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  1. Thanks tank driver, that pic is how I thought the WC63 box worked. Though it is different to mine..... The plot thickens.
  2. Yeah. The Range lever sounds about right, though should be on the other side. The 4x4 lever is backwards I'm sure. The linkages are all ok.
  3. Ok, so I have a 6 x 6 transfer box on my WC52. But the right hand lever is the 4x4 select which is disengaged to 2 wheel drive when pulled back! And the left lever is high and low range with lever forward for high range. Is this correct for a WC63 box? Think the box was fitted by the French army after the war, so goodness knows what if is. Any info much appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Hi. Does anybody know when the walk through cabs first started to come on the scene? Cheers.
  5. I've finally got round to having a good look at it before attempting to remove. From underneath on mine the hand brake assembly is only an inch or so from the cross member. Still it looks like only a few bolts to remove it.
  6. That's great. Thanks nick.
  7. Hi all. Can anyone tell me if it's possible to change a gearbox on my wc52 without removing the engine. Any tips would help no end. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the advice chaps, does anyone know if the driven end of the cable is the same whether fitted to a gear box or transfer box? And thanks to Dave, just might take you up on your kind offer. :-D
  9. Thanks. Found it on the transfer box under some mud. All I need now is the longer speedo cable.
  10. Hi. My wc52 has been fitted with the transfer box off a 6x6 wc. Can someone please tell me where the speedo cable goes on the 6x6 wc as I assume it goes in the transfer box as it has overdrive but can't see where it could be. There is no output drive on the gearbox just a blanking bolt. Any help would be great. Thanks.
  11. Thanks Chris, makes sense. It would look the part with 2 masts on it too.
  12. Hi all, I'm just starting to restore my wc52 radio truck. All the pictures I've seen of them show only 1 aerial mount on the back, some left but mainly right. My dodge has a mount on the left but also has the holes for a bracket on the right, question is did some of these have 2 aerials or could it be a post war mod? Thanks chaps.
  13. Thanks for the kind words chaps, just got home after another hard day. Engine all plumed up but we have a primer pump issue that should be easily fixed. She.s looking great though. Just hope if we get to the victory show that we won't be to done in. Iain should post a few pics if he Is still awake. Thanks again.
  14. Thanks. First drive could be in under a week, fingers crossed. Interior Will be mostly complete this week, including turret back on.
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