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  1. Bear in mind also the colour of canvas depending on when the vehicle was manufactured.
  2. Let us know how you get on. I am in the same situation with a WW2 vehicle out of Pounds Scrap Yard.
  3. Can anyone suggest an Engine Reconditional please who can rebuid war-time Humber engines and who does not have a very long waiting list.
  4. Should go well with all the vehicles using them. Hopefully 11.00 X 20 next as the other common war-time size found on all 3 tonners.
  5. Found on most British war-time AFV's and only fitted to Mk3 Dingo's during the war.
  6. Which sizes did you order in the end?
  7. Still looking for a couple of these 11.00 X 20 if anyone has any.
  8. They are the correct pattern and possibly private puchase but with those markings unlikely to be war-time.
  9. Thats the company I used so they should still have the pattern but you can scan in an original and send it too them.
  10. I had some Gaskets made some years ago as the only UK dealer had none left but I have no ideal if I have any left or indeed where they are.
  11. I remember seeing WW1 dated WD Goods Wagons at Hursts Yard near Andover probably 20 years ago. Probably came out of one of the Ammo Depots beig closed at the time.
  12. Many of the Foxes were already on Michelin Tires by the time they were released so presumably they may still be in production.
  13. Have you tried e-bay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Land-Rover-and-military-vehicle-bridge-weight-plate/152740391004?hash=item239009685c:g:0ZgAAOSwA3dYU-Cb
  14. Same with all the Canadian Shermans and Sextons off the dockside for that money and some ended up being sold to the MOD as hard targets and many more were cut up in Portugal. Those were the days!!!
  15. If they are defective deacts whatever the phrase was they presumably revert back to their original clasification prior to deactivation and hence dealers with the appropriate licence can buy them and do further work or sell them out-side of the EU.
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