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  1. It's a BSA M20. https://portland.craigslist.org/search/mpa?query=7048050052 Ron
  2. Slow going with this one! But here are some pictures of where I'm up to at the moment. Ron
  3. I use matt paint and then rub it over with WD40. There are 4 of the thick rubbers (Hitchcock's have them) But they don't have the longer thinner middle band.https://www.hitchcocksmotorcycles.com/partsbook-pages/3914 I have a spare one. PM me with your email address if you need it. I would also contact Rob Van Meel for parts book and manual. http://robvanmeel.nl/ Ron
  4. As far as I know, the 1942/3 Fleas would have been 'Service Brown' (BS 499) The 1944 bikes would have been 'British Olive Drab' (BS 298). The exhaust system was dull silver (Mat Chrome, Cadmium Plate?). Here's my 43 in Service Brown, I used a VHT silver (aluminium) aerosol can on my exhaust. Ron
  5. I'd say that your chassis is a 1950's Watsonian. Ron
  6. To my knowledge, apart from the Norton Big4, the only sidecar outfits that were officially ordered during the war, were by the Air Ministry. It was the Swallow Model 8 which were fitted to either Norton 16H or BSA WM20. Norton used their own chassis and BSA used the Swallow chassis. Ron
  7. Same guy! And the correct Lodge plug cap! Ron
  8. Chris, Arnaud makes those. Regards Ron
  9. Tom you have had some advice over on the WD bike forum and now from Ferg who is a Matchless fan. I can remain fairly un-biased as I have most WD makes and models in my collection. I would say that without a doubt the G3L is the most nippiest, fastest and comfortable bike from the period, but they are lacking in the girder fork experience. To my mind the G3 is one of the prettiest bikes......But neither are my most favourite bikes to work on. From my collection, my most favourite bikes to ride are my WM20 and my Royal Enfield WD/G. Royal Enfield WD/CO's are reasonably available and with a second to none spares back up from Hitchcock's it's an option worth considering. Personally I think you should meet up with guys and their bikes and form your own first hand opinion. But I'm happy to provide pictures of anything you might want to study.
  10. O&M quote only 30 WO Twins under contract 559903 for the RAF. Frame numbers H15 101- H15 130 engs H15 106- H15 135. The next contract 632331 has 170 bikes so 200 in total but only with a highest frame number of H15 319.........Steve M. ?? Ron
  11. I don't know if any of us know who owns that picture. Mine is a fairly accurate Restoration shown near the beginning of this thread. Not a high resolution and only in a shed environment, so probably no good. Ron
  12. Cheers for that Steve. Maybe give Chris O your up to date number. When he rang you, we were in the top hall where Jobby was and it just said number not available or summink! Ron
  13. Like Steve, I can't tell from a picture. But better that it's post war as it's stronger and parts are available and I won't tell anyone. BTW Steve did you catch up with Chris O at Shepton? He tried your mobile but I think you had forgotten to wind it up🥴 Ron
  14. You're not trying hard enough Chris😄😄 It's on the website under used crankshafts. http://accessories.hitchcocksmotorcycles.com/Used-Parts-and-Bikes/Crankshafts-used/41056 Ron👍
  15. Yes Arnaud in France. I'll email you his email address. Ron
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