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  1. There are some very nice reproduction war service tax discs available ....but whilst pretty these appear to have been used on civilian vehicles used by home defence forces of similar ....e.g a car or motorbike used by ARP military vehicles had no tax discs..? Jenkinov
  2. I have used the valvoline lead replacement as a preventative measure .. but as you correctly indicate Fuel formulas have varied over time , decoking engines was in most ww2 maintenance procedures but due to modern fuels it does not appear necessary . Similarly it may be that re leading is now not necessary ....? The Question i have asked myself Is that if re leading is not necessary then surely one of the fuel companies would have targeted the not insubstantial classic car market and advertised their fuel as suitable for classic cars and bikes ....The fact I can see no evidence of this suggests that they are not sure ... So I edge on personal caution and re lead ? The cost is pence per litre I have both classic cars and bikes and as a personal rule tend to try to maintain them with equivalent oil and fuels to those they would have had when they were new , Jenkinov
  3. I have used classic valvemaster lead replacement in my jeep for 17 years .I pick it up at a local lawnmower shop and add it to all my fuel .......engines in great condition Jenkinov
  4. Congratulations to both of you ...Now it's time for its first ride .........found the garden counts 😀
  5. Dallas Autoparts can supply you with matching Grease nipples ... Regards Jenkinov
  6. My grandfather worked in a motorbike shop throughout his life .After the war there was a huge trade in ex army bikes many were civilianised the most common refurbishment with triumphs was a new paint job an pinstripping on the tank . Prior to the war the 3s was a workers commuter bike and returned to that role . The 3HW were fast and light by standards more popular . They appear to have been more heavily civilianised . There is evidence in those around today that engine numbers were rebound and revamped or altered to hide the vehicles military last and increase its resale value Jenkinov
  7. Hi very interested in getting one ..can you pm me please Jenkinov
  8. Great find..nice to see the authentic markings giving away it's military heritage
  9. Ensign universal....modern profile but with a good good tread pattern offering good road holding and reasonable performance on grass
  10. In awe of your workshop and skill. The English wheel .marvelous
  11. jenkinov

    Triumph 5SW

    Ron.with the field stand .do you have the spring clips that hold the leg in place of do you know where to get them.? Jenkinov
  12. Great restoration..enjoying the progress reports
  13. Your restoration is coming along really well..looks great.I was interested. To see that you were fitting a blackout light and checked original photos which frequently showed the fleas with blackout fittings..how do you intend to mark the bike up.. Jenkinov
  14. Whilst I can't read it the letters on the Speedo appear to be modern arabic..so is read left To right and is in common use in ,,..........Egypt ... Jenkinov
  15. On another point the petrol tank looks as if its the earlier 3SW model . I believe this was used on a few HWs and then they moved to the version with the cut away corner . If you look at the photo in the factory that Ron posted you will note that the Triumph Badge is mounted on the top of the tank. I note you have cleaned the tank , So you should have visible 2 holes , which are the mounting point for the badge . Jenkinov
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