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  1. Ron

    Triumph 5SW

    Re-sprayed the tank and got the handlebar and controls fitted today. Ron
  2. Ron

    Triumph 5SW

    I fitted the new rear tyre and tube and the other few parts I was waiting for are here now. This is where I've got to so far. The petrol tank is the last item to prepare and spray.. Still trying to get hold of Peter Long for the field stand clips.......think I might have to try a phone call to Germany? I've fitted an original MT110 rear lamp with a single filament 21W bulb which works a treat with a £2.50 .8 ohm resistor from Honk Kong fitted in the tail lamp line. Which gives about a 8-10W glow to the tail lamp and the full 21W when the brake pedal is depressed......Wish I'd used this trick years ago!! Ron.
  3. If it is cast aluminium, I think the repair would be best done by a professional (MIG?) welder, by breaking/cutting out the damaged area and welding it back in straight. In which case, you would have nothing to loose by having a go at straightening it yourself.....After all it already bent without cracking. I would anneal the area by getting it sizzling hot with a gas torch (don't melt it though). Back up the area with a dolly/ heavy block and see if it taps back to shape. Ron
  4. Ron

    Rather expensive to me

    It makes me wonder why a buyer wades in with such bids, without what seems to me to do proper research? Or perhaps they just believe what the seller writes? Of course it depends how accurate he intends to restore it. A factory correct Flea must be worth somewhere between £5-£6K.......Unless I'm behind the times? To find a WW2 engine, exhaust, carb, strangler, maze filter, headlamp, footrests, tail lamp etc etc etc. Will undoubtedly put the budget well past it current resale value.....Labour not included........But I guess if everyone is happy.........🙄 I have quite a lot of pictures if needed. Ron
  5. Ron

    Rather expensive to me

    I have been watching it out of interest. Ron
  6. Ron

    Rather expensive to me

    Yes post-war civy engine and exhaust, wrong headlamp, levers and quite a bit of other stuff too. Strange spring adaption for the normal rubber band suspension. Ron
  7. Ron

    Number plate size

    Is this the Norton bump stops? Never heard from Rob so haven't ordered any. Can see if he has some with him. How many? Ron
  8. Ron

    Number plate size

    OK Lex....Her name is Judith. Ron
  9. Ron

    Number plate size

    Lex Tim bought the bike from Michel Clements at W&P a few years back. I think the previous Dutch owner had died, but the bike was used for a Dutch calendar while he owned it. Ron
  10. Ron

    W D Broad Arrow

    You've got the biggest one I've ever seen.....ooooow Matron. Who knows were the myth will end? Canvas covered petrol tanks??😄 Ron
  11. Ron

    W D Broad Arrow

    Graham you will need one to be a member of 'Ring Piece Club'!!! Mine's been on my M20 for 10-12 years now. I got a lady to sew some blanket stitching around the edge. No date or broad arrow! The myth is escalating.😕 Ironically my filler cap with the new leather seal I fitted years ago doesn't leak anyway. Ron
  12. Ron

    W D Broad Arrow

    I think it's safe to say that the 'Broad Arrow' is based on the Pheon😊 Ron
  13. Ron

    Number plate size

    Maybe the number plate on my mate Tim's Harley might interest you? Ron
  14. Ron

    W D Broad Arrow

    Thanks for that! Just looked it up. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Broad_arrow Ron
  15. Ron

    W D Broad Arrow

    The circle piece around the filler cap is pretty well pure fiction. A couple of us started it years ago by refining the rough shaped piece of canvas that a DR had fitted to his tank to obviously mop up the drips. Seen in an old B&W picture taken during the war.(16H from memory) I think I have that picture somewhere and I'll post it when I find it. As more blokes have taken to doing it, we jokingly refer to them being a fully paid up member of the 'Ring Piece Club' Frank Brown has even added it to the motorcycle canvas parts he makes (email him for pictures :- ................ pegasus-drive@sky.com) I see that he is adding a date and broad arrow........I hope it doesn't turn into a folk law myth. Ron