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  1. Try Champs Spares UK for brake and clutch kits. http://www.historic-military-vehicle-brake-carburettor-fuelpump-spares-kit.com/ Or Bygone Bedfords. http://bygonebedfordbits.co.uk/?page_id=10 Ron
  2. Ron

    BSA M20

    Looks like a sound bike and straight forward restoration Duke! I turned my own WM20 into a 600cc. It certainly accelerates better and really donks up hills. If you want to use its original WM20 crankcase? You can simply use the crankshaft assembly and barrel off your 600 engine. You can up gear them to 20 or 21 Tooth engine sprocket for better touring speeds ( I tried a 21T but dropped it down to a 20T for my type of needs) The plug in the timing cover is a Godsend, but should be ally! The brass one is for the chaincase (same thread) And heads up on the float bowl if you're bothered about acquiring the original type fuel pipe? The fitting at the bottom was a banjo type, not a spigot type. Ron
  3. I guess they were cheaper and easier to make. They do tend to rattle with empty pannier bags. However there is a forum member who makes spot on frames (wing nut type). No doubt he'll make himself known to you. Ron
  4. As an aside to this thread. There are pannier frames without the wingnut held supports for the bottom tray. They have a simple slider affair. I've only ever seen these in original pictures, fitted to G3L's. I wonder if they were made by or specifically for Matchless? I found some and fitted them to my G3L, just to have something different. Ron
  5. Unfortunately, looking at an on-line swatch is not going to work for me. I'd prefer a 'hard' sample. Ron
  6. Pete is right. The debates about paint colours can get long and tedious. Unfortunately there is no BS number for KG3. When I acquired my WD/L which had been hand painted black, I found that there was unmolested KG3 inside brake plates, headlamp, tool box, chain guards etc. I mixed paint myself and to my eye it was an exact match. Unfortunately I lost any resemblance of a formula as I just kept adding this and that till I got it right. I've mixed KG3 several times since but there is always a slight variation....which is quite acceptable. I long to be able to buy it "off the shelf" so to speak from my usual supplier. So a friend presented them with a swatch to copy. Which they did and he's sprayed his Norton Big 4 outfit with it and is more than happy. However, to my mind it was just a tad too light, so when I bought some, I added 1/8th ltr Service Brown (BS499) to each ltr and I'm happy with this. The paint I use is Single Pack Polyurethane mat from 'Rainbow paints' and they have given this mix their own code, which hopefully we can use for future purchases. Pix are my 5SW the paint tin label and my WD/L. Ron.
  7. I think you'll find that Jim only concentrates on US vehicle canvas now.With obviously the wrong colour canvas (US Olive) for a British vehicle.John and Mary Worthing are the same! It's a problem for us British vehicle owners. A friend of mine has found a supplier of some correct colour canvas and has also found a trimmer who will make it up for his WOT2. PM me for his email address if you want to talk to him.......He's always more than helpful. Ron.
  8. Ron

    Tilly Let down

    I commissioned a couple of 1.6mm soft solid copper head gaskets to be made. (I have a spare one if anyone needs it...PM me). I've torqued all, the 'new' nuts down in the correct sequence to 25 ft pounds. Rebuilt radiator next! Ron
  9. Ron

    Norton Big four

    Ha Ha! I'll let you know Rik. Ron
  10. Ron

    Norton Big four

    Oh yes, for sure! I've been getting these parts made for well over 20 years and sent all round the World. Sadly my engineer is retiring this month, so the last parts have just gone off to Australia, New Zealand and Malta. I have all the drawings, but doubt I'll find anyone at his prices? Ron
  11. Ron

    Norton Big four

    I don't think Stuart will be able to help much. Here is my Big 4 with original restored body. I have quite a few drawings with dimensions. The timber used was hardwood, what I'd call "one inch prepared" so actually 7/8" thick. PM me with your email address and i'll send them to you. Bless your dad for still having a go at 88👍 Ron
  12. Well a lot of the information is available in the other thread that you found. The revolving spigot appears to be missing from yours, which will need addressing by someone like http://www.chronometricspeedos.co.uk/ Tha angled speedo drive is the same for both Jaeger and standard speedos and the cable is available from JJ Cables, cableman7@hotmail.co.uk Ask them to advice you how they want you to measure it for length. Ron
  13. Is there a question Rien? Your Jaeger pattern speedo doesn't look complete. But a 3HW would have had a standard WD speedo (not Jaeger) Ron
  14. Ron

    Tilly Let down

    Funny you should say that. She thinks I'm the strange one?
  15. Ron

    Tilly Let down

    Hey Duke/ Ferg I'm sure she would have thanked me for a 30 mile ride in this in her prom frock!! And as for swinging her high heels over the side of the carrier😣 Ron
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