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  1. Ron

    Triumph 3 hw

    Massimo It would help if you pass it through Google translate into English first. Ron
  2. Another 'first contract' WD/C, left behind by our retreating BEF boys has come to light on the continent. The owner has asked me for help. It's been glooped together and kept running with lots of wrong parts and inferior workmanship by a Frenchman. The big end and small ends are totally knackered and the bore will have to be measured. I've straightened some bends in the fork tubes and saved any original fasteners which will go for stripping next week and then plating after preparation. Another friend will hopefully make up the missing fasteners on his lathe. Ron
  3. Bloody Hell! Thanks Rik. Ron
  4. Thanks for that Noel. It puts it right in my mind.👍 Your explanation makes perfect sense to me. Whether the other guys will believe it is up to them. Regards Ron
  5. Ah Neil I didn't realize it was you? I guess you also have a interest in the Town. Here is a link to the thread......I think you're able to view it in 'General Discussion' https://bsac10c11c12.co.uk/smf/general-discussion/can-you-help-me-ron/ Ron
  6. I don't think anyone is claiming ownership! The guy who posted them on that BSA C10-11-12 forum lives in Trowbridge and is interested in the history of the town. Any pictures posted on that forum, automatically get tagged with the site name, and I just lifted them off the forum. Do you think he's not correct with his ID of the location? He seems to have done some research on it. I'd still like to prove the guys wrong who claim the registration CMM is 1952!!! Ron
  7. Funnily enough I've been discussing this picture on a none military motorcycle forum. I ID'd the two outside vehicles as Commer Beatles, but wasn't sure about the center one. (I've only got Bart's WW2 directory.) I also ID'd the two motorcycles as BSA M20's and dated the picture at 1938/39. Strangely though I'm being told by several other guys that the CMM registration is 1952.......How can that be? The guy who first posted the pictures lives in Trowbridge and has identified the place as in the yard of the old drill hall (Used by the TA) The building on the right is the gate house to County Hall Trowbridge which was completed in 1940 and then covered by netting to disguise it from enemy bombers.He thinks the cap badges are from the Horse Artillery and they changed from horses to vehicle in 1939. Ron
  8. Makes sense to me now John. Probably makes it a BSEAMER😏 Ron
  9. Sometimes the typed word is not enough. All along I though he was talking about a 1938 BSA. Ron
  10. Forgive me John, I might be missing something here! Does the carb sit in the standard vertical position, but with a vertical stud pattern? I initially thought you were talking about the horizontal carb like this one.......And why two carbs? Ron
  11. Ron

    RAF Royal Enfield

    Today I managed 2 x 7 mile test rides which included some 45+ MPH duel carriageway. The first run proved that the engine vibration was vastly improved and would probably be completely eradicated with some non regulation rubber foot rest and handlebar grips. However I must have disturbed the carb as the engine wouldn't idle properly and wanted to stall at traffic lights etc.....So back on the bench to remove the carb for a strip, clean and poke out those tiny drillings with thin wire. The second run was much more enjoyable with only a noisy tappet to re-adjust when home and back on the bench again. I must admit though, I am completely spoilt by my Model G/WD which is essentially the same, but a much smoother ride with its heavier crank shafts, rubber foot rest and handlebar grips, and rubber mounted handlebars. Ron
  12. Did you mean me Bob? I've had it for over 30 years. I'll phone you. Ron
  13. Ron

    RAF Royal Enfield

    Also it's occurred to me, that the fitting of the Burman engine/gearbox plate to the off side would possibly iron out the last kink in the clutch cable........But too late now! Ron
  14. Ron

    RAF Royal Enfield

    I finished my engine installation today and it started second kick (I don't think I'd tickled it enough first time) . The wind, rain, and inevitable 'Sunday, garden center Muppet's' precluded any attempt at a test ride today! I'll give it a try on the next available dry period to see if the vibration has been eradicated or at least improved on. Ron
  15. You're an officer! You can easily order such a field workshop modification...."Sir yes sir"🙂 Ron
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