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  1. and finally, the gearbox, this is/ was the largest missing part of my truck, everything else is now small stuff, well smaller.
  2. I was given a fuel tank by one of my friends, i measured it up and the tank was the same width, only 3" shorter and 2" shallower, so made all the brackets to the drawing, but to suit tanks dimension.
  3. Rear hooks and brackets, all fabricated, infact I ended up using some offcuts from a G.W.R signal box lever.
  4. Another picture showing all new parts for top end.
  5. New valve guides, valves, springs, ect,
  6. Hello all, sorry for the lack of progress reports, as David said, things this past year have been very "interesting" as a result truck progress has been minimal, but to all your delight I have some progress to update. So with much ecitment I am happy to show and tell you all about it. The truck has been away the past few weeks, at a friends place having the cab and woodwork done, I decided to delegate some of the tasks to help push the project forward, I have also been machining parts for the engine, and chassis. Also with many many many thanks, I finally have a gearbox, this is from an Albion A10 and will do perfectly till I make the original, time and money being a massive factor And finally, after one of our friends being a draftsman in his working carer, he drew up the steering gears and they are now being produced, so I am really looking forward to getting this fitted up and see if everything works out how I planed. I am now pulling out all the stops and have a dead line to finish my truck, latest is first week in may 2k18, this is a tall order considering some obstacles at this end, but will do my very best to meet this. Now time for the wall of photos, ENJOY
  7. Morning Andy, i looked at the instructions ( i know,thos is rare) and the temp range isn't that good tbh, from what i remember it said it's running temp was about 100°c. So your prob right in saying, it will all be out after a few runs, but maybe replaced by carbon and oil
  8. Morning Trevor, i only thought of this after talking to my brother in law, who works on the Bluebell railway, he said they have a loco with bad blow holes in tge cylinder bore, so to keep it going, the put belzona in it, he said its still going strong aftwr many years of working. So i was keen to see if anyone had tried with a petrol engine. Thanks anyway, and if i do decide to do this, i will report my findings in here as and when i remove the cylinders during its running life.
  9. Hello rusty followers, has anybody used belzona to fill in pitting inside a cylinder bore? I have had the cylinders machined out to match the 0.040 over sized pistons, but the pitying in one cylinder is still queit bad, i don't want to fit liners if i can help it for one cylinders sake, so was wondering if anyone has done this and if it was a sucsess?
  10. You are correct, and no the Halley doesnt have an impulse mag.
  11. As far as i can find out, yes, this was the only source of spark. Don't worry, i drive a Ford Son standard N, i have plenty of practicewith handle
  12. Hi all, sorry it's been a while, i have now finished all the loose ends and the Halley is now centre stage in our workshop. One thing i have done of recent was to find a magneto and have it rebuilt. It is a Simms mag, not the correct one for this engine but it will be fine nether the less.
  13. Hi Brooky, sorry for the long weight, yes, it has had a Scammell cab fitted in some point during its working life.
  14. Happy Christmas to all, from the Halley and I. Hoping to get some updates on here in the new year, but until then, have a good one.
  15. Hi Enigma, i dream of the day i can drive it To be honest it's not that far away now, well closer than i have ever been to getting it running.
  16. Hello adinmass, i have found an engine ID number [ RU.76847] also most of the casting numbers start with the letters RU. Any infomation or help would be very appreciated indeed, and maybe if identification can be verified then the quest for missing parts on the engine can begin/ continue on a new chapter. The parts that are my biggiest bug at the moment are the con rods and pistons which are missing, so to even get some measurements from one would be very helpful. Thankyou.
  17. No sorry, it is a Unipower Forester.
  18. Hi all, just thought i would bring you up to date, I have n been working on the Halley getting it ready for a few events, one of which is Dorset steam fair. All the bits for the steering box has been machined excluding the worm and segment, i have started figuring out the angles and ratios for the worm so should soon have the information i need to look at manufacturing. I also did some more on the engine block, namely cleaning and preping the crank case for welding/ welding up some cracks that i believe might have been caused by a thrown con rod? Also my dad and i made and fitted the floor frame work for the body, it is really starting to look like a truck. ps sorry if this turns out horrible, im seeing if i can do uploads from a moble phone
  19. Hi all. Well i have been getting on with making parts for the Halley, so Friday i decided to machine the steering box arm which needed two tapered holes machined into it, the large end ( wayshaft end) was 1 1/2 id with 10 degree taper and the other end ( track rod end) had a 1 1/8 id with a 2 degree taper, this casting also needed to be machined down to some nominal sizes before i started to put any holes in it. I did make one mistake that caused a bit of an annoyance, machined the taper on one of the holes the wrong way, meaning that the drag link would hit into the tyre before full lock was achieved. So ended up machining the taper parallel with a step on end then machining up a top hat bush with the taper machined into it then pressing this into the new hole to rectify the mistake. Also i have machined the steering wheel casting that was supplied by the Goslings, this also has a tapered bore but only 1 degree and id of 1 1/8th, so this and the steering arm can now be sent off for keying, then i can start to draw up the steering worm and pinion. I am hoping to try and machine the steering worm and pinion myself for the challenge of trying, i just hope it turns out ok, so if anyone has any tips on machining such a thing or even how to figure out the parts of correct practices your advise will be much appreciated. i did try to upload some more pictures but am having trouble doing so, so bear with me on them. Dan.
  20. Thanks for the pictures, infact if you look on the info board besides the Halley chassis there is a picture of my one before i got it ( well way before i was even on this planet). so news flash: on monday i went to the sawmills and ordered the wood for the rear body floor joists, i couldn't afford Ash so have ended up getting the joists done in a hard wood the same collcolour as mahogany, i can't remember the name of type of wood (i must be getting old ) Pictures still in progress of uploading sorry
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