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  1. Ron

    OGEL again

    When this nonsense first reared its silly head, we were told that anyone who requires a licence (by nature of the type and age of the vehicle as laid down by the latest rules) Must register with SPIRE for the OGEL. Once you are registered, there is no need to carry or present the licence at any port or destination. You must simply keep a log of your movements......To be presented to the authority on request........Probably sometime never!!! Ron
  2. Ron

    OGEL again

    But isn't the OGEL all about temporary export? ie going on holiday..... It's still a load of old bollocks to me. Ron
  3. Ron


    PM sent. Ron
  4. Ron

    Something a bit different

    My engineer has honed the barrels 'true' and refaced the valves, but the valve guides are badly worn and two of them are actually broken, so he's going to make and install new ones. I'm also still waiting for parts from Germany, so just fiddling around at the moment. I decided to have a go at the markings today. Ron
  5. Ron

    Something a bit different

    I finished rewiring it yesterday, waiting for the barrels and pistons to come back from Ainsley. (No! I would have been on my own. No fun in that! Tim is on Guernsey , Tony was working on his newly acquired 'Chief' and Graham is far to old). Ron
  6. Ron

    Something a bit different

    I've been doing some research and this CAV of Tim's is definitely one of the 325 from the canceled French contract that were supplied to Great Britain. I've calculated it's tank census number. These were never used as front line machines by British forces and Tim has agreed to let me mark it as 'Anti Aircraft Command' ......Stencils ordered. I think the red patch with bow and arrow is very appropriate!! .
  7. Ron

    Something a bit different

    I managed to blag the assistance of a mate who was on a day off work, to help me lift the engine crankcase assembly into the frame. Ron
  8. Ron

    Something a bit different

    After a bit of a hunt, we found some suitable 400x18 tyres which my local friendly tyre firm fitted for me today (I just couldn't face it with current back issues!) I spent several hours just fitting the front wheel and new brake shoes! You definitely wouldn't want to fix a roadside puncture on one of these!! Even on these relatively skinny tyres the front tyre has to be deflated to get it past the drum which has to be already fitted to the right side fork leg. The bike has to be seriously jacked up to get the 27" wheel under the exceptional front overhang of the mudguard. Likewise, the cables and wiring run inside the handlebar, which is another work up, but I have worked on them before, so I have an idea of what to expect. I also greased up everything that I hadn't already greased on assembly........ These Chief's have more nipples than the Luton Girls Choir!!! Ron
  9. Ron

    Matching numbers

    After 30 years of ownership, my Jeep finally sports it's correct 'M' number. Which is thanks to the research and help from Nick Thomas, which led me to the key cards and he even supplied a photo of a Jeep with a very close number. Mine was part of the post war 'Far East Land Forces' ( demobbed in 59)πŸ‘ The other markings are of course fictitious. Ron
  10. Ron

    Something a bit different

    πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ Chris you will come to realize that working gets in the way of your hobby......So I stopped some time ago!! Wheels, handlebar and hub parts top coated today, and here is that great big lump of an engine! Barrels removed for inspection and fin repairs. I've also started to do some work on my newly acquired 5SW. Ron
  11. Ron

    Something a bit different

    Tim came round with another mate to help me lift the frame back into the workshop and I've been building up the front end. I've also spent some time on the wheels, Which aren't too bad as it happens. Some flaking paint and three loose spokes which all tightened up no problem, and I've replaced all the wheel bearing rollers with new 'one thou' oversize and given the wheels some heavy coats of red primer after a good clean up and rub down. I'm hoping my local tyre firm who removed the old tyres for me can find the 400x18 that I'm looking for.....Otherwise it'll be an internet search. Ron
  12. Ron

    Something a bit different

    I've gone with 'Mid Bronze Green' which is not a million miles from the original gloss colour used. Ron
  13. Ron

    Something a bit different

    I guess so. R
  14. Ron

    Something a bit different

    Hi Andy. I think this thing is worth a few pictures. This picture shows how they were painted for the French government contract. I guess they were ordered before hostilities were well under way. Tim wants me to stick to the colour scheme, but I'll compromise on the shininess. I'm picking up 'eggshell' finish paint today. Ron
  15. I've been asked by a friend to help with his military Indian Chief....... I'm doing the paintwork, headstock and wheel bearings, brakes etc. Whilst he attends to the engine and gearbox. It's a 1940 model CAV (with matching numbers) of which I think 5000 were ordered by the French government. Paris fell before they were all delivered (lots of those where taken by the Germans of course) the rest were reallocated, some into UK. There is a good book which I haven't had time to read through yet, called "An American in Paris" about the whole story and renovation advice, colour scheme etc. It took 3 of us to lift the frame and each mudguard weighs about the same as a Triumph frame.....No wonder it needs a 1200cc engineπŸ˜… These items now in primer. Ron