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  1. Ron

    1941 Royal Enfield WDC

    Did you notice how Jan just got in a little dig about my RAF COπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ I'm just off at Sparrows fart with my mate Tim to buy him an Indian military Chief in west Wales. Should take all dayπŸ˜• Ron
  2. Ron

    1941 Royal Enfield WDC

    I'm fairly sure that Jan's report is not on line, but he'll probably respond soon and send it to you on request. Khaki would have been the service colour at the time of production and I can't see any point in depicting it as a rebuilt machine in Service Brown. In 1944 the new Service colour was British Olive Drab to comply with the incoming US vehicle colour. However I don't know how important it would have been to repaint a WD/C as by this time they would have been way down the line of any machines destined for front line or overseas commitment. Ron
  3. Ron

    1941 Royal Enfield WDC

    I don't know, but since the bike in the factory picture doesn't have an oil filter, I guess it's prior to yours. There might be something in Jan's report, but I haven't had time to study it yet.... Or maybe he knows off the top of his head. I'll send him a nudge. Ron
  4. Ron

    1941 Royal Enfield WDC

    PS. Mid war would probably have been Service Brown, which would have commenced from some point around 1942. Ron.
  5. Ron

    1941 Royal Enfield WDC

    Yes I have a pitch at Netley. Plot B8 top of field facing the trees. Jan and all the usual guys will visit me. Ron
  6. Ron

    1941 Royal Enfield WDC

    PS. Another point to consider, is that the pre pannier equipped bikes have the rear brake arm in the 'up' position and a vertical field stand. Ron
  7. Ron

    1941 Royal Enfield WDC

    Quite a late one (oil filter on the engine and short center stand). The factory pictures show some later ones with pillion and panniers fitted, which are soooo handy! It would still have had a ribbed front guard with no number plate. Still a bit early for Service Brown I think, so I guess Khaki Green. Ron
  8. Ron

    Jeep ignition timing

    Yes it is good to discuss these things. I've had my Jeep and my original 'Ford' manual for well over 30 years now. I guess there must surely be repro manuals out there, But for those who haven't got one, here are the relevant pages from mine. If you set the timing at TDC you would then have to ADVANCE it by turning the dizzy.πŸ‘ Ron
  9. Ron

    Jeep ignition timing

    Err! The ignition timing should be set on No 1 cylinder with the flywheel mark IGN in the center of the hole and points just braking...... In the days of very poor 68 octane fuel you are advised to retard the ignition to the TC (Top Center) mark. Which doesn't apply these days. Ron
  10. Ron

    Matchless WD G3L Engine plates

    Yes Duke, I've realized from other posts that although the G3L plates are thinner than G3's, the thickness was made up with strips where needed. I have both bikes in my collection but the stripdowns were so long ago that I've forgotten such details. Ron
  11. Ron

    Flea restoration

    Got itπŸ‘ Ron
  12. Ron

    Flea restoration

    Yes Arnaud is with his young son at the campsite in Normandy where many of us stay during the D Day commemorations. PS I can't think what the blanking plug is that you refer to.....No doubt the penny will drop as soon as I 'submit reply' Ron
  13. Ron

    Another 3HW silly question

    You can see in this factory picture, the aluminium wrap around ties on the front and rear frame tubes. Ron
  14. Ron

    Flea restoration

    I just Had a text from Arnaud, he's on holiday in Normandy this week. Ron
  15. Ron

    Flea restoration

    Richard the levers are about 4 3/4" long... Also a shot of my Airmaze filter with one of Arnaud's repro name plates on. My James ML has the almost identical 'Coopers' maze filter which originally had the makers details embossed into the end cap. I simply sanded the embossed lettering down and fitted one of Arnaud's name plates to make it 'Airmaze' 😈 Ron