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  1. The website is still active but I have been unable to get a reply to emails or calls .I was unfortunately not aware.the.owner had died Jenkinov..
  2. Ensign ....are excellent but you may need to check if they do the required size Jenkinov
  3. jenkinov


    Icc -5 is the pattern conformity Wheeling are the manufacturer 20 litres / 5 and a quarter gallons work 1942 the info will be in a oval shield , The US round next has a flexible funnel that screws in and was used in pouring ..in battle conditions however these weren't used and 1t caused a lot of wastage so the design was dropped and reverted to The original neck . The Jerry cans were used on every vehicle and you will see on the back of every jeep .value varies on condition and rarity .. Post a picture of the condition . Jenkinov
  4. jenkinov


    Thanks po r the post ..the US Jerry can will have 3 rows on the bottom ..the first row is standard and confirms the item confirms to a pattern ..the second is the manufacturer ..the third will have 20 -5-and the year That's 20 litres -5 gallons - 1942 in your instance The QMC is Quater Master Company ...US for United States .. The early US ones had a round screw in cap ..the later ones the spout from the original design .. Jenkinov
  5. Thats really interesting , I was pursuing the reg number to see if i could identify if the photo was wartime or immediate post war but sounds as if Jan knows about the bike , I am Curious if works demonstrator means prototype , ? so very interested to get his input on the photo Jenkinov
  6. Looking to see if I can trace the bikes registration ..the three letters and three number system was introduced in 1932 ..EA is a Dudley prefix....can anyone confirm the full registration .I am struggling g with the 3rd character Jenkinov
  7. Great find ..and we'll spotted Ron .for Royal Enfield the flying flea was a huge success with 4000 ordered by the government and it having an identifiable use in the war . The team from Royal Enfield that produced it would have attended the tests and subsequently completed required modifications ..but also post war the success of the bike represented a major sales opportunity ..so I would suggest it's either a wartime photo of the design team or royal enfield management or an immediate post war photo ..(suits look 1940) It would be great if we could identify the gentleman holding the bike in the centre ..?..Any Royal Enfield historians ? Jenkinov
  8. That's a great toolkit I appreciate your attention to detail in 're creating it .that must have taken months of not years to find the correct pieces.. Jenkinov
  9. Gentlemen Thank you for the great feedback , it certainly a good start in building a toolkit for my 3SW I have included a Download i was given of the Triumph 3sw and 5sw handbook which contains the list of parts supplied by Triumph , I will as suggested contact Tiger 80 and see if he can fill in the Gaps on the tool kit supplied by the army Jenkinov triumph-3sw-5sw-instructionsmanual.pdf
  10. Hi Gents Firstly Ron , Thank you for the photos of the Thompsons mounted on the Matchless , I had not seen these photos and its interesting to see the mounts ..I did like the HMG variant in the background and cannot recall seeing a surviving example Pawel , my Triumph 3sw has the welded field stand attachment and is from contract C7162 .can we have a close up of yours so i can compare it ? , I am unclear on the date they moved from bolt on to welded field stand mounts ? Regards Jenkinov
  11. I had a good look around for an identifying plate but could not see anything easily ? it could be missing but if anyone could tell me where to look that might help , I did get a photo of the engine which looks complete and close ups of the H number but regrettably these ended up as photo bursts so i can't add them to the forum .. The H Number has H 4501211 ...based on the visible numbers or their paint shadows its been 15 plus years since i first saw this vehicle up close and it looks much the same ..I was amazed to see military canvas & buckles still riveted in place on the steel plate behind the drivers position Jenkinov
  12. Went down today and got permission to take some more photos
  13. The Armoured Triumph 3SW is a fantastic example of the ingenuity and experimentation tried by the british army when following Dunkirk armoured vehicles were in short supply A Replica of the Bike has been made and its story is on the Walsh family vehicle Collection web site WFVC.CO.UK Motorbikes were used in a variety of experiments at this time including one of my favourites ..The mounting of a Thompson Sub machine Gun . Jenkinov
  14. This Guy Ant was on a local farm for years and when the farm was sold was saved from the scrap yard by a local garage . It’s now parked on the side of a local road and clearly needs a major restoration . the first photo is a reference photo the second is the vehicle in question not for the faint hearted .. Jenkinov
  15. Dana glacier vandervell bearings are in Kilmarnock KA13 Www.dana.com Jenkinov
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