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  1. some years ago I got some military style show plates for my Land Rover. Never got asked for any documentation as I had no intention of using them on the public road, I am more then happy with the vehicles civvy reg. I only put the military plates (NNLLNN) on at shows. I now have another military truck so I phoned a place called framptons, and they insist I must have documentation proving that I can use that reg! I am now no longer hopeful I can get show plates made in time for WAP. I worry not having military plates on will affect judges looking at my truck too. :embarrassed: I can understand getting civvy plates would need documentation. But how on earth am I supposed to prove that my truck is entitled to that military reg plate? That's what they said, I need to prove with documentation my truck is entitled to that reg. Anyone please know of a reputable place I can get military reg show plates?
  2. Hello, I would like to try and put a non working clansman radio back in my GS RB44. Does anyone have any photos please of the setup inside a GS boughton and if not does anyone know atleast what 'bits' I would need or would it have just been to a manpack? I have no idea how it would fix to the mounts shown in the photo. Any advice or help would be much appreciated. Ihave a very small picture to upload but it dosnt seem to be working. will keep trying.
  3. On a 100-1 chance someone knows the following. In order to get my truck ready for WAP display I would like to put replica (obviously) launcher tubes into the missile cradle. I have lots of photographs of the launching tubes and indeed the missiles and the system, I can even get a good idea of the width of the tubes (and to some extent the length) from the missile cradle itself. But having never been near a starstreak HVM launcher I have no idea where to begin. I'm assuming for a still in service system the JSPs or BRs are not going to be obtainable. Does anyone please know the dimensions of the tubes and the end flanges. Many thanks.
  4. I am trying to find what happened to a particular vehicle. It was one my late brother whilst serving with the RAF regiment had his picture taken in. Sentimental of me in know. For my own FOI merlin reports they comeback saying, as you are now the owner of XX XX XX and under the FOI we have enclosed....etc But I'm not even too sure if this truck being from the late eighties made it onto merlin and as its from the back I can only assume 38AJ83 was a Bedford and a lot of them seem to have gone on for donkeys so it could of. But am I allowed to FOI something I do not own?
  5. That's a point actually. I may take the RB on the occasional green lane but never with a trailer as that is for shows only. I suppose I should test to see what it drives like whilst towing. The furthest I will be going with the trailer from cambs/herts border is to CPOP show up north and WAP down south so long as towing on the higher position that distance wont do it any harm then I may be best leaving well alone as I may not put it back on as good as its on now.
  6. It may seem obvious but just in case I do anything I shouldn't. For towing a sankey trailer do I need to lower the NATO towing hitch on an RB44. I would assume I do and I did try moving it before the RB whent to the garage with its 'incident'. I actually gave up as I couldn't undo the bolts so I may need something pneumatic to undo them. I like to take my Catering sankey to the shows with me, and I usually tow it with a SWB 2.5nad and im sure the trailer really weighs more then the landy and on some steeper motorways the landy is slowing down to as low as 25mph! The Landy is fine with a GS sankey but when your towing something that is not only almost as heavy as you but damn well nearly as large its like towing a very un-aerodynamic concrete block. The current towing position on the RB44 seems to high but there only seems to be one other postion and that looks slightly lower then the landy, but I was told it is far safer to have a sankey trailer nose down than nose up. in advance, many thanks.
  7. Awesome! thanks challengertwo! the guys on the plain-military forum have been brilliant and its thanks to their record keeping of the plain that I have managed to get in service phots and my other two in service phots appear to have come from yourselves, so thank you very much. I do not have these two photographs and certainly I don't have the full frontal solo phot of 97KJ55 s that is the ultimate photo for me to see, thank you, and thanks ferretkitt I think then I will be phoning the garage today to get them to change oils as you say it has been sat for so long at withams and then the dealer that bought it so it would make sense. As an edit ive just phone and left a message for the workshop manager to have the fluids changed and im hoping to get a green lane in this summer on the plain, never been before so that will be a first too.
  8. Thanks Andy, yes I have found out that unless im crawling along it prefers to go straight from 1st to 3rd. another RB owner said they only ever start in 2nd but my RB dosnt seem to like starting in 2nd so 1st to 3rd works well for mine. I am booked into WAP with it this year, displaying with the RB44 club. I still chuckle when ever I think about driving it, the seat is so comfy, more like a well worn armchair and boughtons are so bouncy I feel like every time I hit a bump on the road that its gonna bounce me right out the drivers seat! The worst thing about the gears is when I get back in the car I keep reaching behind me for the gear stick. Brilliant trucks though.
  9. At last. I am the proud owner of an RB44! However after only having the RB for eight days repairs have come calling. Not so much the RBs fault per say but the very old batteries were not venting and so exploded. Thankfully carrying a fire extinguisher put out the unsettling large flames. Big thanks to the RB44 club for supplying me with two in service photos. Still getting used to driving such a large vehicle albeit smaller than a Bedford MJ. I did panic slightly when I got in for my first drive and find that his gears are in very different positions to a car, 2.5nad or even a ford transit.
  10. 97KJ55 on the off chance anyone has got pictures please :-)
  11. I hope my photo upload has worked, guess I will see after I hit post. I have purchased this RB44. The 'the table ting' at the front of the photo has four round holders underneath. Are these for the mortar launches? Which leads me onto my next question, Can anyone please tell me what this RB was used for? The contract plate on the drivers side doesn't really say anything about it's role. The nearside wing and in the cab are FFR, the facing cupboard slightly off to the right seems to have sectional plates inside that are extremely heavy, lead?. I can post lots more photos soon. I know some of the shelving would have been for the radio gear but although not launched from the truck it appears some of the racking may have been computer related, remote launcher control? Perhaps I am being to hopeful of a dramatic role, but it was certainly more than an FFR. I realise the RB44 is not on a high success rate or favourite of all MV enthusiasts but it is much loved by me and still a part of MV history. I would very much like to keep the inside original and though I have sent off for the merlin report it will like other reports only really tell me who it served with and wont tell me what was in the back. I wasn't too sure if the RB44 was a replacement for the 101 or 130? I have tried to scour the next for images of the RB44 but as per usual it is only external photos. Can anyone please help me identify what whent in the back of this truck? Mods if I have put this in the wrong section please move. Many thanks.
  12. I have recently purchased an RB44. Not from the last Withams tender thankfully, although no doubt at some point it did travel through there. There is some slight rust on the vehicle including the fuel tank. I intend to repaint the vehicle but not a full strip back. Rather then remove the fuel tank I wish to treat and paint the tank in situ. The rust is only superficial but I guess using a disc sander probably isn't wise so I was going to by hand use sandpaper and remove what I can. But I was then thinking of using 'kurust' and then special metals primer before painting. Will Kurust be a problem being used on a fuel tank (externally ofcourse!) or am I just best sanding and priming. Many thanks.
  13. Thanks for posting the pic Dave, looks a fine machine. One assumes cheffins vintage sale is an auction? I do worry somewhat, at what price these will go for. It has been very much like people have said, that if you drop below a certain price then things are not always fine and the vintage market does seem to be almost as comparible. I must admit on a rather fluffy note i did see e very old blue compact at the show room two large fornt end red grilles and big round headlights. If a machine could have had a face this one had. Infact im sure id seen something similar on a kids programme, dare i even use the word 'cute' :blush: Oh dear there goes any semblance of credability. Thankyou for all your posts guys. It is alot of good information. Thankfully it shall only be on level ground so if i dont do fast sharp turns im hoping to be okay! Although the JCB does have a roll bar which i must admit i do like as a safety feature all the same. Yet i can stilll squeeze it in the garage.
  14. Oh this is so so sad. I have so many photographs i took when i would visit her on the wirral. It was her and onyx that really made me excited about joining up. I would even go back and visit them whilst i was serving in the RN. I dont live in liverpool now but did go back up to visit relatives and taking them on a day out to visit her and shed gone. Just that rather dismal u boat. HMS Plymouth was a fine museum and i have so many fond memories of my visits and a fair few nick nacks from the onboard gift shop! I wonder if her name sake city would be willing to offer a home. As a former Type 22 rating i dont think the 'civvies' in Plymouth are that hot on anything RN. I suppose its like civvies in army towns arnt too hot on anything army? Oh i do wish her well, im off now to see if there are websites to donate to. I will deffo be sending something. We lose too much heritage in this country. Cam
  15. Thanks for all thadvice guys. I may have to go for a fordson yet. But its kind of like when i bought a landy. I like the series and you can still get parts but it was the early defender that in the end has turned out to be the most suitable. Not that im comparing them in tasks to a tractor. The dealer today showed me a blue refurbed i think it was called an ISEKI. Korean or japanese I think. £3800. He like yourselves said to stay away from chinese. He said he did buy and sell some in the past once and never would again. There was a second hand john deere for £5500 or a brand new(now discontinued) JCB 323 for £8000. Obviously all prices add 20% vat (ouch). He said for the plot of land and purpose i could get a topper, finishing mower with mulcher or a flail mower for the tractor to pull. Currently the farmer lets the grass grow longish, tops and then collects later for selling as haylage. But if i keep ontop of the cutting with a finishing mower then with the mulcher i dont need to collect the clippings and just let it be reabsorbed into the grass. Apparantly if im not using fertilisers thats the best way to let goodness get back as the old grass rots down without sweating or killing off the grass? Apparantly so long as i dont ever take the tractor on the road, at all, and keep it only on the small holding (no popping over to nearby farms or verges etc) then i can run it on red diesel. The JD and JCB are hydrostatic i think and the ISEKI isnt. But as im not going to be creating manicured lawn then maybe an ISEKI is better?
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