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  1. WD flying flea kickstart

    The correct filter is the 'Air maze' Yours is a 'Coopers' which is near identical . It's possible to lose the embossed lettering by gently sanding with an angle grinder followed by heavy coats of primer, W&D and top coat. Then with one of Arnaud's repro ally discs and a rivet. Bob's your Uncle. Ron
  2. WD flying flea kickstart

    I have reprint workshop manual and parts list for the wartime Flea, but can't remember where they came from. Lex might have literature to sell or look at Rob Van Meel's books. http://www.robvanmeel.nl/?q=search/node/Royal Enfield WD/RE I would think that between me and Lex, we can provide most of the information and /or pictures that might help. It looks like you have an awful lot of the parts that are often missing from these restorations from what I can see from your pictures. I'm sure I can see a correct Miller lamp switch. Have you got the correct/original throttle twist grip and Airmaze filter parts? BTW. no dipswitch or speedo parts required. Ron
  3. Help with identification needed

    Yes to my knowledge. All the Coventry built Triumphs had the frame number around the top bearing boss. But I might be wrong? Ron
  4. Help with identification needed

    Well TL. 21174 is from that contract C7162 which was for 5000 3SW's (with a few 3H's). The contract was demanded in May 1940 and completed in Jan 41. Which ties in with your frame build date. It sounds like someone was making it into an OHV model with a 3HW engine and repro Indian forks. Ron
  5. WD flying flea kickstart

    Yes Terry's are cast in bronze with a steel 'L' bar, whereas the originals were all steel. But once painted you can hardly tell the difference. Terry makes a lot of Flea and ML replica parts (Exhausts, Blackout masks for instance) so might be worth a phone call for a chat (if you're in UK) rather than email on 01189 731631. Mention my name if you want. Ron Pier
  6. WD flying flea kickstart

    Yes quite right Lex and I borrowed one and got it cast in gunmetal and fabricated which was on my Flea for some years before I found an original. We all want original, but as you say, not always possible immediately. Ron
  7. WD flying flea kickstart

    Terry Roberts (Metal Magic) metaltel@yahoo.co.uk sells pretty good repros. It's the best bet until a real one comes along. Ron
  8. Which bike is this from?

    I don't recognise that lamp but I guess with the number plate slot it's post war? A Flea didn't have Lucas parts, it was Miller equipped, including the rare Miller tail lamp. Ron PS I've just been doing some research on the Lucas lamp.... L-WD-MCT1 was the standard Lucas motorcycle tail lamp. Towards the very end of the war when black out conditions were relaxed the number plate illumination slot was added, hence the 'A' for 'Aperture'. But I've never seen that shape fixing bracket before and can only think that it was a revised shape 'post war' to enable easier fitting to a number plate bracket?
  9. Help with identification needed

    PS the 3HW frame numbers are down the side of the headstock. The Coventry built bikes and the very first 3HW's built at Warwick were fitted with Triumph's own forks. Mostly though, all 3HW's were fitted with bought in Webb forks. Ron
  10. Help with identification needed

    F1631 is the part number for the front frame section for all the lightweights from at least 1939, So I guess that is a foundry number for that lug. As you say it's before the bombing of the factory so must be a 3SW/5SW/3H frame. But usually the frame number on these is on the top of the headstock. Ron
  11. Help with identification needed

    Hi. Firstly your frame number is not clear and looks like it might have been altered? But TL.2 xxxx looks like to come from contract C7162 in 1940 which was for 3SW's but topped up with 3H's (not 3HW's) Have a look round the top of the headstock around the boss for the top steering stem bearing to see if there is a number. Also look on the top of the saddle tube for a date stamp for example T.E.C. 6.41. (Triumph Engineering Co June 1941) . Your engine cases are as follows:- 60075 = contract S5354 in 1943/44 .....56008 = contract S2956 1943/44 .....42264 = contract C13948 (which is the other number stamped on) 1942/43. Note also the inspectors stamp just visible at the front. It's not a 3HW tank as they had a scallop on the rear right side for the tank top filter hose and no metal tank badge on the top. I would say that yours is 3SW/5SW and I suspect the knee grip holes have been filled in.. The oil tank should have a screw in thread with a hot cross bun cap same as the petrol tank only smaller.
  12. 3hw crankcase breather needed

    I can't help with the parts, but if you read through this thread from some months ago, mostly between me and Steve, the breather topic comes up with pictures and information.. Ron
  13. The original pipes are 5/16" and I'm quite sure all the fittings are 1/4 BSP. Ron
  14. WD BSA C10's

    Just to liven up this page again. Here are my two WD C10's. (250cc 3 speed box) I don't usually see the need for two of the same model in my collection, but there are so many variations between the 1939 model KC10 and the 1940 model WC10 that I thought it would be interesting to own both. Differences that come to mind are:- Girder forks(1934 forks brought back for the 39), speedo drive and speedo position, handlebars (two piece on the 39), cylinder head and barrel (extra cooling for 40 model) tank knee grips (Empire Star on the 39), saddles (Dunlop rubber on the 39), battery (Nife on the 39), even the front number plate shape is different. Ron
  15. Goodwood Revival

    There's been a WD bike contingent for about 10 years now in the form of a field workshop display (inside the track) There is usually about 20 or so bikes and other artefacts. I think they are doing a 'Bomb Disposal' theme this year. Look for the Douglas Bader statue. I was there for 8 years in a row but then decided to let others have a chance as it's limited. Ron