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  1. Were Firestone Tires available in 10.50 X 20 during the war for British Vehicles or were they fitting 11.00 X 20 which replaced the smaller size post-war. The Firestones are shown on Daimler and Humber Armoured Cars during WW2.
  2. A lot of owners of these get very upset when you tell them that their vehicle is not an original WW2 Naffii Wagon.
  3. Lots on e-bay and other sites. Sizing Charts can be found here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Battledress
  4. I think you mean for cleaning the Gas Cylinder. Used as a Reamer to remove the carbon.
  5. Does anyone have a war-time dated 'Roll Tool Kit Large' part number LV6/MT1/15921 which they can picture please.
  6. The engine if nothing else will be the same in this manual. http://robvanmeel.nl/?q=content/crusader-i-ics-ii-ii-cs-iii-description-maint-130-p
  7. Used to be one in our cadet store but someone got to it before me!!!
  8. I wish people would stop claiming that post-war 17 Pounder Gun Tractor conversions are original Kangaroo or Recce vehicles. http://www.milweb.net/webvert/a3881/95982
  9. I believe there are manuals available on e-bay and the description of this example states power is drawn from the radio being tested. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CLANSMAN-MILITARY-RADIO-TEST-KIT-FOR-FIELD-USE-GWO/312226864215?hash=item48b22bdc57:g:Qx0AAOxywCJRah4z
  10. Various re-print Morris manuals available here. http://robvanmeel.nl/?q=catalog/292
  11. The War Department (WD) becamethe Ministry of Defence in 1964 so unless they continued using that stamp after the 1960's it pre-dates the AS90.
  12. What are these from? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Barn-Find-Original-Ww2-British-Army-Willis-Jeep-Dingo-Vehicle-Canvas-Door/303090310642?hash=item4691971df2:g:X-4AAOSwHu9cg6Ok
  13. 1939 dated RAF Fire Extingwisher. Can deliver to Malvern - £80.00.
  14. The Great War Forum will probably be a good source of information.
  15. It would probably help if you stated what period but if war-time for that size you will need to get them made up or get a tailor to convert something civilian still in production.
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