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  1. Or maybe some people fail to see the humour in sarcasm...
  2. This is the crux of the matter - there are owners' meetings and there are big public shows. You pays your money and takes your choice. To some extent, I suppose that choice is influenced by what individuals want from their vehicles. Personally I prefer the low key events and owners' club events and just driving my old junk but, equally validly, others like attending shows and having an exhibit there. I guess, if you're going to a commercial event, you're going to their party so have to abide by their rules. Whether such rules lead to the continuation or growth of a show is another matter altogether.
  3. You're absolutely right, after all it's not like the Half-Ton was designed to fulfil a military contract, was not sold new to civilians while it was in production, was used by three services, was sold to overseas armies, was available in various specialist guises, served in Ulster, Germany and beyond, had a 24v FFR system, was the British Army's standard 4x4 for years, could be stripped for heli-lifts, could be loaded side by side in a transport plane... No, you're right it's not a 'real military vehicle' at all. Here's one of my non-military Land Rovers - it's RAF blue as supplied so it must be civvy right? Jolly Jeeper Taiwanese mountain bike Green canoe Blue Land Rover Garden shears '32 Ford pick-up Shopping trolley with wonky wheel Steel wheelbarrow Morris Minor pick-up Raleigh 'shopper' folding bike Matchbox Scammell Explorer
  4. Very nice job! Some of the original parts are dearer than Jeep stuff too now but I'm sure you know that... PS, I've been having fun in this '53 for 20 years now (not as original or nice as yours is going to be) seen here with its early Sankey trailer
  5. As someone who hasn't been without a leaf-sprung Land Rover - civvy or military - since 1989, I'll second that. The British Army has used Land Rovers from 1948 to the present. Some people see them as 'entry level' vehicles because they are the only 'readily available on a budget' military vehicles these days, others have them for ever. If people exclude entry level vehicle owners from shows, shows will be smaller, traders will be fewer due to reduced footfall, things will be more expensive because those who make the numbers up will take their money elsewhere etc etc. etc, insert the interminable discussion here. Just wondering, do all those 82AB Hotckiss M201s have a 'great historical past'? (I should add that I have had an 'Americanised' Hotchkiss and am not picking on them specifically, merely using another group of vehicles to illustrate the difficulty of supporting one group of military vehicle owners at the expense of another).
  6. It is possible to argue that - seeing the Germans didn't get here in 1940, having them at a 'living history' event in the UK isn't very accurate... I'm sure I could think of a sarcastic phrase about 'having an Englishman in a Nazi uniform is like having a...'
  7. I don't think anyone is saying this is a Traveller tbh.
  8. Like this '32 BB but with a different cab configuration
  9. The one at the front centre could possibly be an early thirties Ford, maybe a BB, the bigger version of this;
  10. This belonged to the late Godfrey Crew from South Wales. I have seen more military Travellers than anything else but can't say definitively either way
  11. Yes, I prefer the subtle ones too - that pic was simply the most recent one I've seen. I had a two-door with a 1275cc Marina engine, axles, discs etc.
  12. People are still at it - this was at this year's National Rally with Rover V8...
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