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  1. Most 7.62mm I have observed are Israeli.
  2. Watch out for ones that have been converted to 7.62mm as well. They are worth less.
  3. You will probably get better results from the Stationary Engine Forum.
  4. It has compressed Gas Bottle warning symbols on it. Welding Trailer?
  5. The presence of Rifle Clips and green paint inside the cap would suggest the MOD tested it.
  6. Looking to aquire a deactivated P17 Rifle to do a Home Guard sketch.
  7. 1939 dated RAF Fire Extinguisher price £70.00. Collect from Trowbridge or Malvern.
  8. The fact it has brakes front and rear makes it a MkV* so later rather than earlier but not sure when this mark was introduced.
  9. Bear in mind also the colour of canvas depending on when the vehicle was manufactured.
  10. Let us know how you get on. I am in the same situation with a WW2 vehicle out of Pounds Scrap Yard.
  11. Can anyone suggest an Engine Reconditional please who can rebuid war-time Humber engines and who does not have a very long waiting list.
  12. Should go well with all the vehicles using them. Hopefully 11.00 X 20 next as the other common war-time size found on all 3 tonners.
  13. Found on most British war-time AFV's and only fitted to Mk3 Dingo's during the war.
  14. Which sizes did you order in the end?
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