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  1. No idea. I don't understand what all the fake and hidden names are about? Ron
  2. It seems at least the front frame has been used to make your military bike. What is the engine number out of interest? Ron
  3. "Automobile Association" This one is from the 1950's Ron
  4. I just found out that the factory ledgers say KM20 2757 was delivered to the AA in yellow on 7/6/39 with engine KM20 1657 . Ron
  5. I calculate 1190 to be C5147190 and the petrol taps are same as Triumph (and others) https://www.tricor-andy.com/product/petrol-tap-double-plunger-type/ Ron
  6. Thanks Richard. I was the C600 that you'd clarified before but I'd forgotten the answer. Ron
  7. NO gear oil in the Welbike. Where did you get that information? The manual clearly states engine oil. 40 or 50 will do. Same for the Flea. But gear oil in the Flea gearbox. I'm sure Rob Van Meel will have the appropriate parts lists and manuals. http://robvanmeel.nl/
  8. OK thanks. So C600 oil is equivalent to SAE 140 gear oil.....I'll make a note for future reference.👍 Ron
  9. Richard is right. Gear oil is far to heavy for the primary cases. Both the Welbike and Flea maintenance manuals call for ordinary engine oil HD 50. But you should be able to use heavy gear oil (not EP) in the Flea gear box (The manual quotes oil C600) Maybe Richard can remind us of the modern equivalent! Ron
  10. "the closest they could match was RAL 8028" That's strange Tom. 'Service Brown' is still a widely used standard British colour. ~BS 499. Maybe the powder coaters only use their own range of colours?? Ron
  11. It's definitely a Flea in that picture! The other option is a James ML with it's sawn off rear mudguard and silencer on the left....It's not an ML!!. The other bike looks like an M20 to me. Ron
  12. It's a James ML on the bonnet. David you must be refering to the air bleed button on the petrol filler cap, which must be released before starting to avoid a vacuum in the tank. Here is one picture of a para unit, unless it's a re-enactment as they seem to have a captured German soldier. Ron
  13. 1/2" x 3/16" BSF (32 tpi) available to shorten here. https://www.ba-bolts.co.uk/whitworth.html Ron
  14. I calculate ML 1014 to have census number C5147014. Here are pix of the center stand. Ron
  15. For the record. My Engine number in frame ML 7619 is AAA24255A
  16. OK nothing is shouting KM20 to me? So far it looks like a standard WM20. What are the frame and engine numbers please? Ron
  17. Ron

    Welbike bits

    Peter Miller's son Richard spent a lot of time in India and found a few Welbike's and Parabikes. I paid Richard £2,200 for mine which was well over 20 years ago.......Although the deal was, for another £100 he threw in a restoration Parabike. Peter and Richard live local to me and good job I made friends with them, as on one of Richards trips to India, he also found me an original (restoration) sidecar body for my Norton Big 4👍 Ron
  18. Some pictures would be good from different angles and showing details of accurate parts. Ron
  19. Ron

    Welbike bits

    Yes I know Parkwood, who makes lots of cheap repro parts.( friend of Andy Tiernan) See him regularly at Kempton and Shepton jumbles....He once made 2 or 3 complete repro Welbikes. I can't think you would ever find original tanks......Except on another bike? Would be nice if Alfie runs a photographic restoration thread with pictures on here. Regards Ron
  20. Ron

    Welbike bits

    This must be this one that just sold for 7 Grand on Ebay #1170. Like Jenk said. The only go to firm for correct repro parts is http://www.welbikeuk.com/about.php ......Not cheap though! And mine #555 which I restored 22-23 years ago. There is an excellent book by Peter Miller if you haven't come across it yet "From Welbike to Corgi" Can provide Peters contact if you want it. (PM me) Ron
  21. I don't know anything about 6th Airborne. I can quote you the colour and number from 50 different units of 1st Airborne for Autumn 1944. No 6 on red in that lot. Ron
  22. The AoS (Arm of Service) 110 was used I think by "South Staffs" or something and seen in a series of pictures during part of "Operation Smash" in Aldershot, which was a training operation just prior to D Day. I'm not that well versed on WW2 vehicle unit markings, mainly doing the research as each occasion arises. During a fit of enthusiasm, I did put the Pegasus and 110 on my Flea, but subsequently resprayed the tank without them.......As sometimes I think.... "Less is more" Ron
  23. It's been determined that Royal Enfield used transfers and not paint for the census numbers. Same size and font on other models. The correct transfers are not available as we couldn't get them at the right price, but "Axholme Signs" make a right style stencil. I don't think I've ever seen original photographic evidence for Pegasus on a Flea tank. Just the AoS marking. Ron
  24. The general consensus lately seems to be these. https://www.vintagetyres.com/shop/tyres/ensign-universal-325-19 also available in 350 x19 for a slightly wider tyre. Ron
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