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  1. Generator

    I would notspend too much money restoring it as you can buy complete examples of the Generator and Panel for about £100 each. You also need the specific lead for the generator to connect the panel. I may have a spare Dynamo but your engine looks like it has been modified to do something else. They normally drive through a fabric coupling.
  2. Is there any ways of restoring new old stock Cork Seals which have dried out and become brittle. Can they be soaked in anything?
  3. Generator

    Its an Air Ministry Villiers Battery Charging Unit. They charged through a seperate Generator Panel allowing adjustment in the charging rate and a number of batteries to be charged at the same time. The army versions were the second most common Generator to be found in the army after the Canadian Chorehorse models. I have Petter and Onan engined version for sale if anyone is interested.
  4. Ford Thames E4

    They were up until recently a very common truck to turn up in Timber Yards etc. with very little interest shown. Must be a few preserved out there.
  5. Dingo fuel pump

    Just tried reading your Post fully so ignore.
  6. Dingo fuel pump

    Off the top of my head is it a type T Fuel Pump? Very common pump with the components shared between different pumps. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AC-T-Type-U-Type-UE-Type-Fuel-Pump-Kit/202105512216?hash=item2f0e6d6118:g:Pg4AAOSwXshWqz3n https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Daimler-Dingo-Fuel-Pump-Kit/201734804015?hash=item2ef854d22f:g:quwAAOSwWTRWu2dE
  7. Wanted - 28" Bicycle Tyres

    This site built a batch some years ago which were sold on e-bay. I was not aware that they were still selling them.
  8. Wanted - 28" Bicycle Tyres

    There are a number of different patterns but that type would be acceptable if available.
  9. Wanted - 28" Bicycle Tyres

    Wanted a source for 28" Bicycle Tyres for my BSA Infantry Bicycle. Also looking for a source for reproduction Rifle Clips.
  10. Generator for what vehicle ?

    Try asking on this Forum. Looks like an Onan as here. http://www.stationary-engine.net/forum/showthread.php?t=44892
  11. Wanted - Lockheed 102964 m/c brake seal

    Past Parts in Bury St Edmunds can get individual seals made up from an example. They made seals for my Daimler Armoured Car Wheel Cylinders. Obviously make clear the type of Brake Fluid you are using.
  12. Points Identification

    I am informed that they are the old Ford V8 Diver Helmet Distributor Points.
  13. MMG Sow on Patch

    The wording would suggest Medium Machine Gunner Trade Badge which is one of the many unofficial variations of the regulation MG Trade Badge. Quite if it is WW1 or WW2 I will leave to others. Could also be from a Commonwealth Country. I have one other trade badge with this style of wreath.
  14. RAF vehicle camouflage

    This particular Radar set was used by both the Army and RAF. The associated Douglas Generator Set one of which I used to have also had separate WD and AM Plates on it to allow for their separate stores designation.
  15. Presumably all the generator trailers are the type which got rebuilt post-war with the Coventry Climax engines and are very common. Unfortunately only the early releases survived in their original configeration.