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  1. mike30841

    Towing when under SORN

    Try taking off the rocker shaft and remove the pushrods - keep them in order by pushing them through a piece of cardboard and number them. Turn the engine over on the starting handle. If it still locks up the problem is probably with the camshaft/followers. If it now turns freely the problem lies with the valves. A dropped or broken valve could jam the engine if the combustion chamber is small enough, I suppose, but logic suggests it would lock up on one rotation of the crankshaft.
  2. mike30841

    Towing when under SORN

    If the oil pump had failed the oil light would have lit up before the engine cut out. The fact that the camshaft will rotate 4 times (which presumably equates to 2 turns of the crankshaft) strongly suggests a problem with the valve train.
  3. mike30841

    30 cal values

    When you say "old deact" do you mean old spec? If so, bear in mind that unless you have it re-deactivated to current EU/UK specification, it is a criminal offence to transfer ownership by ANY means - you can't even give it away or leave it to someone in your will!
  4. mike30841

    1100 x 20 tyres

    A while ago I bought some modern 1100 x 20 bar treads which I believe are of American manufacture, for a Bedford QL project. A friend has blasted and painted the wheels for me, and took the whole lot to a local tyre dealers (who specialise in commercial, agricultural and plant tyres) for fitting. They were unable to fit them as they will not go on the 20" Sankey rims (too small). I wondered if anyone else has had this problem with this size of tyre, and is there a solution? My running QL was fitted with similar (if not identical) tyres five or six years ago, and the tyre fitter put them on with no problems. Would be grateful for any help/advice. Mike.
  5. mike30841

    Insuring Carrier during shipping

    What you need is a marine transit or marine cargo policy - a decent commercial broker should be able to sort you one out - try googling "marine transit insurance". Hope you manage to sort out some suitable cover. Cheers, Mike.
  6. mike30841

    WW1 Thornycroft restoration

    Don't know if this is any help? I once watched large diameter copper pipe for steam locomotive injectors being formed at my local preserved railway. Their technique was to pack the pipe with sand, clamp one end firmly and heat the area where the bend is to be formed to a cherry red colour, then bend freehand before allowing it to cool. it would probably be possible to bend around a former of suitable material. I don't know if this was a one off or whether it is the usual method, but it certainly seemed to work. Mike
  7. mike30841

    Sankey Wheels

    Hi all, I am in the process of having manufactured some of the studs and nuts that hold together the halves of the two-part Sankey wheels as fitted to most British vehicles of WW2 period ( I believe the studs and nuts are the same on the 16" and 20" rims). I don't yet have any idea of price, but wondered if anybody else needs any of these to replace the odd stud which is missing or damaged? Please let me know as soon as possible if you are interested, so that I can work out how many to get made. May I also wish everybody a happy and prosperous new year. Mike.
  8. mike30841

    Bedford QLT rear seat material and colour

    You are almost certainly correct in stating that vinyl was not available at that time. The coverings on the body I saw were, as I said in my first post, some type of leathercloth ( the trade name "Rexine" springs to mind but I am not certain if this is correct), which pre-dates the plastics era. I very much doubt if this can still be obtained, so a modern vinyl type of product would probably be the nearest equivalent.
  9. mike30841

    Bedford QLT rear seat material and colour

    Have managed to find a rather poor picture, which shows that the covering is very dark, either black or a very dark green. Certainly, in your picture the covering looks very dark and has a fair sheen, so it doesn't look like canvas. Possibly the ones with canvas seats have had them re-covered at some point, either in service or subsequent civilian ownership, or maybe when they were built the factory used whatever they could get hold of. It does seem odd that they may not have been canvas when every other contemporary vehicle I can think of had canvas seat covers - I doubt if anybody knows the reason after all these years. Personally I would probably go with black vinyl or similar, but I am no expert, and have only had the chance to inspect the one example.
  10. mike30841

    Bedford QLT rear seat material and colour

    I looked over the remains of a QLT body a couple of years ago. As far as I could see the seats appeared to have the remains of a black leathercloth type of covering, which would tie in with your picture. Mike.
  11. It is clearly nonsense to state that these are private events. The organisers are inviting the public, for a fee, to attend their show. Are you suggesting that the public should be excluded from such events? Even at a strictly private event, it would be extremely foolhardy, and of doubtful legality, to drive a vehicle anywhere where other people are present, whilst uninsured. If I were to do so and knock you down, causing injury, I am sure you would be screaming for compensation before you hit the ground. Where would that leave you if you were unable to walk or work again, and I had no insurance? It is surely a matter of common sense to have the appropriate insurance before you drive a vehicle anywhere. Thankfully, accidents at shows are extremely rare, but I am aware of an incident at a Landrover show a few years ago when an exhibitor reversed over, and killed, a young child.
  12. 35 years in the insurance industry. As an aside, don't all responsible show organisers insist that show entrants must have suitable third party insurance, and hold appropriate licence to drive the vehicle entered in the show? Certainly, all the entry forms I have ever filled in require this. In any case, just suppose you did drive an uninsured vehicle around a showground, and you injured or killed someone with it - how would you feel? More to the point, how would you pay any legitimate claim against you? Claims for serious injury or death can run to many hundreds of thousands, in rare cases even millions, of pounds. Very few, if any, of us, have pockets that deep.
  13. For the purposes of the road traffic act, a road is defined as any place to which the public have access. This would include private car parks, showgrounds - even a private field if, for example, there is a footpath running through it.
  14. mike30841

    As wierd one

    Try putting your old plugs back in and see if that cures it. Mike.
  15. mike30841

    Bedford MW

    That is interesting, because the one thing I haven't tried is taking the thermostat out and running without. Might give it a go and see what difference it makes - incidentally, I did fit a new thermostat when the engine was rebuilt. Mike.