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  1. Ron I hope you don't mind me bothering you again.  I am getting confusing messages concerning the 3HW oil retaining plate.  I put my enquiry out on another forum, and was told that I don't need the spigotted spacer in fact they could be a disadvantage, as they run the risk of catching the back of the clutch and spinning with it, use the flat one as they were just as good I was told. I know their i.d. is 15/16" and as the clutch shaft is 13/16", that seems to me to be an awful lot of play between shaft and plate.

    There is a chap now selling what looks like the correct plate and I am waiting for him to get back to me with the I.d. of his product (https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TRIUMPH-PRE-UNIT-OIL-SEALING-PLAT/254056711747 ) 

    I value your opinion and knowledge of the 3HW, and as you had your plate re manufactured I was wondering what i.d. you had it made to?

    Thanks in anticipation.....Gareth

    1. Ron


      Gareth I can't think why the clutch would snag the spigot, surely it would hit the retaining plate first and if anything like that did happen, it must because of  miss-assembly/end float of the main shaft. The one on ebay looks to be a snug fit on the shaft, but I can't compare mine as it's buried behind the clutch. 

      As I said Brian Tillin made mine so he must know the spec. You could ring him on 07786 861697.

      These are the only pix I have on file.  Ron1945529477_3HW046.thumb.jpg.435fc269016d9b4614c25d376f7f3500.jpg957953782_3HW061.thumb.jpg.0cf0ab7f480d084cac216247adf8bfde.jpg

  2. Ron, I need to get a dynamo rebuild kit for my 1945  3HW, is there anywhere you would recommend?  I have just had the magneto rebuilt by chap here on the I.W., but dynamos are not his thing.



    1. Ron


      Try Paul in Shaftsbury 01747 852136 mob 07860 828546. Ron

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