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  1. As an inservice weapon It is presumably still clasified as a Restricted Document so excempt from the FOI Act.
  2. Banisters may have some. https://www.milweb.net/go/banister/
  3. I will have a play this weekend. It did not leak before being rebuilt but I don't want to send it back to the company if I can avoid it as it will take so long to come back..
  4. One of the carbs on my Daimler AC is flooding after rebuild leaking out of the top cover gasket. Assuming that the float has not sprung a leak can this be cured by simply bending the arm very slightly which acts upon the inlet valve?
  5. You should be able to find find the trousers on e-bay if you keep a watch out probably size 18 but your chest measurement is bigger than the normal stock sizes so a special order through the system at the time. All large size BD's are very hard to find as the average person was much smaller then so very few large sizes were manufactured.
  6. Does anyone manufacture the flexiable metal spouts the war-time versions of these oil cans were fitted with?
  7. Both FB Groups and sites like this have a place and should work together. Unfortunately a lot of very good sites like this have folded to the detriment of their subject areas when people have migrated to FB. The thing I don’t like about FB sites is they attract a lot of people who know very little about their subjects but which does not stop them commenting at great length. When questions get answered you can also get huge long threads where individuals comment without making any attempt to read the previous answers and wrong facts have to be repeatedly corrected. Due to weak admins on some FB Pages they can also get flooded with non-relevant posts or taken in a direction which does not reflect their subject areas. The Eager Beaver FB Group probably works a lot better as I assume the membership will be limited and hopefully does nor attract tire kickers.
  8. I will scan the drawings in next week.
  9. I have the 'Manual of Recovery' Part IV which covers Winches Portable. It lists 4 types in use namely the No. 1 Mks. 1 & 2, No. 2 Mks. 1 & 2, the 5 ton two speed and the and the single speed 3 ton.
  10. Presumably if you have written proof of the loan of the Medal from the owner of the Museum you have obtained a crime incident number from the Police. The medal may be tracable by advertising on the varions collecters sites but obviously you stand no chance of recovering the medal without evidence. One reason I don't give/loan things to Museums including Bovington in my case as items can disappear.
  11. When I first joined the MVT in the late 70's it was the american vehicles that were relatively rare and people would restore them from wrecks. Then during the 1980's the flood gates opened with all the MAP supplied vehicles being released from the NATO armies and we were flooded with huge quanities of American vehicles of all descriptions. Many British war-time vehicles have alse been exported to the continent or the states.
  12. Nice looking T16 Carrier. Used by the Canadians during the NW Europe Campaign. They fitted many of theirs with mounts for .50 MG upfront which may be that casting in one of the pictures.
  13. The badges are 52nd Lowland Division (Brigade after 67) and on the other side a yellow and blue square with a white strip on top on which the unit designation was sometimes printed. On the door is a Royal Corps of Transport transfer. Probably either 153 or 154 Transport Regiment RCT. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/154_(Scottish)_Regiment_RLC
  14. Whats going to happen all the DP weapons the Cadet Forces had to hand in last year. Scrap I assume. Presumably the .22 Rifles which they only aquired abour 3 years ago which have also been withdrawn will be sold as not real military weapons.
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