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  1. I have been offered a 17 pounder gun sight ..it has no leather protective storage case which I would have expected but is in reasonable condition ...Are these rare or common ...what is a reasonable price to pay.... Jenkinov
  2. I am looking for a genuine Triumph 3sw petrol tank to assist in a restoration. Please note the triumph 3hw tank has a corner cut to accommodate an air filter pipe and whilst these are more common I would prefer the correct triumph 3s tank... I am also interested in a triumph 3sw carb..please ring Chris Jenkins on 07904 837228.
  3. The value of the helmets will be influenced by a few factors 1 type ..you have zuckerman helmets these are the high domed model with laces ..these were the first issued to fire watchers. Factories Tec and could be purchased privately ...the markings will raise the price..fg. .fire guard...a ambulance.. And the linings and straps..but these are the lowest value .2 markings ...the fire helmets look interesting..any chance of a close up...the.colouring looks post war but they may appeal to 2 groups of collectors 3 The standard helmets seem to be civilian defence variants..black.white with letters denoting the wearers role..a ambulance.. Brown helmets are generally early to mid war army...green mid to late war. I have lots of rusty helmets I collected as a kid ..the steel shells by themselves have low value but add in good liners and straps and you can get 30 to 40 ...regimental markings and history and you can get more.. Jenkinov .
  4. Triumph 3sw ..missing bits ...help

    I have just traced and purchased a original triumph 3s or 3sw tank from Norway ..My current tank has historically been troublesome and i fancied a second tank so i could have different decals ...Tank is unseen as yet but but i am aware it is in gloss green and I need to remove this so i have been considering options top of the list is soda blasting .....anyone done it ? and if so can it be done on a domestic compressor Another alternative is dipping ......I have read mixed reviews with many US sites indicating it can promote corrosion in seams open to ideas as my previous petrol tank restorations have not been as successful as i hoped Chris ..AKA Jenkinov
  5. British army 5 man arctic tent

    Can I rephrase the question ..what tent heaters did the British army use in the 80s .. Regards Jenkinov
  6. Excellent News I will download one and send it to you early to avoid my usual chase for a space.. Chris.jenkins
  7. Greek Jeeps

    Thanks Melchy a great link the photo of the unrestored jeep shows many of the features of mine ..most notably the fittings for the rear seat were left but the square covers for the top of the shock absorbers have been removed and flat steel riveted into position ...on the restored version you can see the rails which were just guides for the wheels... I will look for weld marks on the floor where the ammo tubes were fitted .. Thanks Jenkinov
  8. Jeep wiring dilemma

    Can you post A picture of the switch ..from the dash view and a second for the connectors ... Also can I clarify if you are on 6v or 12v Jenkinov Thanks Jenkinov
  9. I have 2 british army arctic tents from the mid 80s with A frame posts .. I use the tents at shows and they seem to be quite popular no doubt because of their warmth if you have both the outer canvas and inner liner in use ....<br><br>They are fitted.with a large side vent for a heater or cooker ....I had always aimed to pick one up but in my 14 years at shows I am not aware of having seen a military cooker.or heater for the tent ...<br><br>At one show I was told I was.looking for a donut shaped heater that was diesel fuelled ...? <br><br>So may I ask the forum has anyone got the.correct heater or cooker and would a photo be possible.<br><br>Thanks<br><br>Jenkinov
  10. Greek Jeeps

    I purchased my jeep about 13 years ago a 1942 Willis but soon identified it was a Greek Jeep .or one of a large batch purchased from the Greek army in the mid 80s and imported into the uk .I believe I am the 3rd owner since import and I know the previous owner had it for 6 years ..<br><br>The Jeep had been mounted with a heavy weapon . A 50 cal or recoilles gun. The rear had been cut out to give access and the shocks moved to a 45 degree angle to absorb recoil . The c links had all been strengthened on the suspension by the addition of added brackets to create a d plate .. the floor of the jeep retains aluminium runners ...possibly to assist in Sliding or mounting a weapon.<br><br>The rear panel in the jeep has been reinstated but the other modifications remain ..<br><br>The question to the forum is whether anyone else has a jeep with similar mods and does anyone have a photo of the Greek army heavy weapons jeeps in use..<br><br>Regards<br><br>Jenkinov<br><br><br>
  11. Triumph 3sw Contract 62943 - C62943

    Ron . Thank you that is very informative and Helpful , I think my Bike is a 68 , I need to get access to Engine and Bike i was investigating but your explanation should help me clarify one way or the other if its a military engine .. Great story and photo linking your Welbike with the actual inspector ... Jenkinov
  12. Triumph 3sw Contract 62943 - C62943

    I recently came across a Triumph 3SW frame from C7162 which was fitted with a Triumph 500CC engine ...Despite being triumph this engine had few stamps to help me date the engine but did have what appeared to be a WD arrow ...but little else I noye in the various photos on this thread that the WD arrow id often above a letter and 2 numbers ..eg WD arrow above M above 68 ....Does anyone have any ideas of knowledge of these and can they answer 3 Questions A Is a WD arrow only used on WD vehicles or did it have a wider use B Its been suggested the letter is linked to a date ..on wartime clothing the letter is above the arrow but V is 1935 U 1936 W1937 ..etc So M would be 1944 ..This suggests whilst this is the accepted interpretation on clothing the same number does not work on bikes C i have seen 66 and 68 ..are there other nos used under the arrow ..and do they have any meaning .. This Question is driven by a wish to confirm if an particular engine is military , so theories and comments appreciated Jenkinov
  13. Triumph 3sw Contract 62943 - C62943

    Street , Thanks for the details and photos , Whilst there is no bike from your engines contract on the Triumph register there is one owned by Ron Cobb , He has photos and a brief history on his web site of 2 3SWs in his collection one of which is C11465 ..Roncobb.com He lists the details as below ..and this puts your engine number with 10 of his ..Your frame number links to July 1940 and potentially contract C7162 interrupted by the factories destruction ..but it may be worth waiting to see the full number visible after cleaning .. Triumph 3SW Date of manufacture 1940. Delivered (eventually), 28/8/1941 to: RAF Carlisle. Military Contract number: C 11465. Civilian Registration number HPP 66 Frame number: TL 30296. Engine number: 3SW 40296. Contract number: C 11465. (+piled arms) Gearbox number: TE 40897 Gearbox casting numbers: T264. SW1040 Gearbox stamped: 16 M (along with military piled arms arrow). Jenkinov
  14. Triumph 3sw Contract 62943 - C62943

    great news to hear about another Triumph 3sw Survivor . The triumph factory was destroyed in the infamous coventry blitz with the factory at priory street and adjacent to coventry cathedral being destroyed in a series of raids , C7162 which my bike is from was interrupted by the destruction , Your bike appears to be from Cc11465 which was the last meaningful contract of triumph 3sw and was completed at a temporary factory at cape warwick , after this production was shifted to 3HWs at Meriden . I am aware of a few post blitz bikes but none from your contract , , Thee is a directory of Triumph wartime bikes at wdtriumphnl ..http:/wdtriumph.nl/3swframe.html . I believe this lists about 30 triumph 3sw although there are undoubtedly many more .. It would be useful to have your frame number on the bikes headstock plus frame date which is on the frame post directly beneath the seat in the format TE0840..and the engine number ..photos would also be great .. You asked about the BFM Directory this is an appendix of contracts in the excellent British forces motorcycles book by Chris Orchard and Steve Madden , Its a great start for any research and the directory contains the definitive summary of known contracts placed by the government Jenkinov
  15. Bsa no start

    pleased to hear the bikes running ...we love them when they run ...Hate it when they won't and fall back in love again as soon as its sorted .. Jenkinov