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  1. The reproduction Indian manufacturer petrol tanks that I have seen look ok from a distance but the welding is often very poor and the give away is the underside of the petrol tank ...the original triumph petrol tanks as an example have a series of inward pressed panels to strengthen the tank bottom ..the Indian copies i have seen have totally flat bottoms an immediate give away they are copies. I would suggest taking detail photos of any bike you are looking at ..get photos of the frame and engine numbers and share the photos with the forum .you will get an honest critique plus owners will flag the non standard bits .. A missing or incorrect Speedo can alter a bikes true value by hundreds so it's worthwhile asking the forum ..I recently saw a bike advertised as a triumph 3sw but a critique identified it was a civilian 3s engine in a military 3hw frame .the rest was a mix of 40s to 60s bits ...... Jenkinov
  2. 79 x100 A great photo and example of the original paint and it's colour today . Had the bike retained its original paintwork it is likely to have changed to this colour all over today and as such it you were looking for a bike showing its age then colour matching to this would be a great option. But in truth I don't mind any restoration ..just love to see the bikes jenkinov
  3. I have been around bikes My entire life . Riding in sidecars as a child and then migrating to The back of a bike ..and as soon as I was big enough riding an excelsior consort in the garden and fields . I still have the excelsior and am aware the paint colour has visually changed ..I believe darkening ....most of the bike was repainted by me when I was 14 or 15 when original paints were still available but I found they did not match the original paint so we to to a local body shop who mixed a matching batch ... I remember it did not appear perfect at the time but has matched in with age ... I still have original paintwork on the headlamp so match to that ...I would personally recommend matching to paint samples on the bike... Jenkinov P.s all my vehicles have the patina i think their age deserves ..I do admire the out of the factory bikes i see but personally am drawn to the warhorse that look their age ...my jeep which served in the Pacific has bullet holes the GIs intentionally shot in the floor and rear tool boxes to let the water out ..plus a few others which give the vehicle it's character and history ...
  4. Thanks for the links .. I was aware triumph based its post war racers on the generator engines ..at this stage anything is of interest. As I said I am keen to get a generator but they appear quite rare Jenkinov
  5. I am aware that triumph produced a 500cc Generator engine and have seen one in the national motorcycle museum. The generators are linked to ww2 bombers . I had aspired to getting one but they seem extremely rare..does anyone have one in their collection ? Or can give me more information ? Thanks Jenkinov
  6. NYV 312 is on display at the national motorcycle museum . Looks great in its AFS colours Jenkinov
  7. Hi Scott . Great looking bikes. I am interested why do you believe the bikes have been with the fire services ? . Do it have the bikes frame number And engine numbers ? The AFS was formed in 1937 created by the ARP act and existed until August 1941 when it and a number of works fire units became the National Fire Service NFS. After the war in April 1948 the NFS National fire service returned to its peacetime formation and came under the jurisdiction of local authorities. the Matchless and and AJS owners club have the original factory records and there's contain who the bikes were originally supplied to ... I believe you pay a fee but it may assist you in your research The website Matchless clueless has great guides on finding your frame number and accessing the Matchless and AJS records Regards Jenkinov PS My first car was a fire brigade car purchased at a disposal sale
  8. it's always hard to help at a distance but Can I suggest starting with the basics and refreshing the fuel .. I would start with high octane ..if the bike has been transported its not unlikely that the tank has been shaken and possibly silt and dirt disturbed . I would start by draining the tank ..checking the fuel lines are clean . Removing and cleaning the plugs and then putting in fresh high octane fuel and giving it a try.... Jenkinov
  9. There are some very nice reproduction war service tax discs available ....but whilst pretty these appear to have been used on civilian vehicles used by home defence forces of similar ....e.g a car or motorbike used by ARP military vehicles had no tax discs..? Jenkinov
  10. I have used the valvoline lead replacement as a preventative measure .. but as you correctly indicate Fuel formulas have varied over time , decoking engines was in most ww2 maintenance procedures but due to modern fuels it does not appear necessary . Similarly it may be that re leading is now not necessary ....? The Question i have asked myself Is that if re leading is not necessary then surely one of the fuel companies would have targeted the not insubstantial classic car market and advertised their fuel as suitable for classic cars and bikes ....The fact I can see no evidence of this suggests that they are not sure ... So I edge on personal caution and re lead ? The cost is pence per litre I have both classic cars and bikes and as a personal rule tend to try to maintain them with equivalent oil and fuels to those they would have had when they were new , Jenkinov
  11. I have used classic valvemaster lead replacement in my jeep for 17 years .I pick it up at a local lawnmower shop and add it to all my fuel .......engines in great condition Jenkinov
  12. Congratulations to both of you ...Now it's time for its first ride .........found the garden counts 😀
  13. Dallas Autoparts can supply you with matching Grease nipples ... Regards Jenkinov
  14. My grandfather worked in a motorbike shop throughout his life .After the war there was a huge trade in ex army bikes many were civilianised the most common refurbishment with triumphs was a new paint job an pinstripping on the tank . Prior to the war the 3s was a workers commuter bike and returned to that role . The 3HW were fast and light by standards more popular . They appear to have been more heavily civilianised . There is evidence in those around today that engine numbers were rebound and revamped or altered to hide the vehicles military last and increase its resale value Jenkinov
  15. Hi very interested in getting one ..can you pm me please Jenkinov
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