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  1. Hi Ian201, sorry about that i hope you got back without two many problems with the landie, also your more than welcome to run your camra over the matador when your ready if theres any pics you need in until then just let use know. More halley parts to come. Dan and Jen.
  2. I'M BACK!:wave: Hi all, sorry I havent posted for some time now I have still been working on the Halley as well as other projects and jobs. Today i went to the foundrie to collect the radiator side castings and the patterns and also the steering joint castings plus pattern, i have also made the new mudgaurd brackets for the front end plus finishing off the front axle, shackel pins, and the new front hooks so all now fitted so heres some pics of the patterns and will post pics of the castings at some point.Dan and Jen.
  3. Hi Ian, im looking at my options on making a pattern for the stearing box casting so prob yes to having it cast just need to save up for it. DAN AND JEN.
  4. Hi Ian, thanks i cant wait to see your mat when shes done will let you know when your hoopsticks are done. regards Dan Jen and Joe.
  5. Hi mtskull, thanks i do my best and i can't wait for the day i can drive the Halley.
  6. Hi all, got into work early to fit front axle, so now i have one W D Halley rolling chassis.:yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::banana::banana::banana::wave::wave: NEXTJOB to make the stearing arms balljoints and trackrod, and then look at starting the stearingbox, i have got a stearing box that was kindly given to me by Tony and Steve gosling (thankyou) its not a halley box but i will try to use the internals out of it and fab my own casing. DAN AND JEN.
  7. Hi all, here are some pics of the axle after machining more parts for it enjoy. DAN AND JEN.
  8. Heres some more for you all to see.DAN AND JEN.
  9. Hi all, i have now pressed the bronze bushes into the guide tubes and pressed the tubes into the axle and also screwcut the caps. Enjoy DAN AND JEN
  10. Ian this one is for you, this is what dad's matador looks like so far after having the new canvas from Martin at allied forces fitted. The next job is to fit the front seat box.This is what your mat could look like. regards DAN AND JEN
  11. Hi Steve, its taking longer than id like it to but is getting and im pleased with the results, heres some pics of the bearing tubes for the front axle.Regards DAN AND JEN.
  12. The front axle after the machining and making of the U bolts.DAN AND JEN.
  13. Hello Old School Punk, thanks I aim to get the highest standard I can get in the work I do, and I also get joy from inspirering other people to do there projects. Keep following this as there will be alot more to see. Thanks DAN AND JEN.
  14. Hi Ian, I am glad you are enjoying your matador even before you have got it running, that is always a good sign of what joy you will have as your project progresses, I look forward to seeing you truck restoration. Will let you know when your hoop sticks and side angles are started. Regards JOE DAN AND JEN.
  15. Hi Ian, thanks im getting there with the project, iv finished all the machining of the axle and the spring clamps, just finishing off the (U) bolts for the same. Dad's matador is on its way to being finished, i dont think hes put any pics of the matador on the web yet, how is you project coming on? Look forward to seeing you. Regards DAN AND JEN.
  16. :shake:Here's the thing we've all been waiting for, the front axle casting! Since this picture was taken it has been fully machined:yay::yay:.:yay:One step closer to:drive::beer:This is what the halley's driving seat will look like on a rally field. DAN AND JEN
  17. I have started the radiator patterns, here are some pics of them so far.
  18. Hi all, thanks for the coments here's some more pics of the gear stick
  19. Hi all, here are some pics of the Halley's progress... (tHIS IS ,4U DARVID's herbeurt)te he)+
  20. Alos not forgetting the brake rod ends that i had to make so far a total of threei did think about making a pattern but in the time i would have waited i might aswell make them and get the job done.:shake: i cant sit still for more than a few minutes te he. DAN AND JEN
  21. here are the pics of the new bulkheadwith one coat of paint (brush painted still another two coats to go). DAN AND JEN
  22. Hi all found the camara so here are the pics of the gear selector bracket that the gate and gear stick bolt to
  23. Hi all i have now got three coats of paint on the bulkhead and drilled the holes in the front of it also the halley is now in our workshop in the dry and warm after living out side under a canvas:yay:. i have now started making the gearstick and the bracket that supports it the bracket is a type of open gate but with each of the selectors in the gates and held in gear by a leaf spring against the gear stick will get some pics soon once i have found the camara.:angry DAN AND JEN
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