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  1. Thanks everyone for the Welcomes . By the way ; we leave the red rubber bands as presents for our most special customers ; kind of like how your cat might bring you a mouse or vole half-chewed just to show he cares :-D. I must confess I do have more than a passing interest in vehicles and preservation ; that is what brought me here in the first place but ; I'm still waiting for a reply to a PM to tell me if I can proceed as planned -- sorry to be cryptic but I am respecting forum rules.(Or at least THINK I am ; maybe I read them wrong) . In a nutshell ; and this itself may break the rules so apologies to Mods if so : I need to shift some large ; round green painted and black rubber edged parts belonging to my now sadly in-care father's ex-AFS appliance.Maybe I PM'd the wrong Mod/Admin ; maybe I'm worrying about nothing but as I understand it ; I cannot make a post to "advertise" them unless I contribute to other areas ; and that seems unlikely as my knowledge is probably too general to improve on the experts you have here. Hopefully I can get a yay/nay soon and then proceed. *Edit* As it now turns out ; we have found a home already for the wheels so I'll just say thanks for the welcomes once more and go back to lurking. Peace to all.
  2. Hello everybody ; I'm joining this forum for a fairly specific reason -- and I will be opening a new thread elsewhere to explain that reason more fully as I don't think it is allowed here in Introductions ; so a little about myself: My name is Dave , I'm 38 and live on the south coast of England. I work for Royal Mail but please don't hold that against me -- we aren't all lazy trade unionists :angel: ; I enjoy mountain biking ; music ; computing ;and help spanner a friends 350 ( now actually 530) LC drag bike. So ; just saying Hi! really.
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