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  1. 11th Armoured

    Panzer 2 turret

    Cunning & incredibly well executed, if what we've seen so far is anything to go by!
  2. 11th Armoured

    Webbing afair...

    Probably WAY off, but my first thought was that it looks like a telephone lineman's belt...
  3. 11th Armoured

    bedford MWD side board conflict

    I'm not at all familiar with the real thing, so please excuse me if I have the wrong end of the stick, but if your carriage bolt is correct then I would have thought that the only way it would work as intended is if there's a counterbored hole to drop the bolt head below the surface of the wood. Kevin
  4. 11th Armoured

    MK3 Covenanter restoration

    Just by dragging it out of the ground, you've done a hell of a job! Anything you manage with it now is just the icing on the cake. Having seen your Cromwell though, expectations are of course sky-high
  5. 11th Armoured

    Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    I finally managed to catch the programme on 4Seven last night & thought that all-in-all it was pretty good. The tank itself looked superb & definitely is something I plan on seeing next year. Mr Martin's happy-go-lucky folksy act wears a bit thin after a while for me though, but that's just personal preference. The fact he seemed to have deliberately not even done the most basic of reading-up about the subject at hand just came across as a bit daft as well. Hopefully the footage of the state of Lincoln's High Street & the lack of room to manouever/clearances might put to rest some of H&S/PC gone mad brigade. As should the fact that they couldn't even keep it on the dead straight road they eventually did drive it on...
  6. 11th Armoured

    Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    The slight problem there is that no-one in the UK had experienced conscription in the modern sense until it was introduced in 1916 (or probably ever expected it, given the contemporary propaganda that we were still 'sticking it to the Hun'). It's reckoned that well over 2.5 million men were conscripted in the UK by the end of the war. This quote is interesting when one is considering the response to conscription, "...compulsion did not go smoothly. By July 1916 93,000 (30%) of those called had failed to appear, that summer and autumn likely-looking men in public places were rounded up." When you think that a large proportion of the conscripts were fed into the meat-grinder of the Western Front, Bob's comment is perhaps sadly quite apt.
  7. 11th Armoured

    Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    Not at all, I just can't abide misinformation being presented as fact, especially in the present 'post-truth' world.
  8. 11th Armoured

    Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    No, I don't. I do however know a few people who do, and surprisingly they're just normal folks doing their best to get by under very trying circumstances, rather than some new incarnation of either the Gestapo or the Anti-Christ as some would appear to suggest... I also work alongside construction and demolition companies, and have worked on & off in Lincoln for 30 years, so I like to think I know a bit about manoeuvering heavy machinery in & out of congested sites in the middle of this particular town centre - more than Channel 4 & some others seem to, at least. I also saw Guy Martin & his assorted bunch of whatever-the-hell-they-were mooching about town at the last minute trying to work out if they could actually fit a bloody great big tank down the street after all - they obviously decided they couldn't, but of course it's better if they make out that it's all the council's or 'Elf & Safety's' fault, eh? As you originally said, "everything is possible" - it's just that some things are so bloody stupid that you'd have to be an attention-seeking fool to consider them in the first place (in my most humble opinion, of course...). I'm reminded that this is the same fella whose 'world record attempt' in a human-powered hydrofoil on Lincoln's Brayford Pool was curtailed because he hadn't considered that the weeds might foul his pedalo... And he wants to drive a Tank through crowds of shoppers?
  9. 11th Armoured

    Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    The Lincoln one is a little bit more original, though, as it never had a sub-station built into its bum...
  10. 11th Armoured

    Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    Yep, and looks very nice too
  11. 11th Armoured

    Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    You're right, anything is possible, but in that location there's effectively a natural choke-point on the High Street with a number of substantial brick-built planters restricting access - you can get an artic through, but only really first thing before anyone's about. What's the width of a Mk.IV with its sponsons deployed? Because presumably you'd also like some people (of all ages, including kids & the elderly) there to witness the procession? Well, you'll struggle... Road access is also a nightmare - you'd have to run the tank at least 300m along a fairly narrow congested street, through crowds (who may or not care about the Tank itself), and across a medieval bridge just to get to & from a point where you can park a low-loader (with a tight 90 degree turn at at least one end). All relying on whatever forward vision the driver can get between the track horns (even with CCTV cameras, it would be dodgy). At the end of the day, it's not the downfall of Western Civilization, it's a slightly regrettable but practical decision that the council had very little choice over. I'm sure if the council had bent over backwards to make it happen & spent tax-payers' money removing planters & bollards, closing roads, paying for insurance cover and then paying the coppers their fee, people would have been VERY quick to slag them for that too. Rather than lay all the blame at the door of the council, people might want to ask Channel 4 why they put out a press-release announcing this pie-in-the-sky scheme just two months before the event, when they obviously hadn't secured any form of agreement for it to happen. One might also want to question why the only on-site recce that anyone's aware of comprised Guy Martin & a bunch of feckless media luvvies who couldn't even work out how to set out a square of f*cking string to try to check available clearances prancing up & down the street. You could ask why it wasn't suggested that there was an event featuring the replica Tank on one of the two commons, which could have re-enacted the testing of the real things, instead of trying to attempt the practically impossible on the High Street. If you're that bothered about seeing a First World War Mk.IV in the birthplace of the tank, then pop over to the Lincolnshire Life Museum & look at a real one. I note from the press-release that Channel 4 didn't even mention that one, instead choosing to go to Cambrai to see the wreck of one...
  12. 11th Armoured

    Guy Martin - Mk IV Female Tank replica

    Just out of interest, have you ever been to Lincoln High Street, especially around the war memorial?
  13. 11th Armoured


    Have to agree with a number of other posters - hugely disappointed with it after so much anticipation. Seemed the very epitome of style over substance, concerned more with arty cinematography & (attempted) clever directorial tricks than actually telling a believable & compelling (& true, let us not forget!) story. My partner & our daughter thought it was very good, but I've just watched a sub-2-minute trailer for the 1958 film that left me feeling more satisfied than this entire film did. Horses for courses, though, as they say...
  14. 11th Armoured

    REME Lightweight Electrical Repair trailer

    Now, that's just showing off! Beautiful thing (which a strange thing to say about a tool trailer...).
  15. 11th Armoured

    Morris Tilly late model

    Excellent job! I had to replace the rear arches on a much more modern vehicle recently & wish I'd thought of doing it this way... Kevin