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  1. Many of the Foxes were already on Michelin Tires by the time they were released so presumably they may still be in production.
  2. Have you tried e-bay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Land-Rover-and-military-vehicle-bridge-weight-plate/152740391004?hash=item239009685c:g:0ZgAAOSwA3dYU-Cb
  3. Same with all the Canadian Shermans and Sextons off the dockside for that money and some ended up being sold to the MOD as hard targets and many more were cut up in Portugal. Those were the days!!!
  4. If they are defective deacts whatever the phrase was they presumably revert back to their original clasification prior to deactivation and hence dealers with the appropriate licence can buy them and do further work or sell them out-side of the EU.
  5. I was told they were Trowbrigde by the owner and I suggestedthe locations on the original post and the buildings match but not the back grounds. In one there is a different building and on the gate house main picture you cannot get the orientation correct for the location so I am still to be 100% convinced. Neil
  6. These are a friends pictures that I posted on local site so it shows how quickly they get round the web. Interesting how the person posting them has put his deatails on them to presumably claim ownership. The exact identification on location is yet to be confirmed. I dont have Barts earlier book.
  7. Looking again neither are Guys. The two outer ones are Commer Beetles.
  8. What make is the vehicle between the two Guys in this picture. Almost looks like one of the Canadian CMP prototypes.
  9. No serious re-enactor would be seen dead in one but SOF BD's are relatively cheap. https://www.sofmilitary.co.uk/1940-bd-battle-dress-wool-jacket.html
  10. Dont know if Panther are back in production yet after the death of the owner. They did say originally that no more British stuff would be produced but I believe that has changed. There are better UK suppliers but one is out of material and you will have a very long wait for the other. Stating your size and advertising on one of the FB Groups may help. Lots of originals as well if your head is not too big.
  11. Any recomendations please on the best replica SA80 on the market with Iron Sights whether Air Soft or otherwise? I have the legal requirement to aquire one.
  12. Is this one? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VINTAGE-BRITISH-ARMY-OLIVE-GREEN-WASH-KIT-UTILITY-TOOL-ROLL-POUCH-DATED-1971/193026332169?hash=item2cf1441609:g:q~0AAOSwxTpdQ5K5
  13. If you want a complete functioning one rather than just the bottom part for an Airborne Jeep or similar you are probably looking at 4 figures to get one made. There are gears and rack to get made up as well as all the castings and other fabrication.
  14. There are probably no more than 1 or 2 in private hands in the UK so good luck. I used to own one of the more complete examples.
  15. All their batteries look the same and are correct for the period. You need to look at your required Amp Hour requirement and size to fit the holder on the vehicle.
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