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  1. REME 245

    Help with formation sign

    1st Guards Brigade.
  2. REME 245

    chorehorse charging set MK1

    The Canadianms would have used brown for most of the war.
  3. REME 245

    Daimler Armoured Car

    Thanks for the picture. Mine still had the Smoke Dischargers on when aquired by the previous owner so quite if I can identify it from this is questionable. Rex Cadman had the other one so I dont know if he is on his forum or anyone who works for him can confirm if his has the wing damage above. I also appearently have his engine covers if he wants to swapped. The vehicle numbers on stamped on them and mine do not fit 100%. I spent the day grinding the panel off the side of the turret which covers the holes from the previous war-time pattern of smoke Discharger. Interestingly on the side against the turret was the part number from the conversion kit and the date 1946. They obviously started fitting these very soon after the end of the war.
  4. The experts on the subject can be found here who can tell what factory war time production tanks were built in from small detail differences. https://www.facebook.com/groups/t34interestgroup/ These Tanks have certainly been through post-war rebuilds to get the Star Fish Wheels and the smooth casting on the Turrets is a good give away feature. Russian war-time production tends to be a lot rougher.
  5. REME 245

    Unusual Saracen

    Could these be one of your vehicles or a NI conversion?
  6. REME 245

    bren +tripod

    I know if we leave the UK but I was refering to staying in and the EU changing their mind. Our Goverment is very quick to enact any EU ruling into UK Law. Quite if they would reverse it so quickly is another thing.
  7. REME 245

    bren +tripod

    Thats why I made the comment.
  8. REME 245

    Unusual Saracen

    I will check to see if I still havethe pictures.
  9. REME 245

    Unusual Saracen

    I have posted pictures of these vehicles in the past at Ludgershall.
  10. REME 245

    bren +tripod

    If that did happen I would assume that it would need new UK legislation to ammend that already inacted.
  11. REME 245

    NEW Track grip tyres, British WW2

  12. REME 245

    NEW Track grip tyres, British WW2

    Bar Grips are still manufactured so should not be a problem aquiring.
  13. REME 245

    Trailer identification

    Without further pictures difficult to comment.
  14. REME 245

    bren +tripod

    The current wording of the relevant act states that you can sell previous spec deacts to countries out-side of the EU hence some are saying when and if we leave the EU, unless they change the law again you will be able to sell old spec deacts again but not create any new ones. I am not a legal expert so not qualified to give a legal option.
  15. REME 245

    German Navy Surrender 1918

    I went for an interview with the council which covers Dartmouth many years ago. The guy from the council told me that there used to be a costal inlet which after WW1 had a number of German Submarines tied up in. The story was where they were latter became a landfill dump and is now a rereation ground. The German Goverment had asked for permission in more recent years to carry out a exploritory dig but had been refused permission. Don't know if anyone local can confirm this.