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    German Navy Surrender 1918

    I went for an interview with the council which covers Dartmouth many years ago. The guy from the council told me that there used to be a costal inlet which after WW1 had a number of German Submarines tied up in. The story was where they were latter became a landfill dump and is now a rereation ground. The German Goverment had asked for permission in more recent years to carry out a exploritory dig but had been refused permission. Don't know if anyone local can confirm this.
  2. REME 245

    Engine Paint colour

    The rebuild colour changed to light blue probably in the late 50's or early 60's. In the thread I refered to a poster confirmed having a war-time rebuilt dated engine in eau-de-nil so it was in use for rebuilds before the end of the war.
  3. REME 245

    Engine Paint colour

    There is a thread some where on here dicussing war-time paint colours. It will also depend if you want a rebuild colour or as it left the factory. Even then under war-time conditions the manufacturers may not have followed pre-war practice.
  4. REME 245

    Engine Paint colour

    Presumably you mean Eau-De-Nil which predates the later light blue engine rebuild colour and probably was used before the end of the war.
  5. The first T34/85 did not enter service until 1943 so definately not 1942 as advertised. The position of the vents on the turrent roof is also meant to denote post-war manufacture.
  6. Every Russian factory seems to have had slight varions in its vehicles plus changes like Road Wheel design during post-war rebuilds. There is a T34 Facebook Page where they can name the particular factory and period of manufacture from small details in photograghs. Most survivors appear not even to be of Russian manufacture. https://www.facebook.com/groups/t34interestgroup/
  7. If he wants a Russian WW2 manufactured T34/85 even harder to find again.
  8. REME 245

    Armoured hoses ?

    I know of some old stock brake seals failing after a short period of use. Just a pity with DAC that there are two seals on the vehicle that cannot be reproduced so modification's are required,
  9. REME 245

    Armoured hoses ?

    Dingo's and probably others had armoured Brake Hoses but would you still want to use them. I had a box of Daimler Armoured Hoses dating back to when ECM were open but I have new ones made up.
  10. Found this by just searching on T34/85 for sale. http://www.mortarinvestments.eu/products/tanks-2/t-34-35
  11. REME 245

    Coventry Climax 6KVA generator set

    Photo's indeed required. Could either be he model on the war-time trailer or much later model.
  12. When I lived in Poole in the 1990's I remember a story on the local news that the Navy had placed charges on all these tanks to stop Drivers recovering items. Quite if they missed some I do not know.
  13. REME 245

    Morris C8

    Looking at that article again it did not become 13 Regiment until the 1960's so a little too late for this vehicle to be in service.
  14. REME 245

    Morris C8

    Possibly an LAD within a Royal Signals Regiment unless you are saying one is painted over the other? There was a 13 Regiment Royal Signals post-war so a possibilty. http://british-army-units1945on.co.uk/royal-signals/regiments---major-units-2/13-regiment-2.html C8's are very lare war vehicles and appear to have seen limited war-time service.
  15. REME 245

    Morris C8

    You will find a generic layout of a 15cwt radio body in Volume 2 of the Book Wireless for the Warrior. I would assume that it would identical to the layout in a Bedford which are the most common version. Must be pictures on this site. Also look at the article in Wheels and Tracks on these vehicles which may show a view.
  16. REME 245

    Vehicle type

    Any suggestions what vehicle this came off?
  17. REME 245

    Paint Colour - 2 Gallon POW tins

    I have seen the 43rd Recce War Diary reference to painting the cans brown and I assumed it was more to do with camouflage rather than signifying content. There may also have been stenciling on the cans. The vast majority of british and canadian manufactured vehicles that went to France in 1944 must still have been painted brown so they were just painting them to match.
  18. REME 245

    Catering core

    Some manuals here. https://robvanmeel.nl/?q=search/node/catering
  19. REME 245

    switchboard to generator lead wanted

    Considering it had not run since army rebuild in the 1960's thats good going.
  20. REME 245

    switchboard to generator lead wanted

    Have you had it running yet?
  21. Morris would still sell SAE 50 so strange they would recommend you to SAE90. The other two are correct.
  22. REME 245

    Daimler Armoured Car

    There were I believe 2 Daimler Armoured Cars in Pounds Scrap Yard one of which I now have and the other in unknown hands. The attached picture shows one but unless mine has had the wings repaired this is not mine. I also remember seeing one parked under the motorway bridge during the 1990's. Is the other owner on here and does anyone have any other pictures? I believed the engine covered were also swapped and I have the other vehicles.
  23. REME 245

    Ferret Brakes and Silicone Brake Fluid

    I was always under the impression that the american army were big users of Silicone flluid so presumably have not experienced any problems. I used it in my Humber Armoured Car and now in my Daimler so it will be interesting to see how it performs on their disc brakes.
  24. REME 245

    Caunter-camouflaged gem at the YWE

    I know the source. Fantastic tires but very expensive by the time you get them over here.
  25. REME 245

    Caunter-camouflaged gem at the YWE

    The tires look good as well. If they are new production it would be interesting to know where they came from.