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  1. Triumph 3hw

    OK definitely a 3HW engine, forks and frame stamped TEC 7. 41 ('Triumph Engineering Co' July 1941) I think you need to clean up the frame/eng numbers and post pictures. Ron
  2. Triumph 3hw

    TL 30307 is one of the last 3SW's from 1941. Engine '3SW' 36451 is from the previous contract in 1940. It sound like you have a sidevalve and not an OHV 3HW.........Need pictures! Ron
  3. Triumph 3hw

    There were 82 bikes ordered for the RAF in 1941. Frame numbers TL 30841-TL 30922. Ron
  4. Wanted 3hw engine cases

    Yes that is worth haggling over by starting with a lower offer. Not that it really matters, but there's no such thing as a pre-war 3HW! This engine is from the very last batch in 1945. Ron https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-Pre-War-3HW-350cc-Single-Cylinder-Pre-Unit/142709302142?hash=item213a23237e:g:O74AAOSwr21ammH2
  5. Royal Enfield ......Rare find

    Well I'm clutching at straws Steve, so got to go along with whatever is offered. Haven't tried acupuncture yet!! Ron
  6. Royal Enfield ......Rare find

    Not quite Andy. There's talk of an MRI scan to try and get a proper diagnosis. Ron
  7. Royal Enfield ......Rare find

    I put some heavy coats of primer on earlier in the week and after flatting down, I got the final parts sprayed today while the sun was shining. Ron
  8. Royal Enfield ......Rare find

    Funnily enough Steve. The first WD/C that I owned years ago, left a trail of oil up the hill from my house on it's first outing, I could see that it came from the rear crankcase vent. I never used that bike and eventually sold it in favor of my current WD/C which I considered a much more correct project bike. I wonder if my first one had an un-drilled cap? I have seen that chapter before though.....Maybe from Jan? Ron
  9. Royal Enfield ......Rare find

    Tell Vee to get her Stilettos on and come walk up and down my spine. Ron
  10. Royal Enfield ......Rare find

    Steve, I had an injection off the Doc last week and another session with the Physio today and spent most of the afternoon and evening on the bed again. Got the Doc again on Monday and hope I can talk him into referring me for some sort of Xray/Scan? I'm supposed to be leading two Motorcycle runs on Easter weekend and the following weekend????!!! Ron
  11. Royal Enfield ......Rare find

    Well Jan has confirmed that not all the early horns had a Miller badge fitted. I wasn't sure about this as I've seen so few and it's easy to swap the rear cover from a later horn. He's also thrown some doubt about the model number for that early model as he's seen one with HF320 stamped on it. So far after some time looking, I haven't found any numbers on the two on my bench. I'm still struggling with back pain Andy. It seems to be on and off all the time......It's no good I've got bikes to ride. Ron
  12. Royal Enfield ......Rare find

    HORNS.... The horn that came with Ben's bike had obviously stopped working at some time and had been gutted by a previous owner and cobbled up with a cheap Chinese horn inside it. However Jan has found a working original 'Clearhooters HF180' in Belgium which has just arrived here. I've been studying these horns over the years and have concluded that there were three types of Clearhooters HF180's. first pattern (pre- war up to about 1940?) is the type with the fine bezel with 6 screws. These often (maybe always?) came with a 'Miller' (lighthouse) medallion badge. I've acquired these Miller badges in the past by buying up old Miller cycle bells. second pattern is a similar horn but with crimped rolled bezel.1940 onward. third pattern is a cast iron type with 6 screws very similar to the Lucas Altette....These are post war. Ron
  13. Royal Enfield ......Rare find

    Nothing much to write about at the moment, still having problems with my back. But I did spend a gentle hour stripping the petrol tank yesterday. One tiny dent to deal with and waiting for my new bottle of 'Jenolite' to arrive before any paint is applied. Mostly the tank had been stripped before being painted black and red. But there was still original green paint under the knee grips, and as I've found on other parts, no primer was ever used on this bike. But still that paint is very tough and hard to remove. Something to be said for that old fashioned paint that we're now denied of. Ron
  14. Numbers Triumph 3HW,.

    My thoughts too Rik. My eyes are probably deceiving me, but I think I can see something. Very difficult with a picture with scratches. Evan as I zoom in of course the scratches get bigger. But well worth discounting it for sure I think. Ron
  15. Numbers Triumph 3HW,.

    Still worth sanding that frame area with some fine wet & dry to get rid of the scratches and look again with a torch and magnifying glass to see if the number has been ground off.