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  1. Spent the other day helping recover a Morris C8 for a friend. Took most of a day to clear the route of old wood and rubbish so we could tow it out. Amazingly the tyres pumped back up and with a few attempts she rolled out She looks pretty original apart from the Harvey Frost crane although pretty battered and fairly rotten. Does anyone know anything about the front wheels? I didnt get a close up picture but they are not the usual split rim but have a locking ring like the GMCs etc.
  2. Hi all I got this canvas with a load of other bits and pieces form a bloke who used to own a Bedford QL and apparently this came with it but he did not know what the function was. Dont suppose anyone has any ideas? Of course it might not be Bedford at all! Has some markings but cannot really make anything out Thanks!
  3. As if I didn't have enough on the go at the moment, these came up and I couldn't resist! 1940 Ariel WNG and a 1940 Matchless G3WO. Both projects but come pretty much all the essential bits and pieces. Being mainly a BSA person I don't know much at all really about Ariel and Matchless so any pointers in the right direction for parts, records etc. would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Trying out my new subframe thanks to thedawnpatrol
  5. Been a while since an update. Finished it off a couple of months ago but forgot to update here. Also now sold unfortunately but is staying in the family
  6. Just realised how long it has been since an update. Started getting back in the swing of it again a couple of months ago (other projects had taken priority). Chassis has been split and is in the process of being cleaned and then can be reassembled with a few cross-members still needing to be made up
  7. Giving the Welbike a well earned going over. Stripping right back down to bare metal and etch priming and will finalize with some Service Brown. Also gives me an excuse to add details such as a more accurate tank number and the black behind the transfers.
  8. Had a great time, thanks to all involved. Even my break down was caught on camera! Didn't miss a beat on the Sunday even in all the rain!
  9. Will be there with the M20 :thumbsup:
  10. Hi all Picked this up at the car boot the other week, looks like it could be something official, maybe fire service or home office related? But cannot find anything like it online. Any ideas?
  11. In Belgium for near on 2 weeks and unfortunately it clashes. Would have liked to have gone, was a good show last year
  12. Went last year, unfortunately going to miss it this year. A great set up and very well run! Well worth a go
  13. Spotted this in an old magazine today
  14. Got the Welbike out again yesterday. Is looking a bit tired and needs a spruce up so that will be my evening job over the next few weeks
  15. Found a couple more of the canvas compass pouches and one webbing one, if anyone was interested they could be up for grabs :-)
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