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  1. Just been for a walk round tonight (well it is only 5 mins walk from my home!). Some lovely vehicles there & very firendly owners! Enjoyed chatting & having a nosey round, looks like its going to be a great weekend! :cheesy:
  2. Hi all, I love old military vehicles, unfortunately I don’t have the space to have a real one so have had to make do with toy & model equivalents! I am currently putting together an article on models of the Fordson Thames E4 truck using models from my collection. Many of you may remember the Dinky Toys or smaller Matchbox ambulance version but there are several more unusual and strange versions, see photo below for a selection. I am fairly knowledgeable on the toy versions but I am struggling to find a lot of information or photos of the real versions. They seem to have been quite a rare vehicle! I would love to find a photo of the real thing, ideally the ambulance version which someone will kindly allow me to feature in my article (for publication in Model Collector magazine). The rest of the photos will be the toy versions but it would be great to have a photo of the real thing to be able to compare against and finish off the article. Thanks very much for reading & hope you can help.
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