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  1. I wish people would stop claiming that post-war 17 Pounder Gun Tractor conversions are original Kangaroo or Recce vehicles. http://www.milweb.net/webvert/a3881/95982
  2. I believe there are manuals available on e-bay and the description of this example states power is drawn from the radio being tested. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CLANSMAN-MILITARY-RADIO-TEST-KIT-FOR-FIELD-USE-GWO/312226864215?hash=item48b22bdc57:g:Qx0AAOxywCJRah4z
  3. Various re-print Morris manuals available here. http://robvanmeel.nl/?q=catalog/292
  4. The War Department (WD) becamethe Ministry of Defence in 1964 so unless they continued using that stamp after the 1960's it pre-dates the AS90.
  5. What are these from? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Barn-Find-Original-Ww2-British-Army-Willis-Jeep-Dingo-Vehicle-Canvas-Door/303090310642?hash=item4691971df2:g:X-4AAOSwHu9cg6Ok
  6. 1939 dated RAF Fire Extingwisher. Can deliver to Malvern - £80.00.
  7. The Great War Forum will probably be a good source of information.
  8. It would probably help if you stated what period but if war-time for that size you will need to get them made up or get a tailor to convert something civilian still in production.
  9. This is the best forum for Badges. https://www.britishbadgeforum.com/forums/
  10. REME 245


    Wonder where that Ferret has come from if indeed it is straight from the MOD. Bar Grip Tires and a towing Hook on the back.
  11. http://www.vintagemotorspares.com/phdi/p1.nsf/supppages/hodge?opendocument&part=3
  12. I have allways used this company as have friends. Expect a wait as they always seem very busy. http://www.carbex.demon.co.uk/
  13. If you attract the wrong type of attention with deacts, irrespective of if you are carrying the certificates, the Police will seize your weapons as they will say only firearms trained personel can make the decision on whether they are actually compliant. You can then have a very long wait and a lot of hassle trying to get them back. I have seen modern SAS type landrovers with everything fitted and covers on the MG's, but is it realy worth the risk and potenial hassle. Providing you have the necessary excemptions to be in the pocession of replias its not so much of a problem, but the police will still stopped you if they don't like what they see or they think you are distracting other drivers. How you store them at home is down to you.
  14. As with vehicles it depends when the Chorehorse was manufactured. As with the British Army our version of Olive Drab was only introduced in May 44 with strict instructions that vehicles in previous colours were only to be repaint when due and necessary! The same would also have been true of the colour of the canvas covers.
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