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  1. It is possible to argue that - seeing the Germans didn't get here in 1940, having them at a 'living history' event in the UK isn't very accurate... I'm sure I could think of a sarcastic phrase about 'having an Englishman in a Nazi uniform is like having a...'
  2. I don't think anyone is saying this is a Traveller tbh.
  3. Like this '32 BB but with a different cab configuration
  4. The one at the front centre could possibly be an early thirties Ford, maybe a BB, the bigger version of this;
  5. This belonged to the late Godfrey Crew from South Wales. I have seen more military Travellers than anything else but can't say definitively either way
  6. Yes, I prefer the subtle ones too - that pic was simply the most recent one I've seen. I had a two-door with a 1275cc Marina engine, axles, discs etc.
  7. People are still at it - this was at this year's National Rally with Rover V8...
  8. Here's a LHD BAOR Traveller - Dutch registered now - seen in 2013
  9. Here's a pretty Million that I photographed last year
  10. Not long after I'd learnt to drive in a Traveller, I used to see the adverts for the auctions of cast military Minors in the paper. Some of the spares - re-con engines on pallets and the like used to turn up for sale through dealers at MMOC rallies. Here's my civvy one this year
  11. Here's someone else opinion on icons of World War Two; a quote from "The Great Crusade" by General Dwight D. Eisenhower: "Incidentally,four other pieces of equipment that most senior officers came to regard as among the most vital to our success in Africa and Europe were the bulldozer, the Jeep, the 2-1/2-ton truck and the C-47 airplane."
  12. I like this - there's no doubt that the Liberty ships played a huge part in WW2 but also changed the way ships were built as one was launched every seven(?) days in the US. By 1943, my dad was an apprentice joiner in a Mersey shipyard and recalls some coming in to to the Mersey on their maiden voyages laden with supplies. He told me that some used to crack their hull somewhere in rough seas and, in the Mersey, they had a reinforcing repair carried out before sailing out again... This is just a tale about ships that I remember him telling. A couple of liberty ships the SS Jeremiah Johnson and the SS Jeremiah O'Brien are preserved in the US
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