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  1. Richard I missed your post. Frame TL 53842 is the 425th bike from Contract S6680 for 8000 bikes. This was the last contract for 3HW's and the order was reduced to 5200. Engine 3HW 63842 is its original engine. However I don't understand your date 2. Dec 45? It should read TEC. MM. YY. Dec 45 would be well past the date your bike was made. If your bike is already registered on an 'F' plate, you simply have to contact DVLA who are duty bound to change it to an age related number.........Based on their own regulations that wouldn't allow you to put an F reg number on a 40's bike. Ron
  2. Ron

    What Bike?

    It's an impressed Royal Enfield civilian model D (250 SV) I have several pictures of these and despite what some people think.....This one attached, is not Princess Elizabeth. My own bike is the true WD version WD/D. Ron
  3. I've gone as far as I can go with Lex's frame and engine, until the fasteners are returned from the platers. I was pleased to find that the steering head races are in excellent condition, so just replaced the steel balls with best quality British balls. Ron
  4. Meant to add a pic. Ron
  5. The serial numbers for this contract are 4854180 - 4857179 (=3000 machines with numbers allocated in order of frame numbers) The frame numbers are TL50418-50431 and TL50439-53417, so 7 machines missing? Allocated elsewhere? Yours is the 2696 bike in the sequence. I make that C4856875. PS. Strangely Mine is from the previous contract which were delivered earlier but had higher serial numbers, in fact most of the previous contracts had higher numbers, which is because the demand for your contract was originally dated Oct 1940, which must have been for 3SW. But the bombing of Coventry in 1940 disrupted everything! Ron
  6. Hi Ryan. Frame TL 53113 was from contract C8886 which was for 3000 bikes from Oct 44 to Feb 45 but only 2991 bikes delivered? TEC 1. 45. = Triumph Engineering Co. Jan 1945 I calculate the tank census number to be C4856875. Engine 3HW 44250 is from a much earlier contract C13948 which was for 5495 bikes from mid 42 to mid 43. Ron
  7. As I said Andy. I don't think they were "supplied" to Littlewoods etc. Just sent there for storage. A lot of 3HW's went to the middle east.......Maybe on ships from Liverpool? I'll forward this to Rik and Jan etc for their comments. Ron
  8. Hi Andy. I've a feeling these places were used as they had the space for storing large amount of motorcycles before dispersal and also probably not particular targets for the Luftwaffe. Ron
  9. Contact Brian Tillin briantillin385@gmail.com He makes various parts for these. Axle's with spacers and wheel nuts, front brake rod kits etc. Tell him Ron in Poole told you. Ron
  10. I just checked on my 3HW (Webb forks) and that does have that steering bearing nipple on the right side. But I make the yoke measurement that you show as about 15.5 cm. (probably 6 inches if I could measure it accurately). I would also be suspicious of the casting. Ron
  11. I've just bought some levers off this guy in Greece who has quite a bit of stuff which you can make an offer on. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-3H-3HW-3S-3SW-Top-yoke/254407058494?hash=item3b3bd7a43e:g:cz4AAOSw~MZdu-jP Ron
  12. I Stripped the gearbox today for inspection and drill out a snapped bolt. All looks good inside and the nice outer cover from ebay arrived. All the fixings have been stripped and cleaned ready for chemical blacking. Ron
  13. FS269 is a misprint My other manuals state TS269 (Circlip). At the bottom of the damper knob is a molded in metal part. Inside this part is the thread that screws onto the damper rod. As you screw the knob down, it pulls up on the star washer and friction disc at the bottom of the steering stem (obvious function). Also in the metal part is a groove for the circlip, which is there to act as an anti unscrew device for the knob. However! All the ones I've seen that had anything in that groove, have had a leather washer. These days a simple 'O' ring would suffice..........If anything..... Mine has nothing and never undone itself. If those pesky Germans couldn't work out how to fix it.....They would just use them as a 'Hop Up'.😣 Ron
  14. Apart from the 3HW which were fitted with Webb forks. The same damper knob #DS6 was used on all the 38-39-40 girder models, and are quite hard to find. Good British made repros, when they are available are around £80-£100. Ron
  15. Another reason why I have a Love/Hate relationship with Matchless!! Ron
  16. Well I just took a look at my own early contract G3L and it does indeed have a bracket like the one Jan shows.(2" centers for the mounting bolts). However all four of my parts lists from early to late contracts, show the triangular plate? Ron
  17. It's the triangular plate top left FF78. Should be easy to fabricate, using the speedo studs and fork mounts as datum. Ron
  18. Well I measured mine at 8" (on the bike) I was forgetting that Peter Long has the steering stem bearings. He probably gets them from the same guy I know. But be aware that 3HW spindles are different to 3SW/5SW. Here are a couple of pix I have on file of my 3SW and 5SW top yokes. Ron
  19. I make B = 6" and A = about 8". But measured on the bike. Your A has certainly been cut and shut! I know a man in UK who makes the steering stem cups and cones and spindles and bushes. Ron
  20. I've split the flywheels to reveal a badly worn, non standard crowded roller big end. Fortunately the shafts are about perfect. I've ordered one of Hitchcock's caged roller big ends a small end bush and new rollers for the mains. I've also stripped the mag to reveal some loosely assembled new parts, but what looks like very poor condition armature windings. The points housing is the wrong hand but I have the correct housing. So will drop the whole box of bits to my mag guy tomorrow. Ron
  21. Maybe Chris. As it happens the front wheel was a very rare Triumph 'heavyweight' girder wheel and the tank from a KM20 so both worth quite a bit. Talking of rare bits. As you know I was asking around, trying to locate a WD/C ally rear brake plate for my bike. Just on the off chance, I put the part number into Hitchcock's search box. Luv a Duck, Stripe me Pink guv! They had one NOS!!!??? £31 delivered!!! Ron
  22. Who knows Chris? It has a sidecar lug under the saddle. Ron
  23. Ron

    Triumph 3 hw

    Massimo It would help if you pass it through Google translate into English first. Ron
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