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  1. I don't know if any of us know who owns that picture. Mine is a fairly accurate Restoration shown near the beginning of this thread. Not a high resolution and only in a shed environment, so probably no good. Ron
  2. Cheers for that Steve. Maybe give Chris O your up to date number. When he rang you, we were in the top hall where Jobby was and it just said number not available or summink! Ron
  3. Like Steve, I can't tell from a picture. But better that it's post war as it's stronger and parts are available and I won't tell anyone. BTW Steve did you catch up with Chris O at Shepton? He tried your mobile but I think you had forgotten to wind it up🥴 Ron
  4. You're not trying hard enough Chris😄😄 It's on the website under used crankshafts. http://accessories.hitchcocksmotorcycles.com/Used-Parts-and-Bikes/Crankshafts-used/41056 Ron👍
  5. Yes Arnaud in France. I'll email you his email address. Ron
  6. I can tell from your picture that you probably know that Hitchcocks have them. But wait for Jan to respond soon. I expect he has some. Ron
  7. I've collected the first batch of fasteners I sent for plating so able to do some assembling. I've assembled lots of girder forks over the years and I think I might have said it before, but Royal Enfield WD/C's take the biscuit for the most awkward!!🥴 Ron
  8. I missed that one☹️ He could have used mine......NOT! Ron
  9. And now I feel guilty again for not, reading, learning and inwardly digesting your report Jan. Truth is I can't even remember yesterdays headlines😏 Ron
  10. Never noticed that Steve! Ron
  11. I'm not so sure Duke? I'm often amazed at the quality and engineering that went into a piece of equipment which maybe only had a life expectancy of a short period. If something was designed and ordered to be produced, I don't think there would have been any instructions to make it shoddy. I've still yet to see an original drop cage but I bet the welds are neat 🙂 Ron
  12. Jan maybe Lex should pass his original through your door for appraisal and possible production? They look like a lot of work but some of the welding and detail on that one don't bare close scrutiny. I'd like to see or good pictures of an original out of interest. Ron
  13. That's OK then and it sounds like the guy making them might be Nigel Silver who I know quite well and is a decent bloke. Ron
  14. Thanks Adrian. I know nothing about the ones being sold. Duke has seen two at Malvern. So you think this latest one might be a repaired original? To my mind there's nothing wrong with a reproduction, as that's probably the only way to own one for a display........As long as everyone is being honest. Ron
  15. Lex told me that there's one in the Airborne museum (NL I think) and there's another one that I think was buried for years and needs some repairs. There's talk of me getting 2 or 3 copied from it......Sometime maybe! Ron
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