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  1. It's straight forward Steve. You adjust the inner cable free length with the screw clamp. Ron
  2. I always prefer some provenance with such stories. Lots of Welbikes were sold off in the USA.
  3. It's probably a mag wheel off another bike. For instance if it's off an engine where the mag is on the right, the mark will be in a totally different place. Best to set the timing the way you have done and scribe a fresh mark for future use. Ron
  4. Yes mine are all like Lex's. At least two of them are Arnaud's replicas. Ron
  5. I've never noticed a difference in that style till these pictures (I have 6-7 of them) I guess they are from slightly different eras/moulds. The one with the three notches is obviously off a car, so I'd use the other one. Ron PS are they identical.....or camera angles confusing me.
  6. No response for several years as far as I know Jenk. All I've seen in a long time is some jumble stuff at Kempton. I know a few guys who have tried to buy a repro WD/C center stand listed on the site. I've no idea what happened to Keiran's stock, but someone ought to shut the site down really. Ron
  7. If you shop around (ebay etc) the Cheng Shins can be much cheaper than "vintage Tyres" Ron
  8. I used these 275 x 19 Cheng Shin on my Flea:- https://www.vintagetyres.com/shop/tyres/cheng-shin-c117-universal-275-19 But Steve M came up with these Anlas tyres recently https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/303444120537?chn=ps Ron
  9. Not required now? They'll find new homes very soon! Ron
  10. Lex my Flea has the same sort of thing as our early D's and C's. That is the slid in boss/bush and I guess a standard ferrule. Ron
  11. This is what I have. There is a male part to the end of the ferrule. Dave at JJ Cables should know about these. Ron
  12. I've heard from several people that there is no response from "War department" website. I think Keiran's son took over when he died. I see him jumbling at Kempton, but don't think he's actually trading??? Ron
  13. Thanks for that Lex. It's quite a coincidence really, as I started to rearrange a couple of bikes in the "museum" on Friday and have just put my 741 in the workshop for a couple of small jobs. I bought my tyre pump well over 20 years which was sold to me as correct for my 741? I thought I remembered that it was brass, which I've just confirmed with a magnet. (Apart from the end foot steady which is steel). It measures 14 1/2" overall and is shown in my photocopy parts list with part number 28W125X. .........But I definitely seem to have the Harley wing nut clips, which I'll correct some time. Ron
  14. OK Steve I'm trying to find out. I'm told so far that Indian had the spring clips and Harley had the wing nut clips. If that's the case, then mine are wrong. Ron
  15. I have one on mine. Must admit I haven't really looked at it for a long time. Ron
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