life, mostly at Sennybridge. I bought it from Blanchards in 2007, registered it and put it back on the road, making me the first civilian owner. However, it just doesn't get the use it should these days so needs a caring new home; it's on 52,500 miles. Being one of the much rarer S3 109 ambulances (less than 200 made) all the camper stuff is removable and I have all the ambulance gear to go back in. It is very original. What else has been done? Roof vents replaced with Dutch galvanised versions, Turner Stage 1 head fitted, gearbox rebuilt, Fairey Overdrive fitted, Avon Rangemaster 7.50 tyres, chassis waxoyled when I bought it, new NOS Smiths heater motor fitted last year. It is currently SORNd, MOT until Mar 2017 so can be driven away. Selection of spares available by separate negotiation. £4,000 ono.
  7. Even though my Bedford RL green goddess will sit happily at 40-45 mph, I agree with the idea of 'the more visible you are, the better'! Most drivers these days - cucooned in their shells, insulated from the world around them - just don't expect vehicles to be plodding along lane one of duel carriageways at 40..... Mine had rear chevron marker plates fitted in service - for Op Fresco in 02/03- and I replaced these as the old ones were faded. I also bought a magnetic LED yellow beacon - no wiring needed. Not great during the day but much better at night or dawn / dusk. I also have LED bulbs in the front and rear side lights which I use as 'running lights' night and day. Duncan.
  8. Well, after a hiatus of a few months.... Okay, nearly a year.... More progress!! In the interim, the carb has been refitted after refurbishment and the engine timing has now been sorted as per the workshop manual which is fiddly but accurate! But, it still won't really run properly but conversion to electronic ignition in due course might help this! The fuel tank has also been removed for sand blasting. Much electrical work done so now it has working indicators, headlights, fog and reverse lights. Most pleasing - yet probably least important - was getting the interior light and roof-mounted flashing ambers going again. With the headlining reoved the 'new' interior light was fitted and that also enabled us to find the ends of the wires for the ambers that had been cut. With it all back together and new wires and a new switch, it all worked! More details with pictures here: http://commerq4.blogspot.co.uk/ Duncan.
  9. If you follow the RLC Museum's Facebook feed, their DUKW has already arrived and has been displayed! https://www.facebook.com/RoyalLogisticCorpsMuseum/photos/pb.164993333400.-2207520000.1442695604./10152996254618401/?type=3&theater
  10. Thanks Ron. The latest build date for these Q4s was 1955 as there is a photo in the Rootes Commercials book showing the last Mark 3 Superpoise Q4 rolling off the production line in 1955 - a PDF copy is attached.Rootes Commercials - Henshaw - Nostalgia Road.pdf The AFS contract details for the Q4s, an MoS contract, are on page 49 of The Green Machine, a great book which lists all the AFS vehicles made with much more info besides. This page gives the contract number, date (April 1954), and the chassis number range - they were built in 1954 and 1955. The AFS didn't have any Q4 vehicles prior to this, although the military did. If he is selling, always interested! They are pretty rare now and there may well be others in the growing AFS scene who might be interested, especially if it's in anything close to original condition. Whats the registration mark? Mine, along with many other AFS Q4s, seem to have been stored and registered in 1964 en masse. Some were given B registration marks, others like mine have much earlier marks. Duncan.
  11. Hi Ron - ...ah, that old chestnut... I had my AFS Q4 inspected last year so the DVLA could add the build date to the V5. They were built in the early-mid 1950s, but mine wasn't registered by the AFS until Jan 1964, so it was tax free but not MOT exempt, even though it was allocated and still has a much earlier registration number - 519 ELM. It depends whether it's ex-military or ex-AFS I think. As has been said by Richard, the military parts list says that it's on a plate on the near side close to the spare wheel carrier. If it is a military version, winner! The AFS versions never had a spare wheel carrier because of the coach built lockers under the body, consequently the AFS parts list says that in addition to the plate under the bonnet, "It is also stamped on the top flange of the N.S. (L.H.) chassis sidemember at the rear spring front bracket location.". Surely that's where the body sits - see below?! :undecided: I did ask a chap on eBay who was selling an ex-AFS Q4 that had no body on it had he come across the chassis number, and he said that 'yes' he had and - guess what - "Near-side chassis rail just above some rivets, about 12'' behind the rear wall of the cab." That's where the military parts list says it is.... But, as I said, if is has got an AFS body - good luck - because you won't be able to access it as the gap between the lockers and chassis rail is non-existant! I looked on an early 1960s civvy Commer at Welland a couple of weeks ago, and that had it stamped clearly on the back of the middle of the rearmost cross member, so might be worth a look there. Failing that, the data plate under the bonnet on the driver's side might be the only way... If it's AFS, these never had Ministry of Supply plates fitted, even though they were supplied via an MoS contract in 1954. Hope that helps a bit... Duncan.
  12. Good Work! AFS = Auxiliary Fire Service, nothing to do with the Army, who only drove green goddess in later years. No record of the current registration in The Green Machine (the AFS oracle) so it has certainly been re-registered at some stage. Shame the body is missing, amazing how a few years outdoors can destroy them and let the rot set in! Be good to see how it develops - good luck! Cheers, Duncan.
  13. The hose was a bit of a fluke, someone on the green goddess forum RSOLES popped up and said that he had three lengths! The collecting heads were easier - I already had one on the goddess (even though they never carried them) and the other two came from the same chap that sold me the first one. Good luck with the QX! The brakes I have had lined in stainless steel by past parts - all the wheel cylinders and the master cylinders. Expensive but it means they won't now rust and seize up when it's left standing. The petrol carrier has had the same treatment too. They were done by Past Parts in Bury St Edmonds in Suffolk. If you haven't got one, a parts list and / or workshop manual is invaluable. It can be surprising as I found that the oil filter on the Q4 is the same as an early series 2 Land Rover, and widely available. Cheers, Duncan.
  14. I realised today that I hadn't updated the thread since the brakes were rebuilt back in October. There were a few issues along the way, however, after some fiddling it all went back together well enough with the resleeved cylinders and new rear oil seals. Nice to see it back its own wheels again! It was also a great opportunity to change the coolant, which was a good, rusty colour - it took several flushes for it to clear! I also managed to empty the car which was the temporary storage area for the canvas 6" hose that I bought and also the three collecting heads - as a hose layer, it would have been full of hose and would have carried three collecting hears along with connectors and some 90 degree bends. These latter bits are rocking horse poo now so the hunt continues!
  15. Things to look for - cab rot is the worst. Once the tin worm has struck, it can be expensive to sort although spare panels are still quite freely available. Most of the rest is pretty bomb-proof. If it's ex AFS rather than military, the rear body will be wooden so if it's not been painted and/or kept outside, that might be rotten and need sorting. Insurance - I pay about £90 per annum for insurance through Premium Choice and I pay about £60 on top for recovery with Autohome. Duncan.
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